Corona Virus: 6 Ways to Properly Sanitize Your Smartphone

Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 which started in China in December 2019 has now spread to over 130 countries of the world and is currently tormenting human life. Keeping personal hygiene is one of the ways of protecting yourself from being infected by the Virus. Our Smartphones are major carriers of dirt so in this post, you will know the best ways to properly clean or Sanitize your smartphone against Corona Virus infection.

It started like a play and now Coronavirus has been declared by World Health Organization as an pandemic threatening the existence of human beings.

As at March 11 2020, almost all sporting events in Asia, Europe and America were suspended in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus. In China, companies has shut down, schools shut down, in fact, people rarely stay in public places. In Italy, both outgoing and incoming travels has been banned. In Nigeria, people are advised to maintain good hygiene as there are already two confirmed case of the virus in the country.

Smartphones are one of our most valued properties that stays with us 24/7 and it caries a lot of dirt stuff especially in the screen which you might not know. Your smartphone screen can harbour the Corona Virus for about 6 hours and when you operate the phone and touches your face, mouth, nose, eyes, ear or private parts with the same hand, you might contact the virus.

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So follow below tips to properly Sanitize your smartphone against Corona Virus infection.

Sanitize Your Smartphone

6 Ways To Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Smartphone Against Corona Virus

1. Clean Your Phone With Methylated Spirit

One of the best ways to Sanitize your smartphone is to clean it every 30 minutes especially if you are in a crowded area. This will help wipe the virus away. This is best done before operating the phone.

2. Replace Your Screen Protector

Almost all smartphones has screen protector but most of them has so many germs in them and cleaning alone may not wipe all the disease away so to be really safe, it’s advisable to replace your smartphone’s screen protector and also cultivate the habit of regularly cleaning it with wipes.

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3. Use UV Sanitizer

A UV Sanitizer box can clean up to 99.9% viruses on your smartphone. It makes use of ultraviolet light to sanitize your smartphone and it cost as low as $14 on AliExpress.

4. Get a antimicrobial cleaning cloth

Antimicrobial cleaning cloth is a very effective piece of material and it’s very good in cleaning out bacteria from the surface of your smartphone and other plain surfaces. To use this material, just dampen it in water and gently wipe the screen and body of your smartphone to get rid of dirt.

The material is also available at Aliexpress online store.

5. Wash your Hands Regularly

Form the habit of regularly washing your hands with soap immediately after using your phone or shaking hands with someone. If it’s possible, don’t even shake hands at all for now.

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I hope with this information you can keep yourself protected and limited the rate of contacting the virus.

You can also read related article from the BBC.

6. Put on Nose Masks

Though it’s not part of Smartphone cleaning methods but it’s also advisable to always wear a nose mask to prevent Corona virus infection.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

The symptoms of Corona virus can start manifesting after 14 days of contacting the virus.

The major symptoms includes:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Ensure you see a doctor as soon as you notice any of these symptoms in your body system.

Countries Worst Hit With Coronavirus

  • The United States
  • China
  • Italy
  • Spain.

Please stay safe! Stay at home!

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