The Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

The PHP programming language has been around since the 1990s, it’s as yet quite possibly of the most famous language utilized on websites today.

This article will examine probably the best PHP frameworks to utilize in the event that you’re anticipating fostering another website.

Every framework is intended to make your life simpler as you make your site, so they can be generally helpful increases to your tool compartment.

PHP Frameworks for Web Development

While you may as of now have your own #1 framework that you like, it’s still great to understand what different choices are out there, in the event you really want to utilize something else later on!

Here are the Best PHP Frameworks for Website Development

1. Laravel


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, made by Taylor Otwell and expected for the development of web applications following the model-view-regulator (MVC) structural example. Laravel is viewed as one of the most mind-blowing PHP frameworks that anyone could hope to find.

It is likewise one of the most well-known frameworks on GitHub. A portion of the highlights that make Laravel stand out are its steering, middleware, and layout motors.

One of those frameworks has a huge client base, and designers are continuously dealing with its improvements. Engineers can likewise share their ventures in view of this stage with different designers locally or find support from experienced ones when they need it.

Laravel offers many bundles that you can use in your task and redo as per your requirements. Laravel has been worked without any preparation, so it requires no extra libraries like PEAR or PECL which could bring security weaknesses into your framework.

2. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter is a famous, lightweight PHP framework. It’s known for its speed and simple-to-utilize language structure. CodeIgniter is additionally one of the most famous frameworks on GitHub. In the event that you’re searching for a quick, lightweight framework, CodeIgniter is an extraordinary decision.

One of the benefits of utilizing CodeIgniter is that it has underlying help for Google’s Page Speed Module. To get this with Laravel, you would have to download and introduce an extra bundle. Influence bundles in your application by making your own bundles or reusing existing ones from the CodeIgniter people group.

For instance, on the off chance that you have a prior data set admittance library written in another language like Java or Ruby, simply make another bundle and advise CodeIgniter how to stack it. You can either utilize the Bundle Processing plant instrument or alter your composer.json record straightforwardly.

3. Symfony

Symfony PHP Framework


The Symfony PHP framework is ideal for people who need to use bundles. It offers the elements of the conventional CMS model, and today is perhaps the most famous framework.

It has a thorough assortment of instruments that give you command over each part of your application, including meetings, layouts, logging, design documents, and thus considerably more.

On the off chance that you are searching for a full-stack framework, Laravel is the best approach.

It’s additionally exceptionally strong as a result of its ORM Persuasive – it allows engineers to characterize their models as smoothly as conceivable with a natural grammar, which thus produces quality SQL proclamations that can be redone freely.

With this framework, there is a compelling reason to ponder the information base design or table names since everything is done naturally.

All information access and business rationale are helped out through objects that have been created consequently from the models. Besides, in the event that you honestly love TDD (Test Driven Development), for this multitude of reasons, many individuals favor the Symfony PHP framework while creating web applications in PHP.

4. Phalcon

Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is a PHP framework that works for speed. It has been supposed to depend on multiple times quicker than different frameworks. Phalcon is additionally remarkable in that it utilizes not very many assets contrasted with different frameworks.

This makes it ideal for people who are hoping to make a quick and lightweight website. The main disadvantage of this framework is that it doesn’t uphold all adaptations of PHP, meaning certain individuals will experience difficulty utilizing it.

The framework is open source, meaning it’s allowed to be utilized and refreshed. The disadvantage of that will be that you might have to contribute to keeping your site refreshed. You can either fix messes or make new highlights in the event that you’re willing to invest some energy and exertion.

5. CakePHP


In the event that you’re searching for a time-tested PHP framework, CakePHP is certainly worth looking at. It’s been around beginning around 2005 and has gone through ordinary updates, so it’s genuinely experienced as of now.

Furthermore, it’s not difficult to learn and utilize, which makes it an incredible choice for those new to website development. What’s more, assuming you’re stressed over security,

CakePHP takes care of you there as well – it accompanies worked-in apparatuses to assist with forestalling SQL infusion assaults. There are likewise a few module choices accessible that can make your site more responsive and versatile.

With everything taken into account, CakePHP probably won’t be the most current youngster on the block any longer, however, it actually offers each of the highlights you’ll have to begin on your next web project. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about Laravel?

All things considered, Laravel surely isn’t deficient in highlights by the same token! Truth be told, numerous designers have found that Laravel really offers a few exceptionally engaging benefits over CakePHP.

For a certain something, the application designer has incorporated a large group of helpful pre-constructed parts that can undoubtedly be embedded into your own site plan without investing energy in building them without any preparation.

In addition, these parts consider completely adjustable designs and might actually adjust consequently relying upon gadgets or screen sizes.


All in all, the PHP development services India for website development rely upon your business requirements, simplicity of learning, and specialized mastery. On the off chance that you’re searching for an exhaustive framework that is not difficult to learn and utilize, Laravel is an extraordinary choice.

In the event that you want a lightweight framework with fewer highlights, CodeIgniter might be a superior decision. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re searching for something in the middle, Symfony and Yii are both famous choices.

You can’t turn out badly with any of these frameworks; it simply relies upon what your business needs are. Hire Website developers India for your upcoming projects.

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