Modified Game Boy Allows you to Play Tetris in Multiplayer Online

The StackSmashing youtuber created a device that allows you to play Tetris – the original, from 1989 – online on the Game Boy. The accessory also allows you to have more than two players in a match, like something similar to Nintendo Switch’s Tetris 99. In a video, the modder showed the construction process and the functioning of the network card.

In the past, to play Tetris with friends on the Game Boy, it was necessary to use a link cable, which physically connected the two laptops. StackSmashing’s idea was to connect the video game to a customized Raspberry Pi Pico using a USB adapter to access the internet.

modified game boy

After the console finds the internet network, it is possible to log into a separate server and play a game of Tetris with two or more players remotely. The mechanism still works on other Game Boy family consoles, such as the Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Pocket and the Game Boy Advance.

In a video published on YouTube, StackSmashing explains (in English) the process of creating the network card for the Game Boy. Watch, below:

The youtuber did not mention whether the system can be used to play other online games with multiplayer modes, such as the first Pokémon franchise titles .

How does Game Boy online multiplayer work?

Basically, StackSmashing reverse-engineered the data from a real Game Boy link cable. Then he created open source software with a Python server and a WebUSB connection. This made the console think it was connected to another laptop in a two-person multiplayer game.

For those who want to try to recreate the device at home, youtuber included a website to buy the USB adapter for the link cable in the video description. It is worth mentioning that the kit does not come with the Raspberry Pi Pico or the Game Boy cable.

Source via: Engadget

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