How to Show/Hide Notifications on the Lock Screen of Huawei Phones

Do you get multiple notifications on your Huawei smartphone or tablet every day and would like to see them on the lock screen instead, so as not to unlock the screen to see the content from time to time? Or do you want to hide the notification entirely from the lock screen? Don’t worry, it can be done, and today I am here explaining how to do it.

In today’s guide, I will actually show you how to work directly from device configuration to show notifications on Huawei lock screen.

First of all, I will show you how to enable notifications on the unlock screen for all applications or certain applications and then if you are a particularly privacy conscious person, then I will explain how to do that.

For security purposes, I will advice you not to show the contents of the alert/notification so that no potential attacker can read your content. Finally, if you no longer wish to keep notifications active on the lock screen, I will also explain how to disable them permanently.

I am sure you are eager to know this trick. So let’s not waste any more precious time and start immediately. sit back and take just a few minutes of free time to carefully review the lessons I described in the following chapters and put them into practice. I just wish you a good read!

Notification on Huawei smartphone

Topics Covered in This Article

  • How to see notifications on Huawei lock screen
  • How to enable lock screen notifications for personal apps
  • How to hide Huawei lock screen notifications
  • How to remove notifications from Huawei lock screen

How to See Notifications on Huawei Lock Screen

If you want to enable the display of notifications on the screen of a Huawei smartphone or tablet while locked, follow the procedures in the following paragraphs carefully.

  • First, unlock the device screen using the password, fingerprint or facial recognition and touch the gear icon, which you will find on the home screen.
  • Now, select the option Lock Screen Notifications – You will see a box at the bottom, through which you can select one of the available options. At this point, since your intention is to display notifications on the lock screen, select the option and then press the button OK, to confirm the operation.

    By doing this, from the moment you receive notification on any application installed on your device, on the lock screen you will see a pop-up window indicating the name of the application and the contents of the alert.

How to Enable Notifications for Selected Apps

Notifications on the lock screen are turned on by default for all apps installed on your smartphone or tablet. However, if you want to enable them only for certain apps, you can work in Android settings and change this behavior.

To receive notifications from just a few applications, you can work in two ways: deactivate them in a group and reactivate them only for applications that are of interest to you, or applications specifically selected by you Let’s disable them. But we move in order (although the area we should work on is the same).

  • First, press the menu Configuration icon with gear through Android which you will find on the home screen.
  • Once done, select the item and scroll down the screen to see a list of notifications and applications.
  • Now, if you want to continue disabling only lock screen notifications in a specific app, scroll down the list and identify it by tapping on it. Inside the Applications tab, press the item Don’t show lock screen notifications.
  • You need to repeat this with all apps that you do not want to receive notifications on the lock screen. When you’re done, you don’t have to do anything because all the settings are saved automatically. You can then lock the device screen and check if notifications come to the lock screen.

Working in the opposite direction, that is, deactivating notification in all applications and re-enabling in some of them, is a simpler operation than typically described in the previous paragraph,

but has a downside: groups for notifications Disable all applications. In fact, this means that notifications are not received even when the screen is unlocked, (ie the notification center) Android in the status bar.

In addition, if you are still willing to continue, launch the application Configuration Android and select item notifications > Management and Groups from the opening screen. At this point , the lever sub next to the close syllable .

Now, scroll to the list of apps and search on which you want to receive notifications, both on the lock screen and in the status bar. Then go up the EN to your side and that’s it!

How to Hide Notification on Huawei Lock Screen

If your intention is to continue receiving notifications on the lock screen, but without looking at their contents (to prevent those searching for private information), you can act according to a procedure described in the previous information on this tutorial.

  • First start the app Select Configuration and Text In the menu that opens the notifications. Once done, press Reduce lock screen notifications and, in the box shown below, select the option Show and Hide Content.
  • Now all you have to do is press the button OK to confirm the action and when you get a notification from the lock screen app, you will only be shown a box with the name of the app and the number of alerts available.

If you only want to turn on lock screen notifications for certain apps, then I suggest you follow the same procedure as I explained in the previous chapter.


How to Disable Notifications from Huawei Lock Screen

If, despite deactivating its contents, you do not feel secure on the lock screen of your smartphone or tablet, you can ensure that they are only shown when you use a password, fingerprint, or device using Let’s unlock the screen.

  • To remove notifications from the lock screen, go to the notifications panel Configuration on Android.
  • With the pressing gear icon present on the home screen, then select the item Notifications and press the option Lock screen notifications.
  • In the box that appears, select the option Do not show and then press the button OK. If you followed the procedure I stated, you will have successfully disabled notifications on the lock screen for all applications.

Want to remove lock screen notifications for specific applications only? In this case, all you have to do is read this chapter carefully, in which I have explained in detail the procedures for disabling alerts in individual applications.

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