How to Refinansiering Uten Sikkerhet or Refinance Without Security

Refinancing Without Security

It is nearly impossible to refinance a home without any security, but it can be done. There are ways to make anything happen. Usually, this happens when a person has lost income and has trouble making their mortgage payments.

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There are many places where you can refinance your home. One place to check would be, they have ideas for many people. They can help you out if you are having trouble making your mortgage payments.


This article will help you to make some choices and find ways to refinance without security. It will help you to decide which choice will be the best one for you.

You will be given some ideas and you will be able to choose from them. This article will be especially helpful to you if you have lost income and are trying to refinance.


First Steps: If you have recently lost income due to a change in jobs or a cutback in salary, you need to first make some adjustments. You will want to be proactive and speak to your lender before you get behind on your payments. You will need to provide some sort of proof that you have lost income.

This can be a doctor’s note that says that you have been ill and have not been able to work. It can also be a new contract for a new job, or a company’s note saying that your hours or pay has been cut.

You will also have to understand that the lender does not want to foreclose on your home because that is not in their best interest.

Unfortunately, they will need to put you through the refinancing process that you had to go through to get your original loan. That means that you will need to provide similar paperwork that you had to provide before.

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Qualifying: You will need to have your home reappraised to get the refinancing loan started. They need to make sure that you still have the loan-to-value that you need to make the loan.

They will also check your debt-to-income ratio to see if you can still afford to make any new payments. There may be other steps that you need to go through to make sure that you qualify.

Options: Hopefully you have reached out to make changes to your loan before you have had to miss any payments on your previous loan.

This will help you to refinance without too much trouble. There are options for when you have lost income due to unforeseen circumstances such as high medical bills. The lender will help you more if you come to them before you have major struggles.

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  1. Exchange a Fixed-Rate Mortgage for an ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage)

One option that you may have is to switch your loan from a fixed-rate loan to a loan with an adjustable rate. This will lower your interest rate and allow it to become even lower with any change in the interest rate throughout the years.

The bad side of this is that the interest rate could also become higher.

The good side of this is that you could save up to $200 or more each much with just one point difference in the interest rate.

Luckily, these lower interest rates could last up to about seven years.

  1. Refinance Into a Longer-Term Loan

Another option that you could choose is to change your fifteen or twenty-year loan into a longer thirty-year loan. This can give you much lower payments over the term of your loan.

Unfortunately, you will be paying more in the long term for the loan, but you will be saving money each month.

By adding another fifteen years to the life of your loan, you can save around $600 a month. This is a great choice for you if you need to save a lot of money each month.

  1. Streamline Refinancing

This type of refinancing is great if you do not want to document your income because it is not required. This refinancing is usually for FHA and VA loans that you have already qualified for.

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The FHA loan does not require any income verification, though it might require you to verify that you are still working. You also will not be required to have an appraisal done since one was already done for you for your previous loan.

The VA loan does not require any new verification, not even any bank information. You will not need to reappraise your home and you will not need to verify your income. If you already have a VA loan you will easily qualify for Streamline Financing.

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What if Refinancing Will Not Lower Your Payment

Because of higher interest rates, refinancing your home may not result in lower payments. What should you do if this happens to you? There are still options for you if this happens. There are government programs and workarounds from the lender that can help you.

  1. Loan Modification

Loan modification can help you to change your loan terms without refinancing your loan. This can help you to lower your loan payments without having to verify your income or any other information.

With loan modifications, you will not change the principal of your loan and it will not replace your loan.

What does change is the interest rates and the term of the loan. This means that you could lower your interest rates at the same time as you lengthen the term of the loan.

To qualify for a loan modification, you will usually have to have missed at least three loan payments and have proof of any hardships that have caused you to miss those payments.

  1. Rent Out Your Home

If you have another place to stay temporarily, such as a friend or relative’s home, you may decide to rent out your home. Since the rental market is very strong at the moment, you may even be able to rent your home out for more than your mortgage payment.

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If you have no other place to go, you might rent out a room or a finished basement. This will not make you as much money as renting out your whole home, but can still make you enough money to make your monthly payments.

You should also check with your insurance agent before you rent out your home or a room in your home. You may need extra insurance to make sure that you are covered in case of any accidents.

  1. Consider Selling Your Home

If you just cannot make your loan payments and you have tried everything, you may just want to sell your home and cut your losses.

This would be the best idea for you if you are not sure if your income will return to what it was before you began having your difficulties. It would be a great idea if the housing market is strong and you could make some money from your investment.

This may be a last resort for you, but it might be the best thing for you to do. If you are having difficulty and do not expect to recover quickly, you should cut your losses and sell.


There are many reasons that you may need to consider refinancing your home. Usually, it is because you have had a loss of income and can no longer make the payments that you have been paying.

There are options for you to refinance and some of those options do not require you to provide income verification or reappraisal for your home.

If you just cannot refinance or you do not think that you will recover from your difficulties, you still have some options. You can rent out your home or just rooms from your home. You could also just consider selling your home if there are no other options.



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