GAMERS: Here Are The Top 10 Places You Should Visit in 2024

Which of these places in the world have you visited as a gamer? For gamers who love to travel, the world offers an array of destinations that celebrate the culture and history of gaming. Explore the top 10 must-visit destinations for gamers who love to travel. From Tokyo’s vibrant Akihabara and Texas’s interactive National Videogame Museum to Seoul’s e-sports scene and New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, discover iconic arcades, immersive museums, and real-world settings reminiscent of your favorite games.

Whether it’s reliving retro gaming at Barcade in NYC, touring Ubisoft Montreal, or exploring Los Angeles’s connection to GTA V, these locations promise unforgettable experiences. Plan your next gaming adventure and immerse yourself in the culture and history of video games around the world.

So, check out the top 10 places in the world you should visit in 2024 as a gamer.

1. Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan: The Gamer’s Paradise

Akihabara, also known as “Electric Town,” is a mecca for gamers and tech enthusiasts. This bustling district in Tokyo is packed with electronic stores, anime shops, and, most importantly, gaming arcades that will transport you to a gamer’s utopia.

Why You Should Visit:

Arcades Galore: Akihabara is home to some of the most famous arcades in the world, including SEGA Akihabara, where you can try out the latest games and classic favorites.

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Merchandise Heaven: From action figures to limited edition game consoles, Akihabara’s numerous stores, like Super Potato and Mandarake, offer a treasure trove of gaming merchandise.

Anime and Gaming Cafés: Immerse yourself in the otaku culture with themed cafés, such as the Final Fantasy Eorzea Café, where you can enjoy meals inspired by the game.

2. The National Videogame Museum, Frisco, Texas, USA: A Walk Through Gaming History

The National Videogame Museum, Frisco, Texas, USA

Located in Frisco, Texas, the National Videogame Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the evolution of video games. This museum provides a comprehensive look at the history of gaming, from its humble beginnings to the present day.

Highlights of the Museum:

Interactive Exhibits: Engage with hands-on exhibits that let you play classic games and see rare gaming artifacts.

Retro Gaming Consoles: The museum boasts an extensive collection of consoles from every era, including some prototypes and rare editions.

Educational Displays: Learn about the significant milestones and influential figures in the gaming industry through detailed displays and presentations.

3. Los Santos, Los Angeles, California, USA: Explore GTA’s Inspiration

Los Santos, Los Angeles, California, USA GTA Game City


Fans of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series will find Los Angeles to be a fascinating destination. The fictional city of Los Santos in GTA V is heavily inspired by Los Angeles, offering players a virtual tour of the city’s diverse neighborhoods and landmarks.

GTA Landmarks to Explore:

Hollywood Sign: The iconic Vinewood Sign in GTA V is a direct nod to the famous Hollywood Sign. Visit Griffith Park for a great view and photo opportunities.

Santa Monica Pier: The Del Perro Pier in GTA V mimics the Santa Monica Pier, complete with a Ferris wheel and amusement park attractions.

Downtown Los Angeles: The bustling downtown area of Los Santos features numerous landmarks inspired by real LA locations, such as the US Bank Tower and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Venice Beach: Vespucci Beach in GTA V captures the essence of Venice Beach, with its boardwalk, street performers, and skate park.

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4. Seoul, South Korea: The E-Sports Capital

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is often dubbed the “Mecca of E-Sports,” thanks to its thriving competitive gaming scene. Home to some of the world’s top e-sports teams and state-of-the-art gaming facilities, Seoul offers an unparalleled experience for e-sports fans.

Must-Visit Spots in Seoul:

PC Bangs: These high-end internet cafés are open 24/7 and are equipped with top-tier gaming PCs, providing the ultimate gaming experience.

E-Sports Arenas: Visit iconic arenas like the Seoul OGN e-Stadium, where you can watch live e-sports tournaments featuring games like League of Legends and StarCraft.

Gaming Merchandise: Explore districts like Yongsan Electronics Market, where you can find the latest gaming gear and memorabilia.

5. The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York, USA: A Tribute to Play and Gaming

The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York, USA

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, is dedicated to the history and exploration of play. This museum is a fantastic destination for gamers, offering an in-depth look at the role of games in culture and society.

Key Attractions:

The World Video Game Hall of Fame: Discover the games that have made a significant impact on the gaming industry and culture, with inductees like Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and DOOM.

Interactive Game Spaces: Engage in various interactive exhibits that allow you to play both classic and contemporary games.

