Attractoid Game Review: Brand New 2D Casual Arcade Game

We are introducing a brand new 2D casual Arcade game called “Attractoid“. So in this post, we will review the game and you can also download it for free.

What is Attractoid?

Attractoid is a brand new 2D Casual Arcade game set in Space. Your job as a player is to keep the
Attractoids away from dangers such as: Black holes, Meteors, and most commonly, other Attractoids
which are constantly trying to crash into each other.

As of right now there are 20 playable levels each representing a different challenge and unique visuals.
However the developers are constantly working on updates for adding new levels, skins and gameplay

Throughout the game, not only are you trying to beat the levels, but also collect gems which let you buy
power-ups for slowing time which help you get through a level you’re stuck on. And of course, gems are
also used for buying cool skins!

How to Play the Game

The game starts of pretty easy, with the first few levels introducing the player to the basic mechanics of
the game, but then the levels get exponentially more difficult, to the point where the last level is nearly
impossible to beat.

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The first level introduces you to the basic mechanic of Attractoid: The Attractoids themself. As you could
have guessed, Attractoids are space objects that are being pulled towards one another, all you have to
do is keep moving them away from each other, however you can only move one attractoid at a time,
otherwise the game would be too easy.

The following level, you are introduced to the Black Holes, which shoot projectiles towards you that you
have to avoid, but also sometimes the attractoids are being pulled towards the Black Hole, so better
watch out!

Later on during one of the levels, you will notice a flashing warning on the screen, those exist to warn
you for the extremely dangerous, Meteors. Meteors fly across the screen at insanely high speeds that
you cannot react to, so, you have to remember where the Meteors will go for each level you play, they
are the reason that most of these levels can’t be beaten first try.

After you beat the first 10 levels of the game, you are most likely to begin struggling because of how
difficult the game gets, and at that point you will regret buying skins because your gems are best used on power-ups.

The time slowing power-up is an extremely useful tool, which you will have to rely on if you intend to beat the game, however you have to be cautious and use power-ups carefully because they get
more and more expensive each time you buy one.

attractoid game review 2

Attractoid Game Details

Game Title Attractoid
File Size 54MB
Category Arcade
Version 1.0
Developer Gamtesh
O.S. Android 5.1 and above
Updated August 10, 2022
Released July 18, 2022
Rating 4.5/5
Price Free
Mod ///
Downloads 100+
Licence ///

If you’ve been struggling so far, you aren’t gonna like what comes next. The last 5 levels of the game are
VERY difficult and even with power-ups they will definitely take more than 20 tries. You are expected to
master all the mechanics of attractoid or you will not get past these levels, especially level 20.

If you manage to beat the insanely difficult final boss, that’s it for the levels, however now you can go
back and replay the previous levels and see how much better you’ve gotten at the game, and while you
are collecting gems for your favourite skins maybe even challenge yourself to beat the game without

The game’s visuals by themselves are gorgeous, however the game also allows you to customize the
look of your attractoids by offering 10 unique skins, each being more beautiful then the previous but also costing more gems. Getting all the skins in the game will take you quite some time, but the artistic looks and effects make it worth the effort.


Skins within the game vary, there are color variations and some of them are: Apploid (apple), Bubbloid
(bubble), Saturn (planet, animated), And much more. Right now there are 10 skins in the game but many
more are in the process of making.

You should not miss out on this game because it is quite catchy and fun.

Download Attractoid Apk Game for Android

Download Here

The game has Animated Skins, Catchy levels, and everything one casual player needs. Game will be
adding itself sort of a story to follow but for now sits at 20 levels where developers stated that game has
future and will be prompted with many many updates to come with it.

Is It Available for iPhone?

Right now, the game is not available in App Store for IOS but soon will be, as our review states this game
can pass time and give quite a difficult play as it seems.

Buy all exotic skins

Try the Game yourself and tell us what you think about it, this game has mechanics that are not quite
often seen in mobile games universe. Catchy, Difficult but still casual game Attractoid has everything from start to finish to keep it on your phone in your pocket.

When you finish your now last level, Level 20 you are far from done. Your next task is to collect every
skin and become Skin Collector. Don’t be fooled this game is far from finished because on this game
there is only 1 Developer and 1 Digital Artist who are inspired over the world and want to share their
work with other people.

Does it Contain Ads?

Almost all games today contain ads as so does Attractoid but ads are pretty scarce compared to many
bigger mobile titles, it would be expected to have a bunch of ads but Attractoid is quite modest and don’t consider their Game Development only as Money-Making solution.

So what’s stopping you? Try it for yourself and live through the game called Attractoid, give these
developers a chance at it.

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