Download GTA 4 PPSSPP ISO ZIP File (Highly Compressed)

GTA IV: Download GTA 4 PPSSPP ISO File now and play on your Android using PPSSPP Gold Emulator. Get all the details from this post.

Hey, fellow gamers! We all have fond memories of driving around Liberty City in GTA 4, creating chaos, and enjoying the thrilling narrative of Niko Bellic. But what if you could do all that on the go? Sounds dreamy, right? Well, here’s how you can download the GTA 4 PPSSPP ISO ZIP File. Grab your mobile and let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding GTA 4 PPSSPP
  • Differences between GTA 4 IV ISO and other formats
  • Gameplay features and modes
  • Benefits of the compressed version
  • Downloading GTA 4 PSP on Android
  • Setting up and playing the game on Android

Game Details

Feature Details
Game Name GTA 4 (IV)
Genre ActionAdventure
Publisher Rockstar Games
File Size 420 MB (compressed)
Release Date 29 April 2008
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Platform Originally on PS3, Xbox, PC, now on Android (with PPSSPP)
Mobile Compatibility Android 6.0 and above
Updated May 29, 2024
Graphics HD
Version 2023
Rating (4/5)

Keep reading below to learn more about the game and get the free download link and installation guide.



GTA 4 PPSSPP is the PSP version of the game that can be played on Android with the help of the PPSSPP Emulator.

The acronym “PPSSPP” stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. In layman’s terms, it’s an emulator for playing PSP games on your mobile. GTA 4 PPSSPP is a modified version of the game, made to run on this emulator. It’s also called “GTA IV PPSSPP


ISO files are essentially disc images. The GTA 4 IV ISO is a disc image of the game, allowing for it to be played on emulators and other platforms without the original physical disc. It’s a neat workaround for those who want to game on the go!


Game Highlights

From dodging the police in heart-stopping chases to undertaking missions for various factions, GTA 4 has it all. And let’s not forget those cinematic cutscenes that give blockbuster movies a run for their money.


Immerse yourself as Niko Bellic, an Eastern European war veteran, as he navigates the complicated terrains of Liberty City. Navigate through tricky gang wars, deal with personal conflicts, and make pivotal choices affecting the game’s outcome.

Gameplay Modes

  • Single-player: Experience Niko’s story, with intricate plots and memorable characters.
  • Multiplayer: Dive into the chaos with friends in various multiplayer modes.

More on the game modes below.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Mode:
    • Pedestrians turn into zombies.
    • Lure a horde onto the road and take them out with your car or gun. The car is more effective due to no reloading required.
  • Snow Weather:
    • Engage in skiing. Head to the valley top and ski down.
    • Perform stunts like backflips using the curve stunt board.
  • Shark O Matic Guns:
    • Unique weapon where victims levitate.
    • Shooting releases sharks which you then need to defeat using the gun.
  • Jetpack Flight:
    • Useful for evading cops, especially when cornered. Soar above them and escape.
  • Dual Wielding:
    • Hold and shoot two guns simultaneously for double the firepower.
  • Other Notable Modes:
    • Spider Man
    • Death Race
    • Selfie Mod
    • American Sleep

GTA 4 PSP Gameplay

Features of the Game

1. Expansive Open World

Liberty City, a fictional representation of New York City, is a vast urban landscape waiting to be explored. From the glitzy towers of Algonquin (akin to Manhattan) to the gritty streets of Bohan (reflecting the Bronx), there’s a piece of the city for everyone. Dynamic weather conditions, from rainy nights to sunny days, add layers of realism, making every drive, chase, or leisurely walk memorable. The city’s rich architecture, alleyways, parks, and docks create an environment that feels alive and pulsating.

2. Character Depth

GTA 4 doesn’t just provide a sandbox; it tells a deep, compelling story. Players take on the role of Niko Bellic, an immigrant with a mysterious past, as he navigates the underworld, seeking his version of the American Dream. The characters you meet, from scheming mob bosses to family members, have layered personalities, making interactions and story progressions unpredictable and engaging.

3. Customization

Personalize your gameplay experience! Want a sleek sports car in cherry red? Go for it. Prefer an urban loft over a run-down apartment? Save up and make that purchase. Plus, customize Niko with outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to reflect your personal style or to fit into diverse missions and scenarios.


4. Amazing Graphics

For its time, GTA 4 set a benchmark with its detailed environments, lifelike character animations, and spectacular visual effects. Day-night cycles, reflections on car surfaces, and even the smoke emanating from weapons were rendered with precision, immersing players deeply.

5. Interactive Missions

GTA 4 broke the mold with its non-linear missions. The outcomes aren’t fixed. Based on player decisions, missions can have varied endings, and this dynamic approach ensures that the game offers fresh experiences even on multiple playthroughs.

