Awoof: How To Get Airtel 12GB For N900 In Nigeria

Is Airtel 12GB for N900 for real? Is it achievable? How can I get this huge awoof data on my Airtel NG SIM card? All these and more questions are answered on this post. So read more.

This week, Airtel officially launched its 4G network in Onitsha, Anambra State; adding to Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Enugu, Owerri, Kaduna and other states where the 4G is live. Now you can utilize this awoof data to enjoy your 4G network although it also works on 3G network.

This Awoof Airtel 12GB For N900 data trick lets you enjoy amazing data volume at a very cheap price.

Interestingly, this trick is not a cheat but the application of Airtel’s Smartconnect bonuses exclusively available for new subscribers on the network.

Airtel is third largest network in Nigeria with over 20 million subscribers as at 2018. The network is one of the most cherished especially by youths as it offers various cheap internet data bundles and bonuses including free 4GB data on new SIM cards.

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Airtel 12GB for n900

How It Works

Remember that when you buy and register a new Airtel SIM card, you get free 4GB data and automatically migrated to the smartconnect Tariff which also means you will enjoy double data offer for 3 months.

You are also eligible for this awoof if you upgrade your airtel SIM to 4G.

Now, note that a new sim will cost you atleast N300. Meaning, you can get 8GB for N600 or 12GB for N900.

How To Get Airtel 12GB For N900

Now to get 12GB for N900, you buy 3 different SIMs for N300 each which is 900 Naira + 12GB as each SIM gives you free 4GB.

That’s a simple trick which I believe every Airtel user in Nigeria will like to explore.

While this trick is awesome, it might be frowned at by some people who don’t fancy regular SIM replacement but as for me, that’s the price to pay in order to enjoy better data and web browsing.

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Also, it’s worthy to note that this 12GB data works on any internet enabled device including your Android smartphone, java phones, iPhone, internet modem, PC etc.

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Enjoy while the offer lasts.