Prepostseo App Review

Prepostseo is amongst the world’s best SEO tools that are available easily for everyone. With Prepostseo, you’ll find tons of tools to help bloggers, writers, SEOs, teachers, students, and everyone out there.

They also launched a smartphone app for iOS and Android. In which, Prepostseo plagiarism checker and paraphrasing apps are excellent apps available on the play store.

In this way, many students, business people, marketers, teachers, bloggers, writers, and the rest benefit from this opportunity for various purposes. We all know that a smartphone is the best device and easy to use for sending and receiving documents from others so that you can avail this opportunity directly on your mobile phone.

PrePostSeo Review

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker App

Prepostseo Plagiarism App is a free app and easy to use for everyone. It just scans your text or content and provides results in a short period.

Because of its fast working, more than one million people are using this application in the entire world.

prepostseo plagiarism checker

It will compare your text and find similarities over the internet by checking every published paper.

With the Prepostseo app, even beginners can easily use and check the plagiarism of their content. Prepostseo makes it convenient and possible for all kinds of people. Prepostseo plagiarism checker is a complete plagiarism detection tool and enables you to achieve transparency fully.

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What Makes the Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker Different?

Prepostseo Plagiarism app is famous and becomes significant for everyone to use because of its unique features. Here I am going to discuss why the Prepostseo plagiarism checker is different from others.

  • Accessibility:

The most remarkable aspect of this app is that you can use it instantly to use your existing Google Account with this app. If you already have an account with a digital library of books, you may use the same account you already have for this app.

  • Sentence- basis plagiarism Checking:

This application checks the content on a sentence-by-sentence basis, which results in detecting duplicate content with the most significant degree of accuracy. It systematically scans each sentence against published content on other websites.

  • Multiple options:

The process of checking plagiarism becomes too easy with multiple options on this app. There are many options of uploading text as pasting, taking pictures of the documents through the camera, uploading files in word format or PDF form.

select multiple file


  • Secure and Authentic:

This app is inherently safe, secure, and authentic, as all text reposts will store in your device memory. In this way, users have a specific experience when using this app while checking plagiarism of some critical files.

  • Speed and Accuracy:

When you upload your content through multiple options, this app instantly shows how your content compares with their billions of databases. This tool resembles a piece of content and figures out the Percentage of it is plagiarized or paraphrased.

  • Find source:

Prepostseo plagiarism checking app detects and explores the source from where you pick your data. When you check out the content, you find out which content matches it. The highlighted text will highlight the matched content. Content matching can also display URLs for the sources, allowing you to avoid plagiarism by making it unique.

  • Percentage

Not only does it show the overall result, but also the Percentage of original and plagiarized content. It also displays the Percentage of paraphrased content.

  • Export the report

After checking plagiarism, you can save a report in PDF form and quickly send it to others through this app. If you want to send the document to others, you can copy and paste the information into WhatsApp or Email.

  • Pricing system:

It is free for checking up to 500 words. In the premium version, you have a choice between a monthly plan or an annual plan.

A yearly package costs $50/year, which gives the use of the 25000-word limit and unlimited searches, while the monthly package is available for $10/month.

Customer Service

The Prepostseo plagiarism checking app is known for its top-of-the-line customer support that all of its paid-for users will receive 24/7 customer service, whereas free users will have access to email support. You can feel free while contacting the app’s developers via the app if you need answers to your queries.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter; you are a student, a teacher, a businessman, or a freelancer; quality of work matters everywhere and in every field. Suppose you are a student submitting your assignments or are a freelancer and uploading the content. In that case, you can avoid plagiarism through a Prepostseo plagiarism checker to reduce or minimize the chance of rejection.

Using the Prepostseo plagiarism checker on your smartphone, you can easily verify and send your document. Open the Prepostseo website on mobile takes time, but its app brings a solution to this problem through quick service and makes it easier to use for everyone.

The app is usually very unique compared to others since it includes excellent features and very affordable. Among the reasons why users use is the fact that they can use it with any username and password they already have. In short, the Prepostseo plagiarism checker facilitates you at every step while using this app and working with it.

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