ANYVIEWER: Get Free & Safe Remote Desktop Software Right Now

Are you looking for a reliable remote desktop software for Windows? Read this post to get to know AnyViewer, which can fully control or only view remote Windows computer within one-click.

Time and then, we need to work at home. If we have some unfished file on office computer, we may send it to our laptop in home and send it back to office computer after finishing; if our home computer isn’t installed with some apps that are necessary for our work, we need to install them one by one on our home PC. These can be frustrating and bothering. To make your work at home more convenient, it’s time to resort to a utility that can help you to access computer from anywhere to use its files and apps.

A simple & safe remote desktop software for Windows

There are various remote desktop utilities among market, here AnyViewer is chosen. I can’t say it a perfect remote access software but it touches me in the following aspects:

High security: End-to-End Elliptic Curve Cryptography encryption, one of the most powerful types of cryptography is adopted by AnyViewer, keeping your data safe.

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Minimal set up: In the LAN or over internet, AnyViewer requires few set up on both of source computer and the destination computer and port forwarding isn’t required.

Fast and stable connection: It can establish remote connection quickly and keep it stable without random disconnection issues.

Account supported: It supports you to create AnyViewer account and assign computer to the account. Then, you can realize one-click secure unattended remote access between assigned computers.

Flexible connection mode: AnyViewer supports one-click remote access via account, secure unattended access by security code or attended access by sending remote control, satisfying different demands.


Now, just download the free remote desktop software and walk through the process on how to use it to remotely access one computer from another computer.

Step 1. Install and run AnyViewer on the source computer and the target computer.

Step 2. On the home interface of AnyViewer, click “Log in”, click “Sign up” and fill up necessary information to create an AnyViewer account.

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anyviewer signup

Step 3. Then you’ll be logged in to AnyViewer and the computer will automatically be assigned to the account.

anyviewer account login

After assigning computers, you are able to:

  • Take full control of one computer from another computer.
  • View the screen of the remote PC from one PC.
  • View whether other devices are online or offline.

Step 4. Make sure that both computers have logged into the same account. On your home computer, click “Device” and click the office PC. Then, you can click “Remote control” to take full control of the office computer.

anyviewer accounts


  • It can compatible with almost all Windows operating systems from the latest Windows 11 to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2022 to Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • If you don’t want to expose the screen of your remote computer to others, you can upgrade to AnyViewer’s higher edition and check “Connect in privacy mode”.

anyviewer CMD

Once you have successfully access and control office computer from your home laptop, you are can use the files and programs on the office PC directly even you are home. During the remote session, you are able to change resolution, image quality, lock the remote pc, open task manager/run CMD on the task manager and so on.

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Bonus tip: Access office desktop from iPad or iPhone over internet

From above, you have known how to access remote office computer from laptop over internet using AnyViewer. Actually, the tool also has version for iOS devices. That is to say, you can access Windows computer from iPad or iPhone as well On the Windows computer, you just need to run AnyViewer and log into an AnyViewer account.

anyviewer remote control

On your iPad or iPhone, search AnyViewer on App Store, download, install and run it; then log into the same account, then you can access the Windows computer from your iPad or iPhone by click “Remote control”. Don’t hesitate, get the easy and safe remote desktop too right now.

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