Disney+: How to Download and Watch Disney Plus on PC

After careful consideration, you have decided to take out a subscription to Disney + and make it available to the Children in your family as well. In recent times, Kids have taken full possession of the TV to watch cartoons and other Children, you would like to use the computer to take advantage of the contents of the platform, without however having to access the browser each time and type in the address of Disney website to access the service.

Well, if your intention is to find out how to download Disney Plus on Windows PC (Laptop or Desktop), then know that this is the guide that best suits your case! In this post, in fact, I will explain how to get a quick connection to the well-known streaming platform on Windows and macOS, through some applications and procedures within everyone’s reach.

Whether you want Disney Plus for Windows 7, Disney Plus for Windows 8 and Disney Plus for Windows 10, this guide is just for you.

So what else are you waiting to get started? Take a few minutes of your free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I’m sure that, once you have read this guide, you will be able to quickly get the result you want. Seeing is believing!


To be able to download Disney Plus on PC and use the service, you must have previously activated a subscription plan. In this regard, if you have not yet done so, let me tell you a few words about the offer available at the moment.

The Disney+ subscription includes on-demand viewing (and possibly downloading) of a wide range of content from the worlds of DisneyPixarMarvelStar Wars and NatGeo, up to UltraHD quality with HDR and Dolby Vision and on a maximum of 4 devices simultaneously. To watch the contents in UltraHD quality, a connection of at least 25 Mbps is required, which is lowered to 5 Mbps for viewing the contents in HD.

The Disney+ subscription costs € 6.99 / month, or € 69.99 / year, the subscription has no restrictions or renewal obligations, and can be canceled at any time via your personal profile page.

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To obtain it, connected to the official Disney + website, click on the Subscribe button now corresponding to the type of subscription you are interested in, enter your email address in the appropriate text field and click on the Continue buttons and then Accept and continue, in order to accept the conditions of the subscription.

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Next, create a password (it must be at least 6 characters long and contain at least one number or special character), click on the Continue button , select the payment method you prefer ( credit card or PayPal ) and complete the transaction, entering the required data.

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Once registration is complete, click on the button to immediately watch Disney + , in order to access the site and use the service via browser.

NOTE: Disney+ services is not available in all regions including Nigeria but if you really need the platform in regions not supported, you can use a good VPN app to be able to access it.

disney plus for pc

How to download Disney Plus on Windows 10 PC

Would you like to know how to download Disney Plus on Windows 10 PC? Well, at the time of writing there is no official Disney + application available for Windows, however you can use a trick involving the Microsoft Edge browser in its latest incarnation based on the Chromium engine: it, in fact, allows you to convert any web application ( in this case, the Disney + website) in a native app for Windows 10, well integrated with the operating system.

So, if you haven’t already done so,

  • Start by installing the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser: to do this, connected to the browser home page
  • Locate the Download button for Windows 10 and press it, in order to start downloading the program installation package.
  • In the event that the aforementioned button indicates an incorrect version of Windows, click on the down arrow next to it, choose the exact one from the menu that is proposed to you and press the Accept and download button , to start downloading the program.
  • Once you have obtained the installation file, start it and press the Yes button to start the Microsoft Edge setup, which should finish automatically; when installation is complete, the browser home screen will open.
  • At this point, using Microsoft Edge, connected to the Disney + site, click on the Login button located at the top and log in to the portal, using the credentials in your possession.
  • When access is complete, answer affirmatively to the request to store the password, click on the […] button located in the upper right corner of Edge and select the items App> Install the site as an app from the menu displayed.

The game is done! Now, you just have to name the shortcut you just created and click on the Install button to add it to the Start menu. If you like, you can drag this icon to your desktop as well, so you have quick access to the newly created Disney + app. Easy, right ?!

Note: While the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is also available for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and macOS, those versions don’t include the ability to turn sites into apps, sorry.

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How to Download Disney Plus on Windows 7 PC and Mac

If you are not using Windows 10 but an older version of the Microsoft operating system, such as Windows 7, 8 or 10 or you have a Mac, you can create a shortcut to Disney Plus on the desktop of your PC with Chrome or other browsers. Know, however, that this link will not be functional and integrated into the operating system like the “app” that can be created with Edge on Windows 10.

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If you want a more complete solution, you can opt for an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks for example. This software, in fact, allows you to create a virtual environment equipped with the Android operating system, through which you can download, install and use apps, exactly as if you were in front of a tablet or smartphone running Google operating system.

BlueStacks is compatible with Windows and macOS and is free to use. To download the apps (including Disney +) through the Play Store it is essential to have a Google account: if you don’t have one, you can easily create Google account here.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks for PC

To download the emulator, go to BlueStacks website, click on the Download BlueStacks button and wait for the program setup file to be downloaded to your computer. Once the download is complete, if you are using Windows , start the .exe package you just downloaded and complete the installation of the program by clicking on the Yes and Install buttons .

If, on the other hand, yours is a Mac , open the .dmg file you previously obtained, double-click on the BlueStacks icon located in the window displayed on the screen, press the Open and Install now buttons and, after entering the password of the Mac, click the Install Assistant button.

To complete the installation of BlueStacks, you must enable the related system extensions: to do this, press the buttons Open the preferences Security and Open Security & Privacy , click on the resident padlock symbol in the lower left corner of the new window that appears, enter your Mac password and click on the Allow button , corresponding to the wording The system software has been blocked from loading by the developer “BlueStack Systems Inc.”.

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Once the emulator installation is complete, the procedures are the same, regardless of the operating system in use. At the first start, you must log in with your Google account, in order to configure the Play Store and Play Services: to do so, press the Register and Log in buttons , enter your Gmail account credentials , click on the Next and Accept buttons , to accept the terms of use of Google services, and complete the login indicating whether or not to activate the data backup on Google. Once you have made your choice, press the Accept button again .

If everything went smoothly, you should see the Play Store screen appear (if this does not happen, open it by double clicking on the icon located in the drawer): now select the search bar at the top, type the term “disney +” at inside it and, after selecting the most relevant result, press the Install button , to install the app in the virtual environment.

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Once this is done, click on the Home tab at the top of the BlueStacks screen and select the Disney + icon , in order to start the application: at this point, click on the Login button , enter the email address associated with your Disney + subscription, press the Continue button and repeat the same operation, this time entering the password . The game is done: from now on, you can use the app exactly as you would on any smartphone or tablet (the methods of use for Android, iOS and iPadOS are almost identical).

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How to download Disney Plus movies on PC

The only way to download Disney Plus movies on PC and watch them even in the absence of the Internet is to use the virtual app via Android emulator, as I showed you a moment ago: applications for smartphones and tablets, in fact, provide the possibility to download the contents and watch them even in offline mode.

Although it is possible to take advantage of this feature also through BlueStacks (and other Android emulators), the quality of the video stream may be affected, due to the emulation mechanism that underlies everything. In some cases, moreover, the download may not be successful, due to the restrictions imposed by the virtual environment: keep these possibilities in mind, before even moving on.

In any case, to download a Disney + content, start BlueStacks , open the Disney + app by recalling it from the drawer and, if necessary, log in to your account. Now, locate the content of your interest, click on its preview and, to download it, press the down arrow symbol that resides in the information sheet.

The films, series and, in general, all content downloaded in this way can be viewed, at any time and even in the absence of the Internet, by accessing the Download section of the app (the down arrow symbol which resides in the lower of the same).

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If this method does not work, I recommend that you download the contents (movies) through the Disney + app for smartphones and tablets, and then transmit them later to the PC.

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