CORONA VIRUS: Global Shipment of Smartphones to Drop By 2.3%

The deadly Corona Virus epidemic that is tormenting virtually every part of the World right now is affecting the economy of so many nations including China where the Virus was first detected.

A reliable report from IDC reveals that first half of 2020 will see a decline of 10.6% YoY, with the market likely to only make up ground in the second half with accelerated 5G efforts.

The outbreak is now affecting the Chinese economy and they are trying to recover from the shock. A lot of money has been spent by the Chinese Government to fight this virus but it seems a lot more has to be done because more people are infected.

Shipment of Smartphone

IDC is calculating a multi-quarter growth for the industry in China as Chinese workers gradually return to factories amidst persisting transportation challenges.

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Normally, February and March are the peak time of the year when some flagship models are launched but Corona virus disease has already affected the smartphone sector. With this in mind, IDC predicted that smartphone shipment will be affected this year and I guess you know what it will mean to manufactures, Loses.

Apart from smartphones, the virus is affecting other sectors as well. For instance, most public places such as schools, factories and markets has closed in China because of Corona Virus.

Symptoms of Corona virus include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Below are countries with Corona virus cases right now.

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Malaysia
  5. Thailand
  6. Oman
  7. Lebanon
  8. Australia
  9. Switzerland
  10. New Zealand
  11. Greece
  12. Belarus
  13. Lithuania
  14. Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  15. Iran
  16. USA
  17. Italy
  18. Germany
  19. Kuwait
  20. France
  21. The Netherlands
  22. Nigeria
  23. San Marino
  24. Estonia
  25. Denmark
  26. Bahrain
  27. Spain
  28. Iraq
  29. Canada
  30. Austria
  31. United Arab Emirates
  32. Singapore
  33. Taiwan
  34. North Macedonia
  35. Georgia
  36. Romania
  37. Pakistan
  38. Norway
  39. Brazil
  40. Croatia
  41. Algeria
  42. Afghanistan
  43. Israel
  44. India
  45. Egypt
  46. Vietnam
  47. Philippines
  48. Belgium
  49. Russia
  50. Sweden
  51. Finland
  52. Sri Lanka
  53. Cambodia
  54. Nepal
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As you can see, as at today, 29 February, 2020. 54 countries has confirmed case(s) of Corona Virus. May God help us.

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