Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK MOD for Android, iOS

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has become a revolution in action role-playing games (RPG) for mobile devices. It has recently become one of the best games for mobile and has come to stay. So you only have one option … download it in APK format for Android, iPhone, and also for iPad. Are you ready to feel the real adrenaline?

Game Description

Destroy all your opponents with the move of a finger and get the opponent’s crown. It belongs to you. For those of you who do not know it, it is an action role-playing game for mobile devices (available for Android and iOS) that takes us into a fantastic virtual world with many tasks to perform: teamwork, strategy, online combat, classic maps, battles in real-time and much more.

If you are passionate about the mythical League of Legends or you just want to have a similar game on your mobile, Mobile Legends is, without a doubt, the best alternative RPG for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod apk

Game Technical Details

Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Creator Moonton
Category Action, RPG
Size 107MB
Downloads 100,000,000+
Updated July 5, 2023
Game Type MOD
Minimum OS Requirements Android 5.1 and above
Price Free
Rating 4.1/5

Mobile Legends is the 5V5 mobile game you’ve been waiting for

Downloading Mobile Legends is free, however, within the game, we can find In-App purchases. If you want to block these purchases within the application, you can do it from the settings of your device.

So you can protect your children’s mobile phones and not be afraid of your next bill. It is worth mentioning that it is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Unfortunately, if you want to download it on Windows Phone, you will have to wait for its developers, Moonton, to launch a version of the game compatible with your platform.

Downloading for Android

In mokoweb, we have the APK for Android. As you well know, Android users have two different options to download and install on your mobile or tablet. The first one consists of downloading the APK file of the game in question and installing it later on the device (you can download the Mobile Legends APK in the button below).

Also, there is another second option which is to go to Google Play and download the game from the Android application store. As you want!

Download Mobile Legends Apk


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod

NOTE: The first download button takes you Google Play Store where you will easily install the latest version of the game to your Android device while the second download button allows you to download mobile legends bang band mod hack with all characters unlocked.

Downloading for iPhone and iPad

For all those users who want to download it for iPhone and/or iPad, tell them that they can do it through the App Store. In the buttons that you will find below, you will simply have to click the ” download for iOS” button and you will automatically be directed to the Apple application store to start the installation of the game.

Download for iOS


Features of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Finally, we are going to tell you about the main features. As you well know, it is an addictive action role-playing game, where we will have to devise epic combat strategies to be winners. Let’s see what functions and features this fabulous game brings us:

  • MOBA Maps: Detailed reproductions of classic MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) maps
  • 5v5 battles: participate in 5v5 real-time battles. Create your own team of 5 and fight with 5 other humans over the internet
  • Team Strategy: Block damage, heal your teammates, and attack the enemy. Help your team and design a good joint strategy. The union will give you the necessary strength to defeat the enemy
  • Prove that you are the best: fight fair and lead your team to victory. Show them who is the best on the battlefield!
  • Simple and intuitive controls: Playing an RPG, strategy, and action game on mobile can seem cumbersome. However, its developers have made sure that the gameplay is incredible. Easy and simple controls. Perfectly adapted to touchscreens
  • 10 seconds, nothing more: those will be the seconds it will take to find a match. Enjoy games of up to 10 minutes without stopping
  • AI offline support: If for any reason you lose connection in a battle, don’t be nervous. Breathe and relax, the game will take care of everything. You will be back in a few seconds and while you are away, the AI ​​system will control your character


Go ahead and try Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Feel the true emotion in your hands and enter this fantastic world of fantasy, strategy, and role-playing and immerse yourself in this great adventure.

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