Global Trends In Ethical Hacking: Must Read

Technology advances day by day. These technologies will assist to resolve many issues from the IT, and software domain to the security domain. When it comes to the security domain, ethical hackers can create new technologies or trends that benefit the security system.

Ethical hackers generally focus on security research in order to identify current holes in goods and methods and, as a result, develop new concepts and new technologies to resolve the current riddle.

Like many of their techniques, penetration testing can identify current problems and recommend new technology deployment solutions.  Learn end to end of hacking through hands-on training from an Ethical Hacking course online.

In the coming years, the security system and ethical hacking will increase more than today. To let you know the global trends in ethical hacking, I am here with this blog. 

ethical hacking trends

The following are the five global trends in ethical hacking that we have compiled for you.

  • Automotive hacking is the latest trend 
  • Cloud Computing is involved in security 
  • Mobile Hacking becomes a new threat 
  • Improved network infrastructure
  • AI advancements save the day

Automation hacking is the latest trend 

Hackings that are illegal are becoming more common by the day. Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, has been put into the security industry to deal with such issues. The main goal of this automation is to address a broader area of cybersecurity, which includes identification, accurate analysis, and prompt action.

With the amount of data growing by the day, it is imperative that automation be used to provide more comprehensive management of the data. Experts and engineers are under increasing pressure to produce rapid and effective solutions in today’s demanding work environment, proving automation more useful than ever.

Companies are starting to automate cybersecurity due to the ability, to reduce the danger of human error from time-consuming physical labor. 

Cloud Computing will be the next target

As more and more companies and organizations move to the cloud, ethical hacking has moved its attention to different hacking assaults against cloud computing infrastructure.

This made it conscious for companies and ethical hackers to come up with something new that helps to protect the cloud system.

The requirement for approaches such as pen testing to detect vulnerabilities in cloud technology in advance, as well as broad defenses to stop such assaults, has grown.

Rather than being hacked, this test may instantly uncover any dangers in cloud storage. Despite the fact that cloud services like Google or Microsoft are well equipped with encryption on their interface, the user end is still a major source of false mistakes, dangerous malware, and phishing assaults. So, we can expect cloud attacks in the future.

As a result, we need to take precautionary measures and companies should hire talented ethical hackers to keep their cloud storage safe and secure. 

Mobile Hacking becomes a new threat 

Most services and apps may now be accessed from a variety of browsers as well as mobile applications and smartphones. As a result, attackers have discovered new attack patterns in smartphones and tablets. Because of this tendency, CEH exam modules on mobile technologies and countermeasures to safeguard mobile infrastructure have been added to the curriculum. In recent years, mobile hacking techniques have become quite popular. 


Improved network infrastructure

To uncover weak places in an organization’s network, systems, or services, an ethical hacker employs a variety of tactics. Ethical hacking is one of the most in-demand cyber security jobs right now. This is due to a slew of hacked network systems and security flaws that are costing organizations millions of dollars each year.

That is why ethical hackers should come up with the latest and most advanced infrastructure. Penetration testing is, at its core, the application of ethical hacking techniques to a live system. This method enables individuals to construct a more robust technological infrastructure for an organization.

We can develop superior inventions mainly when we have problems. So, as security is the major problem, we can expect the latest improvements in network infrastructure. 

AI Advancements save the day

With AI being used across all market areas, this technology, together with machine learning, has resulted in significant improvements in cybersecurity. In the development of automated security devices, natural language, facial identification, and autonomous advanced threat, AI has played a critical role.

It is also being used to create smart ransomware and assaults in order to get around the most up-to-date data security mechanisms. Threat detection systems using AI can forecast new assaults and immediately inform administrators of any data breaches. At last, AI advanced innovations are going to save the day. 

These are all the top 5 trends that we are going to come across in the future. Change is always for the best. I hope the latest inventions in ethical hacking will resolve all the issues and provide better security.

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