10 Best Proxy Server Services for May 2024

Amazing content and software are developing across the globe, but due to country restrictions, you are not able to access it from your country.

Sometimes we do not have access to some sites; for such sites, we use various proxy servers and VPN apps in order to get access.

This server has its own IP address to access international content and software from any location around the World.

The basic function of a proxy is to cover your original IP address so that no one can track your data. The proxy is redirected by the remote service that acts as a filter so that Internet Service Providers and third parties cannot track the working of your website.

The number of proxy users increased more than fourfold between the years 2016 to 2018, according to the research of the Global Web Index.

The usage of proxy servers increased in Thailand, Indonesia, and China, while in the USA, British, and Germany, the usage of proxy servers decreased to 5 %.

best proxy server services

The services provided by the best Proxy Server are:

  • Control internet usage
  • Bandwidth savings
  • Privacy benefits
  • Improved security
  • Access to blocked resources

The List of Best Proxy Server is given below:

  1. Bright Data
  2. HMA
  3. Whoer
  4. me
  5. Oxylabs Proxy Server
  6. 4everproxy
  7. CroxyProxy
  8. ProxySite
  9. Tor Browser

1. Nimbleway


Nimbleway is widely regarded as one of the best proxy server services in the market. It offers a robust and reliable infrastructure, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to securely access the Internet.

With a wide range of locations and protocols to choose from, users can customize their proxy experience to suit their needs.

In addition, Nimbleway’s customer support is top-notch, with quick response times and helpful solutions to any issues that may arise.

Overall, the combination of high-quality service and affordability makes Nimbleway an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable proxy server.

2. Bright Data

Bright data


Bright Data is the proxy manager that is used to manage all the proxies under a single interface. This proxy server offer uses various cases, including web data extraction, e-commerce, collecting stock market data, brand protection, and many others.

This server does not offer entirely free services but offers seven days trails for valuable customers. After the free trial, the customer has to pay 270 US Dollars per month, and this platform also offers yearly subscription plans.

3. HMA

HMA best proxy services

HMA is the proxy server that offers users to access blocked websites from anywhere around the World. It is compatible with almost all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The user can easily access US TV shows by activating the proxy server.

This server does not offer entirely free services but offers seven days trails for valuable customers. It offers two various pricing plans of 12 months and 36 months with a maximum connection of five. The 12 monthly plan is available at 4.99 USD per month, and the 36 monthly plan is at 12.99 USD per month.

4. Whoer

Whoer proxy services

Whoer is the proxy server that offers a quick-changing IP address and is also used to unblock the sites for free. The services provided by this proxy server include internet speed checking, online ping tester, and fast IP changing; and are also available in various countries of the World.

This proxy server is not entirely free to use, but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for valuable customers. The one-month subscription plan is available at the price tag of 9.90 USD, and six monthly subscription plan is available at 6.50 USD, while one year is at 3.90 USD per month.

5. Hide.Me

hide me

Hide.Me is one of the best VPN apps for Android and PC that helps the user to browse restricted websites. This robust proxy server provides different data caps and various types of connections. It is proven helpful for every user, including beginners, experts, youngsters, adults, and many others.

This proxy server is not entirely free to use but offers three various subscription plans. The one-month subscription plan is available at 12.95 USD, and six monthly plan is available at the price tag of 6.65 USD, while the one-year subscription plan is available at 4.99 USD.

6. Oxylabs Proxy Server

Oxylabs proxy server

Oxylabs Proxy Server is an innovative proxy server that is used to collect data at a large scale under a single interface. The major function of this proxy server is to change the IP address and also facilitate the users with 24/7 support with a 99.2% overall success rate.

7. 4everproxy


4everproxy includes eight various locations, and all the connections of this server are protected by the TLS. It offers a unique IP address for each web page during a visit and unlocks the blocked web pages of different locations around the World.

8. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy is the best online proxy platform that is packed with advanced capabilities. This proxy server is used for video hosting sites, SEO, social networks, and many others. It has capabilities for hiding the original IP address of the users for accessing block sites.

9. ProxySite


ProxySite is one of the best free proxy websites with a dedicated VPN for accessing blocked sites. The major function of this server is used to cover your original IP address and protect your privacy so that a third party cannot track your work on various blocked sites.

10. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is the best proxy server that protects the IP of a user from tracking, investigation, and restriction. This proxy server is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Platforms. It is also used to block browser plugins, including RealPlayer and Quick Time.


Many discussed above, the Best Proxy Server Services are available in the online market. These mentioned proxy servers are used to unlock the blocked website by changing IP addresses. Many proxy servers are available, but the best server discussed is CroxyProxy because it is used for video hosting sites, SEO, social networks, and many others.

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