How to Fix YouTube Vanced ‘Keeps Stopping’ Error Issues on Android.

Are you facing issues with YouTube Vanced app for Android? Below are the best solutions to “fix YouTube Vanced keep stopping”, force crashing and app closing error on your YouTube Vanced app.

YouTube Vanced is an API based YouTube app with all the premium features for free.

All the core premium features on the original YouTube app is available on YouTube Vanced.

It’s developed and offered free by developers at XDA forum for internet users to enjoy YouTube premium features without paying a dime.

The app has similar functionalities with the official YouTube premium app.

Users can sign in with their Google account and sync their data for easy accessibility across different devices.

According to digitbin, “YT Vanced is not a mod or malware injected variant of the YT app. But is a counterfeit version of the YouTube Premium using the original API sourced from premium version of the app and coding it to form a feature-rich YouTube app offering background playback and box minimized videos without paying a single penny”.

Youtube vanced keep stopping

YouTube Vanced Errors and Issues

Just like many other mobile apps, users occasionally notice errors such as force-stopping, crashing and not responding issues.

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YouTube Vanced is not an exception to these issues as we sometimes notice issues especially when running an outdated version of the app or when using a very old Android phone.

But be it as it may, we will show you how to fix the issue when you read this post till the end.

How to Fix YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping & Crash Issues

The major causes of this issue is due to MicroG and YouTube Vanced Installation Complications.

The error message “keeps stopping” is caused by MicroG app which eventually results to “force shut or crash”.

Important: Installing the correct MicroG version for the given YouTube Vanced Version will help reduce the possibilities of app crashing.

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To Fix Crashing of YouTube Vanced app follow these steps

  • First, uninstall both YT Vanced and MicroG App.
  • Next, install microG App.
  • After that, install YouTube Vanced app.
  • Clear all running tabs and open the YouTube Vanced, the issue will be fixed instantly.

TIPS: If the issue still continue after following the guides above, then reverse the installtion sequence by first installing YT Vanced followed by MicroG.

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Use Vanced Manager for Error-Free Installation

Another method is of fixing the issue is by using Vanced Manager by Team Vanced.

Download Vanced Manager Here

It directly allows you to download the MicroG and YT without any SAI installer and you also do not face any installation errors. The Manager app allows you to download the latest and most stable Youtube app without any crashing.

On Vanced Manager app, there are two options, Non-root and root.

To use the root option, your Android device must be rooted
But on non-root home screen, first, install MicroG and then install YT Vanced or as prompted on-screen.
Once both the apps are installed you can access youtube vanced without SAI.

Are you Facing Login Issues with the App?

If you are unable to login, clear app cache or maybe the app data.

If you can’t still log-in, uninstall Chrome or Disable the Chrome App and try to login again.

NOTE: Ensure you have installed the microG App on your phone. The microG App is there just to assists in the normal functioning of App.

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Also make sure you have granted all the permissions under App Settings in Android.

You can achieve it by following these steps;

Settings → Apps/All Apps/Manage Apps → YouTube App → Permissions (All Turn ON)

YouTube Vanced also comes in different color themes such as black, blue, pink, etc. Read more about them here.


I believe this guides help you fix the issue of YouTube app force clossing or crashes with an error message the app keeps stopping.

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If you have any other issue, please don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section.

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