Download Crossfire: Legends MOD Apk for Android

In this post, you will download Crossfire Legend Apk MOD for Android and play one of the best FPS games at the moment. You will find the download link later in this article but before then, let’s explain the game in details.

Crossfire Game Info

TITLE FPS Crossfire: Legends
CATEGORY FPS Game, Action Game
DEVELOPER Ninetytwo Gamer
UPDATED April 12, 2020
REQUIRED OS VERSION Android 4.4 and higher

Game Story

Crossfire characters

CrossFire is an online first-person shooter (FPS) game in which you fight against modern terrorist and stand a chance of being a national hero. The rival factions fight for influence and power in a relentless and never-ending war.

It has several different game modes, an incredible set of ammunition and offers a very interesting game experience for those who like games in this category. If you are really a fan of FPS titles, CrossFire is basically a must-have option on your Smartphone.

The gameplay of CrossFire is quite traditional, with controls common to virtually every FPS game. What sets it apart from its competitors, however, is the diversity of situations in which the player may find himself. 

Each game mode offers different challenges, but each room you enter can be located on a map that requires another approach. The combinations are countless, and you can play for hours and hours at a time and still find news ahead.

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The game has servers spread over several countries. It also offers a series of different and unusual battle modes, in which it is possible to face monsters, zombies and “ghost warriors“.

However, you need to create an account before you start playing!

Because it was made for hardcore FPS fans, this title has a multitude of advanced functions for you to try. There are still a lot of players in almost any room you enter, which ends up providing lots of targets and fun.

Although it has some similarities with the popular game Counter-Strike , CrossFire has some fundamental differences, such as the graphic quality and the amount of elements that the player can buy. The arsenal available is quite vast and varied, giving options of choice for any combatant profile.


CrossFire has a very traditional gameplay for its category, which makes life easier for newcomers to the game. You basically use the Joystick to direct your character/players around through the scenes, in addition to being able to aim.

To shoot, or use any other weapon that is in your hand, just click with the left button of the peripheral.

In summary, this is how to use the control buttons:

  • Use joystick to move player.
  • Use grenade button to throw it
  • Use zoom button for zooming weapon
  • Use switch button for swapping weapon
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In training mode, the game explains in detail how to use each of these controls, in addition to several more basic ones. Of course, it is possible to customize almost everything so that you have more comfort when playing.

crossfire legends gameplay


The game’s developers paid special attention to the amount of items in the arsenal. There is a variety that is difficult to find in other titles of the genre, which can leave you completely undecided when shopping at the weapons and protective equipment store.

In this Android game, you have at your disposal a series of firearms, knives, hatchets and other cutting elements, in addition to a bunch of different grenades; one for each personality type. 

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You can choose armaments not only for their ability to kill, but also for their style. In addition, with each new update patch, new items appear in the ammunition store to make things more interesting.

Daily Missions

CrossFire is considered the largest online FPS game in the world, so it is never “empty”. There are dozens of rooms and maps to explore, and your character can engage in daily missions to earn as many rewards as possible

With this, the player can improve his personal arsenal and enter new battles armed to the teeth.

The challenges change every 24 hours, and you have a chance to win something completely new with each of these missions. 

Still, if you prefer to play more intimately, it is possible to explore the free rooms, enter some to observe the movement and learn to deal with CrossFire with the other players. 

There are completely chaotic rooms, with explosions on all sides, and also extremely tense rooms, with enemies always on the prowl.

Your Group

If you like CrossFire game, you can create your own clan and join group missions with people you know minimally. Thus, you create extremely reliable and “professional” teams to seek the best prizes within the game. There is also a national, regional and world classification system for these clans. In this way, you can help build a reputation for your group so that its members become the most feared band in the game.

If you want to create specific rooms to train more intensively, it is possible to engage in private battles, which are only open to those who are invited or have a password. That way, you can better control the situation as a whole, without the possibility of bumping into any newbie and end up dying unnecessarily.

Game Modes

The sheer number of exclusive game modes is what makes CrossFire stand out from its competitors. In addition to the traditional modalities – such as solo, campaign, multiplayer, among others, you have the possibility to play against unconventional enemies in games of this style.

For example, there is a mode in which you face very disturbing mutant monsters, with specific missions and different game characteristics. 

If you are looking to kill some zombies, there is another specific modality for that and you need to end all the living dead on a map. 

