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My City Apk is a board game with tile placement mechanics and a competitive campaign Legacy system, in which you have to develop a city on your personal board.
The structures you build are represented by polymino figures, those tetris-like shapes we all know, so the game can be reminiscent of a puzzle.
During each game, players can customize their experience by adding elements to their personal cards and cards to the game.
The campaign consists of 24 games, divided into 8 chapters of 3 games each. Depending on your game decisions, you will add new features (usually via stickers) to your city that will alter the course of future games.
The actions players take and the decisions they make during the games will have permanent consequences for the future of the campaign.
For players who don’t want to experience My City as a legacy game, the double-sided board offers an alternate setup for repeatable play.

My City Apk Mod

My City Game Review

After a long journey, you have finally reached a new land. You immediately start building and developing a new city. My City is a legacy game, which means that the game evolves with the course of the games. You and your companions will have boards that will be changed during the campaign. In 24 fascinating episodes you will experience the growth and history of your city from its beginnings to the industrial era.
Thus begins the review of My City , a game by Reiner Knizia (Tigris & Euphrates, Ra, Samurai, El Dorado). The game was released in 2020 by KOSMOS in the German version. Illustrations are provided by Michael Menzel (Stone Age, Rococo, Agra).
The game will be released in our country in the Italian version by Giochi Uniti (the game itself is language independent, but, of course, the rules are not, and this includes the packs of every episode of the legacy game).
It allows games for 2 to 4 players , with a minimum recommended age of 10 and an approximate duration per game of approximately 30 minutes . The retail price should be around € 37 . A copy of the German version of KOSMOS was used for this review.

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My City components

Inside a cardboard box, measuring 29.7 × 29.7 × 7.2 cm (standard square box type Ticket to Ride), we find the following elements:

  • 4 game boards (cardboard)
  • 8 Legacy Campaign Packs
  • 96 building tiles (24 for each player) (board)
  • 4 scoreboards (wooden)
  • 24 construction sheets (56 × 87 mm.)
  • Regulation

Download My City Apk MOD for Android

Download Game Here (97MB)

How to play My City

My City is a polyomino puzzle game structured in a legacy campaign of 8 chapters with 3 episodes each. Each player will have a square board divided into a grid of 11 rows and 11 columns with a river running through it, in which there will be spaces with trees and stones (on which it can be built) and spaces with mountains and forest (on which it cannot be built).

Each turn a card from a deck will be revealed which will determine which piece the players will have to place. The piece must be positioned adjacent to a piece already present on the board, trying to cover all the stones and keeping the trees uncovered.

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Alternatively, a player can pass to avoid placing the piece, losing a point. When a player believes that he will no longer be able to get more points taking into account the remaining pieces that have yet to come out, he can withdraw from the game without losing any points.

The game ends when all players have retired or the deck of cards is exhausted, evaluating the scoring criteria of the game (which vary depending on the chapter we are in).

Each tree shown is worth 1 point, each uncovered rock makes you lose 1 point and each empty field drops minus 1 point. Starting with the second chapter, a new scoring mechanic is introduced: you get 1 point for each building in your largest group of each color. Starting with the third chapter, you get a new way to score points: a fountain that, when completely surrounded, can earn you 4 extra points.

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And, as we have already said, My City is a legacy game structured in 8 chapters of 3 episodes (24 games in total). For each chapter there is an envelope in which we will find a sheet that incorporates new rules, as well as a summary sheet for the final score of each game, as well as other components associated with each chapter. The game also includes a non-legacy game mode.

The key element of the game are the Building Tiles . They are polyominoes (pieces that cover 2 to 5 interconnected squares). Initially, there will be 27 pieces, 9 in each of the three colors: blue, yellow and red. When placing these pieces on the board, it is necessary to follow certain rules indicated in each episode.

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The winner of each game will earn progress points for the campaign. The latter will be accumulated by filling small circles at the top of the player board.

The winner will also get some stickers (stones in the early games) to try and hinder him, and the losers get a boost for future games (by getting trees), so there is some sort of recovery mechanism. Our campaign ended with the top three players having very similar scores (although the fourth player was a little behind).

The artwork (made by Michael Menzel) is attractive and the components have been well produced. The rules are well written and the player aids included in each chapter remind you of the steps you need to take at the start of each game.

Not only was the campaign fun, but we played the “Classic” version of the scoreboards a couple of times. These are permanently replayable and roughly correspond to episode number 10 of the campaign.

This chapter of the campaign was our favorite, so the designer did a good job of highlighting the best part of the campaign in the non-lecacy part of the game.

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