How To Secure Your System From Viruses? 7 Methods That Works

Be it a personal computer or any other device, we tend to keep all of our important documents, pictures and videos on our system. you need to safe-keep all of your data for a smooth operation. As, we keep Our systems are prone to attacks from various viruses, bugs, malware, spyware and ransomware.  For that, you need a security plan which is good enough to keep all the information saved inside

So it becomes highly necessary to make a list of things which are always followed to secure your system :

  1. Always Install System Updates

All systems keep rolling updates for new features and safety measures to curb the problems with loopholes and security threats. So you need to make sure your Windows stays updated on your computer and make sure to install them timely. Updated apps and software on your system keeps improving the performance and contributes to safety.

Secure system from virus

  1. Install Antivirus software

Antivirus software protects your system from different kinds of viruses which can infect your system. The infection can make your system to malfunction or completely shut down on you. There are different kinds of viruses which can corrupt your important files. Windows 10 comes with its inbuilt Defender Security program which is a robust way to detect the most viruses. We recommend getting something which helps in preventing your system online and offline both, such a product is Advanced System Protector. It identifies and removes virus from Windows effectively, and it regularly runs the scan to prevent any malicious activity to corrupt your system.

  1. Firewall

Windows comes with the Firewall and it should be at all times turned on to cloak unwanted connections. The infliction can occur at any random online activity and it is advised to keep a check on what enters your system. Windows Firewall works along with your router which is the source to provide internet connection. You can check your Firewall is turned on or not, by going to Settings.

  1. Password protection

It is advised to keep your system a password protected as it will ensure safe usage. Windows provides with the system login which requires a password to access the system. Certain changes can be effective to keep it from being misused and limit the access to your system for unknown. Stolen identities are one of the biggest threats of the times and that needs to be avoided at any cost. You must use a verified browser to keep your online browsing safe so that when you enter a suspicious website it informs you and keep you from giving your data on it.

  1. Safe money

Online banking, shopping requires to enter our crucial information such as credit card details. We need to make sure this information is not stolen as it’s possible with the boost in cybercrime.  Always check the authenticity of the websites before giving your bank details Keep a distance from the lucrative offers on the email saying you have won a large amount of cash suddenly without taking part in a contest. Think hard before making money transfers to unknown apps or giving your credentials to just strangers.

  1. Use Portable Devices Carefully

Be careful with portable devices as they can possess a possible threat. Always be cautious of taking unknown USB, drives or devices to transfer data before attaching them to your computer. Always allow your antivirus software to check if the external device connected is safe to use.

  1. Backup your data

It is important to keep the system data saved as a copy in a hard disk or cloud storage. A number of options are available such as Google Drive, OneDrive or an app such as Right backup which will help you keep all your data secured online.

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To conclude:

The system we work on needs to be secured to provide an environment to safe keep our information. We have been saving up our very precious data on our system, be it phones, computers. We have to keep the health of our system on the check, as it holds a crucial part in our lives now. To do so always remember to follow the tips mentioned in the article.