Simple Advice For Choosing Career In Nigeria

This simple advice will open your eyes and guide you in choosing the best suitable career in Nigeria.

Few years ago, Nigerians looked down at anyone who was or aspired to be a footballer or musician or even comedian.

Merely mentioning that you want to be a footballer or musician will attract lots of insults, mockery, snide remarks.

Choosing career in Nigeria

Career Choice

People will say “you are not useful”, “you don’t want to achieve anything in life”, “you are lazy“, (just as president Buhari tagged the Youth in London) “better go to school and Study medicine, or engineering or law, so you can get a job and help yourself”…. These and more were the common responses.

For Nigerians, success comes only by following the crowd, sticking to particular norms, doing things as we have been taught from childhood. Any deviation from this is regarded as rebellion.

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However, today we have successful footballers and musicians, whose weekly earnings are higher than annual salary of doctors and engineers.
No one speaks against such people anymore.

You can say no Nigerian doctor is as rich as the footballer Mikel Obi, and no Nigerian engineer is as rich as the musician Tuface.

Even comedians are making money, traveling around the world, acquiring more wealth than office workers.

Today however, Nigerians have a new group of people they look down on, criticize, and mock. These people are those who are into network marketing and online entrepreneurship.

What many people don’t realize is that an online entrepreneur can earn more in 6 months than an office worker can achieve in 30 years.
Online entrepreneurs who work from home, have more time for their families, and are financially free. Their paycheck is not dependent on any single individual. Earnings are not fixed for month end, 12 times a year….. Earnings come in daily and without limit.

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In 5 years time, many Nigerians will be teaching their children to develop interest in network marketing and online entrepreneurship, just as many are pushing their children to be musicians or sportsmen.

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If you are an online entrepreneur, take pride in your work. If you are a multi level marketing team builder or network marketer be bold about your biz. Don’t allow the myopic and archaic mindset of others to discourage you. Fact is you probably earn more with less stress.

Invest Wisely.

More reward to every online investors…👍🏽

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