Does CapCut’s Online Photo Editor Support Photo Background Change?

The best and most impressive feature that an online photo editor can offer to you is the photo’s background change. To change the background of your photos, you must look up for an editor that supports an AI-based background-changing option. The reason is that if it requires you to change your background manually, you would need to have expert editing skills.

However, not everyone is an expert editor and many people lack even the basic photo editing skills. So, an AI-based online photo editor is the one that you need for playing with the background of your photo. 

Changing Photo Background with CapCut

Does CapCut’s Online Editor Support Background Change?

Yes, CapCut Online Photo Editor comes with the free-to-use background change feature. If you want to change the background of any of your photos, you need to go to CapCut’s online editor. Create your account there for free and upload your photo to this online photo editor. Once there, click on the right-side background change icon. It will give you several options to choose from. From removing your photo’s background to setting for generating a new one, it supports all. From a panel of interactive colors, you can also choose a beautiful color to set as a new background for your photo. 

What’s the Cost of Using Background Change Feature?

Luckily, there is absolutely no cost to changing the background of your photos. Yes, CapCut doesn’t charge you even a single penny for using its background change feature. Not only changes the background, but it also supports removing the background of your photo without taking any fee. You can also set a transparent background to your photo using CapCut’s online editor and that’s also free. 

In short, every tool and feature on this incredible editor is free to use for all people. No matter whether you are changing your photo’s background, or want to upscale, resize, or sharpen image online, everything is free. So, let’s take advantage of this incredible free editor and transform as many photos as you want. 

Download the Photo For Free After the Background Change

On top of everything, it only allows you to change or remove the background, but it also supports free downloads. You can transform your photos here by using all the professional editing features and download the final results for free. Besides allowing you to download the final transformations to your device, it cherishes you further by imposing no watermarks. Yes, all of your edited photos here contain no watermark on them which gives you more freedom to share them anywhere. 

How to Use the Features of CapCut Online Photo Editor?

Do you want to start editing your photos using this incredible editor? If so, feel free to follow the simplest steps below.

  • Step 1: Sign up

First things first, visit the CapCut website either directly by its URL or by searching it from Google. When you are there on the CapCut website, click on its “Signup For Free” button. A signup page will appear on your screen. Fill in your required information into it and click submit. Then, verify your account and log into it. 

  • Step 2: Upload

Go to the homepage and click online photo editor under the tools section. When it opens on your screen, use the given options to upload your photo. For example, you can upload your photo either by using the upload button or by drag and drop feature. You can also choose to import it from your Google Drive or Dropbox. 

  • Step 3: Edit

After uploading the photo, let’s start to edit it by using the editor’s incredible features. For the edits, you can choose color optimization, background change, resize, crop, text effects, filters and frames, etc. If you want to edit the background of your photo or want to replace it, a broad panel of colors will open on your screen. You can choose your photo’s new background color from the default colors, photo colors, or document colors.

CapCut photo editor

  • Step 4: Export

After making all the edits, go to the export button which is on the top right screen. Then, click on the download button and choose the file size and quality, etc. Then, use the download button to save your photo to your device. 


To make photos like professionals, you don’t only need an online editor that is AI-based but also requires a cost-free one. While there is a CapCut online editor that is not only AI-based but also cost-free, why spend your money somewhere else?

Take benefit of this free-to-use editor that comes with AI technology to ensure perfect results. Transform your photos using its incredible premium editing features and make your photos stand out from the crowd. Change their background, color optimize them, or apply other filters, effects, or functions to give an artistic touch to them.


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