Check-Plagiarism: App Review

Check Plagiarism is a viable tool that has helped many writers over the years. Nowadays, it’s extending its services in the shape of a mobile phone app. Since many writers work remotely or on the go, the addition of a mobile phone app is a remarkable move.

But, not all that glitters is gold. Or is it? This app is quickly becoming one of the favourite among writers.

Many writers use it every day for their content needs, as it provides all the options and benefits of its website counterpart.

So, there’s only one way to find out if it’s effective, and that’s to compare them both. So, let’s see how Check Plagiarism’s app works.

What Is Check Plagiarism?

check plagiarism app review

Check Plagiarism is an online tool to help writers check for plagiarism. Its proficiency is unmatched, and now it has a mobile solution as well.

While it has many other tools on its website, the application is reserved for plagiarism checking only. Here’s a list of everything that the website offers besides the plagiarism checker:

Tool Name Yes/No
Paraphrasing Tool Yes
Online Text Editor – Editpad Yes
Grammar Checker Yes
Article Rewriter Yes
Text Summarizer Yes
Citation Generator Yes


Besides all these tools, the addition of a mobile phone app has made Check-Plagiarism one of the leading plagiarism checkers in the world today.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Plagiarism-Checking App

The most important factors to consider when picking a plagiarism-checking app is to ensure its free usage, lightweight nature, and ability to detect plagiarism. Some of the things you should be looking for are:

  • Easy download
  • Sign-up process, if any
  • Detecting abilities
  • App weight/size
  • Accompanying tools, if any

These are the factors you need to look for when ensuring your app is top-notch.

3 Benefits of Checking Plagiarism on The Website

The three primary benefits of checking plagiarism on the Check-Plagiarism website are as follow:

  • Checking

Check-Plagiarism is a capable tool; there’s no doubt about it. Here’s what you get when you check for plagiarism on the website:

As you can notice, it provides the sources where plagiarism originated and the percentage of plagiarism present in it.

checking plagiarism


  • Studying

By adding in the plagiarism-origin factor, Check-Plagiarism’s website allows you to study the parts with plagiarism, as noticeable in the screenshot above.

  • Rechecking

Once you remove or rewrite the plagiarized part in your content, you get to check it again quickly and easily.

Checking Plagiarism on the App: Benefits & Instructions

Now that we’ve learned the capabilities of Check-Plagiarism’s website, let’s review how it works on mobile phones. The application is remarkable, lightweight, and quick; there’s no doubt about it. So, here’s how it all comes together:

1. App Download

The straightforward method to get to this application is by using this link or looking for Check-Plagiarism on Google’s Play Store. Then, you will find this:

Here you will find the tool in all its glory. Since the applications are relatively new to its website, there aren’t many application reviews yet.

download check plagiarism app


  • Quick download
  • Hassle-free finding


  • Not many reviews yet

2. Application Itself

After roughly taking around 30 seconds to download and install, this is the primary screen you see after firing up the application:

check plagiarism

As you can see, Check-Plagiarism is following the no-fluff approach, as there are practically no other options besides checking for plagiarism.

It’s plus points for simplicity and preferring function over fashion. However, the addition of options like paraphrasing or other convenient choices to remove plagiarism right after would have been better.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple UI ensures quickness


  • No accompanying options

3. Ability To Check Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is one of the leading tools in the writing community today. Since the application uses the same AI, there’s no doubt about its ability to detect plagiarism. Therefore, it gets 10/10 for detecting plagiarism efficiently.


  • Quick & convenient
  • Easily detects plagiarism
  • Provides percentages & matched URLs


  • It is limited to check 1000 words only


Is Check Plagiarism’s Application Good?

Yes, it is. It has the basics down correctly, and it helps you detect plagiarism without any hassle.

Does Check Plagiarism Have Any Other Apps?

The Check-Plagiarism app is the only application they have out of other tools on their website.

Should I Use Check Plagiarism’s App Or Website?

It depends on your need. Website is more convenient, but mobile app detects plagiarism all the same.


Check-Plagiarism has stepped into the application world with a proper statement. This simplistic yet practical application will surely be one of the writers’ favorites, as it does the job flawlessly.


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