DSTV, Startimes, MBC West, TStv, MYTV Frequency, Dish Position & Symbols 2019

Hello Friends, I bring you another Do-It-Yourself trick which will equip you with current satellite dish frequency, positioning and installation information in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. This post covers dish position and frequencies for satellite TV such as DSTV, TStv, Startimes, MBC West, MYTV Africa, MULTI TV, NIGCOMSAT etc.

Special universal Decoders like “Strong Decoder” can be used to track these frequencies but users may not be able to subscribe to its pay channels with the universal decoders unless a third party device is employed; however, you will only have access to the free to air channels except for the like of MYTV Africa which its pay channel can be subscribed and viewed on the strong decoders.

TV has become part of us and with the introduction and popularity of digital broadcasting in most African countries, the TV media is getting more interesting. This can be verified through the massive number of families now going digital by using cable TV networks like GOtv and Startimes.

Now, cable TV services is not only meant for the wealthy homes but for everyone.

Having said that, one major challenges faced by an average cable TV user is the installation of satellite 📡 dish and positioning to receive channels. This sometimes cost people a lot of money to hire a professional DSTV Dish installer or installer of any other TV network.

But don’t worry much on the cost again because with the information and instructions on this page, you can do it yourself.

Dstv, MYTV Satellite dish position, frequency

Latest Frequencies, Satellites, Symbol Rates and Positions of Most Satellite Televisions

Below is the list of most popular satellite TV television providers and their current frequency, symbol rates and Dish Position.

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Multi TV

  • Position: 2 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Astra 2F
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:12.522 (V) 30.00011.595 (V) 30.000
  • 11.095 (V) 30.000
  • 12.675 (H) 30.000


  • Position: 36 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat W4
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 11.842(V) 27.500
  • 11.728 (V) 27.500
  • 11.747 (V) 27.500
  • 12.245 (H) 27.500
  • 12.284 (H) 27.500

See all DStv channels and latest price


  • Position:9 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 10 A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 919(H) 27.500
  • 11.939 (V) 27.500
  • 11.881 (H) 27.500


  • POSITION: 4 degree, West
  • Satelite: ABS3
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 11.168(H) 30.000
  • 11.088 (H) 30.000
  • 11.052 (H) 30.000

MBC West

  • Position: 7 degree, West
  • Satelite: Nilesat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 11.560(H) 27.500
  • 11.685 (H) 27.500
  • 11.475 (H) 27.500

INTV — (Iran’s National TV)

  • Position: 7 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 7A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 10.720(H) 30.000
  • 10.929 (H) 30.000

MyTV Smart

  • Position: 16 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 16A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 10.804(H) 30.000
  • 12.521 (H) 30.000
  • 12.563 (H) 30.000
  • 12.604 (H) 30.000

Yemal 402

  • Position: 55 degree, East
  • Satelite: Yahsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 11.008(V) 05.000


  • Position: 42 degree, East
  • Satelite: Nigcomsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 12.518(H) 29.500


  • Position: 22 degree, West
  • Satelite: SES 7/KU
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
  • 10.986(V) 30.000

Kwese TV

  • Satellite: Eutelsat 7B
  • Frequency: 10720
  • Symbol Rate: 29985
  • Polarization: H
  • Position: 7° East.
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More Information On These TV Providers

DSTV: it is a satellite TV provider with MultiChoice as its parent company. It’s the largest cable TV provider in Africa with Nigeria being its best market stronghold. In recent times, the South African owned TV network has increased its subscription prices and its currently undergoing debates in the Nigerian house of senate. DSTV provides over 250 channels from different genres including news, entertainment, sports, religion and kids channels. There are DSTV HD and PVR decoders that offers several packages and bouquets.

TSTV: TStv is an indigenous Nigerian PayTv network owned by an Imo State born ICT guru called Bright Echefu. The TV network is a promising rival to DSTV although the battle of supremacy is really telling on the company as it looks like a herculean task to establish its presence while DSTV is still in operation. TSTV promised to offer subscribers free data, pay-as-you-view services, store and watch later services among others.

The TSTV equipments are also one of the cheapest you can get at about 6000 Naira to 7000 Naira. TSTV Decoder is available in two types – Sassy Decoder and the normal TStv decoder.

MYTV Africa: This is another digital TV network that is very popular in Sub-Saharan African countries. It offers TV programs ranging from drama, religion, news, music, sports etc.

Startimes: Startimes is owned by Chinese Company but was introduced in Nigeria as part of the measures the FG took to enforce digital broadcasting in Nigeria. Now, almost every family in Nigeria uses startimes or GOtv Decoder. That reminds me, Startimes is an alternative to gotv which are both cheap PayTv networks.

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Startimes has now introduced Dish version which is why you saw it in the list of Dish Position and frequency on this post.

Kwesé TV: Kwese tv is an African satellite television company which provides its audiences with an affordable and premium contents.

Kwese tv channels are receivable in almost; every African country using Kwese Decoder and a 90cm satellite dish. Other continents like Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, etc, are not left out because the company has an app which can be used to watch any of its channels from any part of the world over the Internet.

The Kwese tv Subscription Plans can be shared among three devices which means whenever a user subscribe either of the kwese 3 days plan, 7 days plan or one month plan he or she can use the same plan on any 3 of these devices, ‘kwese decoder, Android phone, Apple iPhone, Smart TV or other supported devices, In this post I will teach you how to share kwese subscription plan among your devices but first and foremost let’s look into kwese tv channels.

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That’s on latest frequency, dish position and symbols for popular satellite TV providers like DSTV, Startimes, MBC West, TStv, MYTV, Nigcomsat etc.