Comprehensive Collections: The museum houses one of the most extensive collections of video game-related artifacts, including rare items and historical documents.

6. New Zealand: The Real-World Middle-Earth

New Zealand

For gamers who are fans of expansive, open-world games, New Zealand offers landscapes that look like they were pulled straight out of a video game. Known for its breathtaking scenery that served as the backdrop for the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies, New Zealand is a haven for adventure seekers and fantasy lovers.

Why Gamers Will Love It:

Stunning Landscapes: Explore diverse terrains, from lush forests and rolling hills to majestic mountains and pristine beaches, that mirror the environments of games like The Elder Scrolls and The Legend of Zelda.

Film Location Tours: Take guided tours to iconic filming locations, such as Hobbiton in Matamata, where you can step into the Shire and experience Middle-Earth firsthand.

Adventure Activities: Engage in thrilling activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and hiking in locations that offer panoramic views and a sense of real-world exploration akin to your favorite games.

7. Barcade, New York City, USA: A Retro Gamer’s Dream

Barcade, New York City, USA

Barcade, with multiple locations including its flagship in Brooklyn, New York, offers a unique blend of craft beer and classic arcade games. It’s the perfect spot for gamers looking to relive the golden age of arcade gaming in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What Makes Barcade Special:

Vintage Arcade Games: Play a wide variety of retro arcade games, from Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to Street Fighter II and Galaga, all in excellent condition.

Craft Beer Selection: Enjoy a rotating selection of local craft beers while you play, making it a great place for socializing and gaming.

Events and Competitions: Participate in high-score competitions and themed nights, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit.

8. Ubisoft Montreal, Montreal, Canada: The Heart of Game Development

Ubisoft Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a hub for video game development, home to many renowned studios, including Ubisoft Montreal. While studio tours are generally not available to the public, the city itself offers numerous attractions for gaming enthusiasts.

Must-See Gaming Spots:

Montreal Science Centre: Explore interactive exhibits related to technology and gaming, often featuring temporary exhibitions on video game development.

Gaming Events: Attend events like the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) and Montreal Comiccon, where you can meet industry professionals and fellow gamers.

Gaming Cafés: Visit gaming cafés like Randolph Pub Ludique, where you can play a variety of board games and video games while enjoying great food and drinks.

9. Los Angeles, California, USA: The Hub of Gaming Conventions

Los Angeles, California, USA The Hub of Gaming Conventions

Los Angeles is a major center for the gaming industry, hosting some of the biggest gaming conventions and events in the world. It’s a prime destination for gamers looking to experience the latest in gaming technology and culture.

Key Events and Locations:

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo): Held annually in Los Angeles, E3 is one of the most significant events in the gaming calendar, where major companies unveil their latest games and technologies.

The Game Awards: Attend this prestigious awards show that celebrates the best in video gaming, featuring world premieres and live performances.

Local Arcades and Game Stores: Explore iconic spots like the Two Bit Circus, a micro-amusement park with VR experiences, and Game Realms, a haven for game collectors and enthusiasts.

10. Chicago, Illinois, USA: The Real-World Raccoon City

Chicago, Illinois, USA The Real-World Raccoon City

While Raccoon City from the Resident Evil series is fictional, its urban design and atmosphere are inspired by real Midwestern cities like Chicago. This connection makes Chicago an intriguing destination for fans of the survival horror franchise.

Resident Evil Connections:

Urban Landscapes: Explore Chicago’s architecture and urban settings that echo the eerie, atmospheric streets of Raccoon City.

Zombie Walks: Participate in events like the annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl, which brings the undead experience to life with themed bar-hopping.

Film and Game Tours: Discover filming locations and landmarks that have influenced various media, including the Resident Evil movies and games.


These destinations not only offer unique experiences that celebrate gaming culture but also provide an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and create lasting memories. Whether you’re navigating the neon-lit streets of Akihabara, exploring the rich history of video games in Frisco, immersing yourself in the competitive e-sports scene of Seoul, delving into the interactive exhibits in Rochester, wandering the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand, enjoying retro games and craft beer in New York City, exploring the game development hub of Montreal, experiencing the latest gaming innovations in Los Angeles, or exploring the real-life inspirations for GTA in Los Angeles, these places are sure to captivate the heart of any gamer.

Planning your next trip? Make sure to include these must-visit places on your itinerary and experience the magic of gaming in real life. Each location offers a unique blend of culture, history, and immersive experiences that will delight gamers of all ages and interests. Happy travels, and game on!

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