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In this post, you will download Lords Mobile Mod apk VIP unlocked version for free.

As a strategy game released a long time ago, Lords Mobile has still received a lot of love from players around the world thanks to its attractive tactical gameplay. The game was released in June 2016 and has received great success as the number of players participating in the game continues to increase. With more than 100 million downloads on the Android platform alone and winning the Best Game of the Year Android 2017 award is enough to speak the popularity of Lords Mobile. In the article below, we will evaluate the most outstanding features of this game and provide you with a Lords Mobile MOD APK version at the end of the article.

Classic Graphics in Cartoon Style

Lords mobile mod apk

Graphics in Lords Mobile not as impressive as it is built in a rather modest manner. The environment in the game is designed in a pretty rough style and many cubes, the buildings look quite quiet and boring. Unfortunately, when upgraded to a higher level, the buildings cannot change their shape, it will be difficult to have the feeling of extreme excitement when the buildings are upgraded in terms of strength. and images like in Clash of Clans.


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The character looks quite standard and does not have too many redundant details, this can also be a plus, but unfortunately, the attack effect is quite boring when it is not invested much. Although we can only see them in the hero collection feature, nonetheless this is still a big game mode of the game, the NSX should have a certain investment. The character’s movement is quite smooth, but the match between each attack, the character’s movement with the surrounding environment seems not to be done well.

Highly Tactical Gameplay

Gameplay Possessing extremely realistic, impressive gameplay and less boring when constantly having new features as well as increasing complexity with each level. It is not difficult to understand why this game attracts such a large number of gamers.

Your squad consists of 5 generals possessing different attributes and skill systems, placing them in the lineup will enhance the strength of a particular army. While escaping to collect heroes, you will experience somewhat different and antagonistic gameplay when Lords Mobile allows us to develop hero skills in the form of target selection. This is entirely up to the gamer deciding when to use it, how to use it, or whether to use it or not. Because of this, it increases the fun of the game when we can now deeply impact the game and give us the feeling of “playing the game”, not just watching our soldiers “act on their own”.

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There are 4 basic types of troops namely Infantry, Archers, Armored Cavalry, and Stone Throwers, these 4 types will counter each other and you will choose the number of pieces of each type to suit the purpose of capturing or attacking. Fort. The maximum army size is quite large, so try to constantly train so that you can comfortably attack or defend at any time without relying on a protective shield. Every time you want to loot or conquer another castle you have to spend a certain amount of time marching to reach the enemy position, this can be an annoying thing for some gamers but it shows us the NSX’s investments in small details.

lords mobile gameplay

Lords Mobile Mod

There are 5 types of resources: food, stone, wood, ore, and gold, there will be separate ores for each resource and they will be collected after a certain amount of time. Each type of job and activity will consume different types of resources, for example, you need to spend a certain amount of food in 1 hour to feed soldiers. There are many types of buildings with great functions such as an infirmary where soldiers can be treated instead of dying like some other games, a shelter is a place where the army dwells when it is played by the player. If we attack, we will not suffer damage to our troops,… New buildings will be opened gradually with each level as well as the territory so you will not worry about being overwhelmed by too many things. If you have played through some similar games like Clash of Clans

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The secret is still to upgrade the buildings to the highest level before upgrading the main house to maximize your strength. But confusion is that Lords Mobile does not allow us to upgrade more than 1 project at the same time, which will take a lot of time and effort.

Download Lords Mobile MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Lords Mobile possesses extremely in-depth gameplay, each small to large feature plays an important role and it really captures the whole realm of a living, though unable to feel the degree. It’s epic through graphics, but from the features in the game, you will be overwhelmed by so many things to know and care about. Maybe that’s why Lords Mobile has attracted a large number of gamers like that. This is a great game to entertain and stick with for a long time. Finally, you can download Lords Mobile APK modified by LadMods from the link below to experience this great game

Download Lords Mobile Mod Apk

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