Download Instagram Videos Easily: Top 4 Apps

Instagram is a major image-sharing platform on social networking. Whether you want the audience to read a novel, watch a reel, or watch a riveting movie, something must be kept. Instagram doesn’t allow direct downloads of these videos. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll teach you the best ways how to download Instagram videos so you can retain your favorites. These apps solve all difficulties with Instagram story video downloads, HD video storage, and reels. 

1. Vidmate


Vidmate is a multifunctional Instagram video download app that has nothing to do with Instagram only but also takes care of videos from other platforms. It boasts of easy-to-use to use plus a high raves from the users due to its fast download rates for users seeking to save Instagram videos. 

Product Features

Talking about the features Vidmate provides an effective tool for video downloading. Regarding its usability, it supports the download of HD videos so that the quality of videos that you share on Instagram is not compromised. The user can download the videos in a batch which means that several videos can be downloaded at the same time but none of the speed will be affected. 

More so, Vidmate has an inbuilt media player that will allow you to play back your downloaded videos. Another impressive tool it possesses is the integrated search that also assists you in locating videos and thus can be regarded as a one-stop downloading tool for videos.

2. Snaptube


Snaptube is another great Instagram video downloader HD for videos. Thus, the simplicity of its interface combined with the ability to handle numerous file formats make the program a popular choice among the users. Of all features, Snaptube is most valued for the possibility to download videos in various resolutions depending on the amount of storage space and personal preference. 

Product Features

Snaptube differentiates itself with features to download videos from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others. It has the facility of high-definition downloading so, you can download Instagram videos in the optimum quality. The app also has a built-in search tab where one can easily search for and download videos rather than having to search via the internet. 

Snaptube offers downloads in various formats hence allowing you to choose the right one for a device and its storage space. Also, it has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface meaning that customers who may not be so tech-savvy can easily operate the App.

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3. Tubemate


The Tubemate app is efficient in downloading Instagram videos because it offers users the quickest rate and simple interface. It allows downloading the videos in high quality and some features which are so useful for the users. 

Product Features 

With Tubemate, it is possible to download videos from their source and such social services as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It enables multiple downloads with different qualities and formats so you can take the best quality according to your choice. The search for the videos is done within the Tubemate application since it comes with its web browser. foreground downloading is also possible and it allows you to use the device while the videos are being downloaded. Also, in this application, there is a video converter that can be used to convert the videos if you want to download audio by selecting MP3 format.  

4. iGram


iGram is a web service that allows users to easily download Instagram videos using the web application. It is especially useful for clients who would like to avoid installing extra applications on their gadgets, as it allows saving the materials from Instagram to the gallery without much effort. 


Product Features 

iGram is an online application that converts IG video into a jiffy without having to download it to your device. It enables the downloading of videos, photos, and IGTV files from the Instagram application. There are a lot of downloading quality options, such as, for example, HD.

Using iGram is straightforward: that is all there is to it: you just copy the link to the Instagram video in question and paste it into the iGram URL input zone before downloading the Instagram video with the desired resolution. 

The website is optimized to fit smartphones’ and tablets’ screens, thus making it easy to browse through it on any of these two devices. Also, due to the fast-processing nature of iGram, downloading videos will not be a long and tiresome process. 

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Advantages of Using Instagram Video Downloaders


Instagram videos are simple to download with three to four clicks thanks to many video downloaders. It’s easy to download your favorite material and watch it offline without the internet.

Superb Downloads

The majority of Instagram video downloaders provide HD and 4k alternatives. You may download or save videos in their original quality, improving the watching experience.


They must be global and able to download Instagram and other content. Thus, you would not need several programs to download material from various sources.

Access offline

The downloaded videos may be watched offline. It is handy for travelers and app users in locations with poor internet.

Share and Backup Easily

Downloading videos lets you share them with friends and family, unlike other Instagram applications. Download important or favorite Instagram videos to keep them after they’re gone.


Other perks of Vidmate and Snaptube include the ability to download several files at once. This is helpful for visitors who require a huge collection of movies quickly.


Instagram videos can therefore be downloaded with lots of ease once you have the right tools to do so. Whether you wish to download HD Instagram Reels video download in a gallery, all the apps mentioned above have in-store facilities. Here, you can see that Vidmate and Snaptube offer extensive services to download videos from various sites, and at the same time, FastSave and InstaSave give priority to convenience. Reposting for Instagram also includes the useful additional feature of reposting with credit. Regardless of the app you decide to use, you will be fully armed to download and consume IG content of your preference at any time.


The information provided in this article on downloading Instagram videos is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Instagram’s terms of service prohibit direct downloads of videos from their platform, and unauthorized downloading or distribution of copyrighted content is illegal and against Instagram’s policies. The apps mentioned, such as Vidmate, Snaptube, Tubemate, and iGram, are third-party applications not affiliated with Instagram. Users should respect copyright laws and seek permission from content creators before downloading or sharing their material. The use of these apps is at the user’s own risk, and MokoWeb is not responsible for any legal consequences or damages.

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