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Check the specifications of each mode in the game to know exactly what you’re going to face.

It is also worth remembering the weekly events that the game promotes. These are special missions that the developer determines each week. 

If you participate in these challenges and win some of them, you can be rewarded with in-game items or even virtual money to buy anything else. It is worth keeping an eye on the “game agenda” and trying to participate.

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In CrossFire, players can choose from multiple soldiers to control during matches, including combatants from military forces and special characters. Check out the classes available in the game below.

  • SWAT: American tactical force, formed in the 1960s out of an alliance between the Los Angeles police and the FBI, which has an international reputation for its successful anti-crime actions;
  • SAS: is the United Kingdom’s Special Air Service. The group is highly respected among the country’s Armed Forces and famous for the rigorous process of selection and training of its members;
  • OMOH: this is the special troop of the Russian police, having been created in 1987 with the aim of combating terrorism and violent crimes in the country. Its members are known as “Black Berets” and “Mafia Killers”;
  • Vipers: the game’s first VIP characters, these combatants are beautiful but deadly. With special abilities, such as violent kicks, knife throws and refined agility, Vipers make a difference on the battlefield.

What’s New in This Version

With the update, the game gained graphic enhancements, such as new textures in some of its most popular settings – including the Egypt, Ship and Black Widow maps.

Still in this sense, the title received changes in the player’s interaction interface. The changes reallocate some elements and condense them with the mission of making usability even more intuitive. But it’s not just the look of CrossFire that has improved.

The game now offers two new modes. The first one is “Spy Mode”, in which the player has the chance to join a team and, without anyone knowing, betray their trust. Thus, you have the chance to choose between annihilating opponents or eliminating your own team.

The other modality is the “Arena”. Here, battles are fought by only two players at a time. Although you are part of a group, the confrontations occur individually, that is, it is the famous “x1”. 

In addition, CrossFire opens another opportunity for you to put your talent to the test: “Ranked Matches”. These battles are worth much more than victory, medals and reputation are involved.

And there could be no lack of new equipment. The update of the game also brought new weapons with special characteristics, not to mention the functions capable of improving the skills of soldiers. 

Among the novelties, the highlights are the Knight SR25-Ares and its second high precision sight for short shots; the M4A1-S-Ares with double comb and faster recharge; the M37 Stakeout-Ares Slug shotgun capable of hitting distant targets; and the MP5-S-Ares which has ammunition that stuns the opponent, making him more vulnerable.

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Zombie Mode 2.0 on CROSSFIRE

Three years after the creation of Zombie Mode, the developer announces the launch of the New Zombie Mode 2.0 on CROSSFIRE 2.0. The well-known cooperative mode of the game will gain new features, mechanics and, mainly, rewards. This month’s update also features brand new Ultimate Dragon weapons and two new maps updated to version 2.0.

Zombie Mode 2.0 works as follows: a team of 5 players must defend their ship from hordes of Zombies who want to destroy it; in addition to ordinary monsters, soldiers still have to face huge bosses. Anything goes: machine guns, pistols, grenades and knives.

At the end of each game, players receive a Regular Box as a reward, containing one of the new Zombie Mode 2.0 prizes. There are a total of 24 items, including primary and secondary weapons, armor, accessories and trophies. Purchasing the Key Card at the ZP store increases the chances of getting the best items dramatically.

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But defending the ship is no easy task. To assist the team in this mission, several defense devices will be available throughout the match. The Sentinel Tower is made up of two machine guns and can be mounted in strategic places, improved and also repaired; the Proximity Mine, planted in the correct locations, will send the Zombies flying; the Predator Missile invokes an aerial bombardment attack in the desired area; and Plasma, a weapon that causes huge damage to monsters and still slows Zombies.

Download Crossfire: Legends Apk MOD for Android

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More Gameplay Screenshots


crossfire fps game

No lag

The gameplay is very fluid, and in our tests, we did not notice any significant problems, such as visible flaws in the scenes, crashes or slow moments. There are also no lags to hinder gameplay, which means that the servers have been stable all the time, even with a large number of players online.

In terms of sound, the game is very intense. This can be both good and bad at the same time. As you browse the menus, there is always some overly animated music playing, which ends up being bothersome over time. In contrast, satisfying reproductions of noises, especially shots and explosions, allow you to find out in which direction the action is taking place.

At the end of the day, we can say that it is very worthwhile to test the game, especially if you are a fan of the FPS style.

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