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Download FIFA 22 exe for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 PC free of charge. It has all the features you will enjoy in the console version at no extra cost.

FIFA 22 for Windows PC

FIFA 22 is the remake of the most popular video game football franchise. The new game has a number of visual improvements, especially in relation to the setting of the matches. With that, we have players more like real athletes, in addition to the improvement of the shadow and light system during matches and more enchanting lawns.

The gameplay also has changes, but nothing so drastic. The biggest one is in relation to goalkeepers, who have gained new moves and are more efficient. 

The game is also slower in this version, precisely so that the speed of the virtual athletes becomes even more real and, consequently, reduces one of the biggest complaints of the previous version: the ease of crossing the field with the ball.

FIFA 2022 Details for PC

Game Name FIFA 22 PC Game
Date Released 27 September, 2021
Publisher Electronic Arts
Series FIFA
Supported Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
Game Style Sports Video Game, Simulation Game

fifa 22 for windows gameplay

And finally, the ball driving system is also more efficient than in FIFA 21. In the new game, it is possible to perform dribbling more easily, however, it is still necessary for your player to have a high level of skills for the moves. The defense has a marking system with fewer fouls, which results in more ball rolling and fewer stoppages.

Game Modes

FIFA 22  has practically all the modes of the previous versions. Starting with Career mode, which, in the option of controlling a club, allows edits to be made, creating a logo, team colors and even the shirt he will wear during competitions.

In the option of controlling a player and following his career in search of a great club, and acting in his team, there are more options for customizing your ace. There is also a greater dynamic in hiring, making your performance need to stand out a lot to draw the attention of an important team.

fifa 2022 pc gameplay

The Volta mode also comes with new features. The main one is the inclusion of a series of small activities, such as footvolley, and a game that mixes tennis with soccer. He also continues to include sports and pop culture idols as special players, who have to perform a series of feats to unlock them.

The official competitions, UEFA Champions League and Libertadores de América, are also back in the game, with almost all teams licensed. However, the athletes of the South American competition are still generic in Brazilian clubs.

The main mode, Ultimate Team, has very limited new features. The former FUT Champions was dissolved and gave way to a weekly competition with a different classification system. Other than that, the other game types within the mode, such as squad battles and friendlies, remain intact.

Minimum System Requirement for FIFA 22

Attribute Requirement
OS Windows 7
Processor Core i3-7300 or better
Graphics CARD Radeon /GeForce
DirectX Version 11
Hard Drive 50GB available space

FIFA 22 Maximum System Requirements

Attribute Requirement
OS Windows 10 [64 Bit]
Processor Core i5-3550 3.3GHz or FX-8150 or better
Graphics CARD Radeon R9 270X
DirectX Version 11
Hard Drive 50GB available space

Download FIFA 22 for PC

FIFA 22 exe Free  


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How to download and install

To download the game, just click on the button at the top of the page, in the “Download” option. You will then be redirected to the Steam store, where you will need to purchase the game. After purchasing FIFA 22, you will have the option to automatically download the game and install it on your PC afterwards.

FIFA 22 Windows Gameplay

Two brand new gameplays has been added to this years edition. This innovations drastically alter the action in real-time. Top players now exhibit Agile Close control and Quick Plays regularly. This simply means if you want to ascend the divisions, you must use both.

Creative Runs essentially allow you more influence over your teammates’ run timing and direction. Suppose the player runs in a specified direction so you may pass the ball into space, press L1/LB, and flick the right stick. You can also flick the right stick to have the player pass and move when releasing the ball from a pass.

FIFA 22 Windows PC Video Gameplay


Our Opinion on FIFA 22 for Windows

FIFA 22 shows evolutions in relation to the previous game. Mainly in the visual part, where the game has better graphics in the PC version, as well as occasional changes in gameplay that make the game more dynamic and realistic.

However, the price does not justify these few changes, especially since it is a game that, in a few months, will get a new version and leave it out of date.


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