How Do I Boost my Broadband Speed? Internet Speed Boosters

One of the most annoying things in life is an internet connection that works at the speed of a snail. You can’t load a website’s content properly, the pictures on a webpage need to be fixed, and watching a video on Youtube requires a lot of patience.

Not many people have this patience! As soon as the speed of their internet slows down, they start looking for ways through which they can enhance it.

It is especially true for anyone who works from home. The never-ending zoom meetings, the constant need to send and receive data, and the loading of heavy presentations require high-speed internet. 

If you are looking for a way to boost your broadband speed, here is how you can do that!

1. Unplug And Restart The Modem

Now, that’s the most commonly used internet speed booster method. It is also the easiest and fastest way to do so!

You simply need to unplug the modem. You must wait thirty minutes before plugging the modem back into the socket. A lot of times, doing this helps in clearing out all the glitches that may be affecting the speed of the internet. 

The modem works in a pretty simple way! It translates signals between the internet service provider and the network at your home. If there are any connection problems, you simply need to troubleshoot the power cycle, and it will start working again!

Ensure that the modem you get from your internet service provider is of good quality. Low-quality modems often affect the service and speed of the broadband. For that matter, compare internet providers thoroughly and pick the one with the best reviews, efficient customer-care services, and a reasonable cost. 

Boost Broadband Speed

2. Remove Extra Devices

To boost the speed of the internet, you need to remove all the extra devices connected to the broadband. The additional gadgets will leech off the data if you already have low bandwidth, even if you have the best broadband deals.

If you need help determining how many devices are connected to the broadband and where they are located, call your internet provider and ask them to check it for you, or simply change the WiFi password. It would quickly disconnect all the users or devices that were secretly connected to the broadband. 

3. Relocate The Router

The place where your router is located could also be a potential reason why your internet’s speed is low! If it’s located far away from the site where your gadgets are, the signals you get would be down. Being closer to the router makes your devices work better!

Alongside this, the signals may find it tough to travel through thick walls and reach your workstation. Hence, you must bring a router close to your working space to ensure a faster internet speed. 

4. Go Wired

Internet Speed Booster

Now, that’s a little unpopular amongst WiFi users, but if you desperately want to increase your internet speed, switch to a wired internet connection rather than a WiFi system of connectivity. 


Since Ethernet cables don’t encrypt data, they can transfer data faster than Wi-Fi. Also, you won’t have to spend time on an internet outage checker as the ethernet cables consistently provide you uniform internet services owing to no interference.

5. Use A Wireless Booster

A wireless booster is an excellent choice for massive homes, and a single broadband has to distribute signals across the house.

A wireless booster uplift the signals without directly improving the broadband speed. However, it ensures that the signals can reach a wider area easily! 

6. Change The Frequency Channel

Routers can choose a preferred channel automatically. They decide what’s best for you between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If your internet keeps slowing down, you should choose the channel manually, which may help you immensely!

Most of the time, what happens is that the frequency channels become crowded as a lot of people in your locality may be using the same channels. Hence, it ends up compromising the speed of your internet.

Manually switching to a different frequency channel is a great option! You can do so through the Wireless Diagnostics feature on your laptop. It will showcase the available options; you just need to pick a different one than what’s already being used!

7. Make Your Internet Work Faster

People who work from home can’t afford snail-speed internet. They must ensure no constant interruptions or internet blackouts happen, as they may affect their performance.

If the slow internet speed is increasingly making you impatient, utilize the tips mentioned above, and you may ramp up the internet speed immediately! 

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