6. Realistic Physics

The game introduced the RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) physics engine, which brought a new level of realism. Cars have weight and momentum; they dent, shatter, and even explode with authenticity. The environment too, from exploding barrels to shattering glass, reacts with a level of realism previously unseen in the series.

7. Varied Soundtrack

Radio is an integral part of the GTA experience. In GTA 4, players can flip through a plethora of radio stations, each offering unique genres from rock, reggae, and hip-hop to talk shows that satirize American media.

8. Online Multiplayer Modes

Dive into the chaos of Liberty City with friends or strangers! Engage in high-octane races, intense gang warfare, cooperative missions, or simply explore the city causing mayhem. The online component adds endless hours of fun and unpredictability to the mix.

GTA 4 PSP Gameplay on Android

Download GTA 4 PPSSPP for Android


Step-by-Step Installation Guide for PPSSPP on Android

1. Download the ISO ZIP file:

  • Use the provided link to download the game file. Make sure the file is safe and from a trustworthy source to avoid potential harm to your device.

2. Extract the file:

  • Once the download is complete, locate the file in your device’s “Downloads” folder or where you saved it.
  • Download and install an extraction app ZARchiver Pro, WinRAR, or 7-Zip, if you haven’t already.
  • Open the extraction app, locate the downloaded ISO ZIP file, and extract/unzip it. You should see a .ISO or .CSO file once the extraction process is complete.

3. Install the PPSSPP emulator:

  • Download one of the best PPSSPP Emulators like PPSSPP Gold App
  • In the search bar, type “PPSSPP” and look for the official PPSSPP emulator. Make sure to get the official one to ensure compatibility and safety.
  • Tap on “Install” and wait for the app to download and install.

4. Locate the game:

  • Open the PPSSPP emulator you installed in the previous step.
  • Navigate to the location/folder where you extracted the game’s .ISO or .CSO file. If you extracted the file in your device’s “Downloads” folder, that’s where you should start.
  • Once you locate the game file inside the PPSSPP app, tap on it.

5. Play!

  • After tapping on the game file, the game will start. Now, you can dive into the game
  • Familiarize yourself with the emulator’s controls or customize them to your liking in the emulator’s settings.

The Best Game Settings

For optimal gameplay, adjust the PPSSPP settings:

  • Graphics: Set to medium for smooth gameplay.
  • Controls: Customize according to your comfort.
  • Sound: Adjust as per your preference.

GTA 4 PSP Cheats/Tricks/Hacks/Tips

  • Rely on Your Radar: This isn’t just a decorative element. It’s your tactical insight into enemy positions. Let it guide your strategy.
  • Map Mastery: GTA 4 on PSP boasts an intuitive map, spotlighting crucial locations such as armories and hideouts. Familiarity speeds up missions, getting you that win.
  • Arm to the Teeth: In the intense world of GTA 4, firepower reigns supreme. Diversify your arsenal. Whenever you spot a weapon store, refresh your stock.
  • Cheat Codes: Your Secret Weapon: Want a competitive edge? Unlock the game’s latent potential with cheat codes. From invincibility shields to endless ammo, these codes are your golden tickets to dominance.
  • Side Missions: More than Just Distractions: They might seem optional, but they’re reservoirs of wealth and skills. Engage in these, especially if you’re keen on honing specific skills like sharpshooting or deft driving.
  • Liberty City: An Explorer’s Paradise: The GTA 4 PPSSPP ISO realm is vast and bursting with secrets. Dive deep, complete those intriguing side quests, and amass not just points but unique rewards and experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can GTA 4 run on PPSSPP?

Yes, with the compressed ISO file.

  • How do I install GTA 4 setup?

Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned above or simply go through my PPSSPP games installation guide on Android.

  • How to download GTA V 4?

I think you’re mixing two games! GTA 4 and GTA V PPSSPP are different entries. The focus here is on GTA 4.

  • What is the fastest car in GTA 4?

The Infernus, inspired by the Lamborghini, is blazing fast!

  • Is GTA 4 online or offline?

Both! You can enjoy the single-player offline and dive into online multiplayer when connected.

  • Can I save my game progress in GTA 4 PSP?

Save States: PPSSPP offers a feature known as “save states.” This lets you save or “snapshot” your game’s exact current position and state, which you can then load later. This method is unique to emulators and isn’t a feature of the original game or PSP hardware

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There’s no doubt that GTA 4 holds a special place in our gaming hearts. With this highly compressed version for PPSSPP, you can relive those Liberty City days wherever you go. So, gear up, download the game, and see you in the streets of Liberty City! Happy gaming!

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