Best 5 Apps to Find Those Accounts Who Unfollowed You on Twitter (X)

In the dynamic world of social media, maintaining your online connections is essential, but sometimes, you may find that you cannot interact with specific users. One common scenario is when someone decides to unfollow you on Twitter.

While Twitter (now X) doesn’t provide a direct notification for this, some specialized tools and apps can help uncover who has unfollowed you. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Twitter apps designed to shed light on these hidden unfollowers, allowing you to gain insights into your social interactions and connections.

Whether you’re looking to foster better online relationships or simply curious about your Twitter interactions, these apps can provide valuable insights into who might have excluded you from their digital circle.

Now, let’s delve into the details of some of the top Twitter apps that can help you discover who has blocked or unfollowed you and how they can empower you to manage your Twitter experience more effectively.

Best 5 Apps to Find Those Accounts Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

  1. Circleboom: Unveil Hidden Unfollowers with Precision


When uncovering who has unfollowed you on Twitter, Circleboom takes the lead with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Circleboom offers a dedicated “See Who Unfollowed You” section that lets you quickly identify Twitter accounts that have unfollowed you.

The platform’s advanced algorithms scan your Twitter interactions, providing an accurate list of users who have chosen to keep you at arm’s length. With Circleboom, you can gain insights into the reasons behind the unfollows and blocks and take informed actions to enhance your online interactions.

On Circleboom, you can also set an “Unfollower Alert.” This feature lets you get notified when someone unfollows you on Twitter.

A reliable scheduler and publisher are essential for a full-fledged approach to managing your social media presence. In this regard, Circleboom offers the ideal solution. Through the Social Media Publisher feature of Circleboom, you can effortlessly discover and share your curated and original content.

In addition to these capabilities, Circleboom is a secure U.S.-based social media management service trusted by numerous global corporate entities.

Furthermore, you can conveniently access the Circleboom iOS Twitter app, ensuring seamless management of your Twitter activities on your iPhone and iPad devices.

  1. Who.Unfollowed.Me: Exploring Blocks Beyond Unfollows

(Not Operational Anymore)

WhoUnfollowedMe on Twitter

While the name suggests a focus on unfollows, Who.Unfollowed.Me is a powerful tool that also extends its capabilities to identify unfollowed/blocked accounts. This versatile app alerts you to unfollows and provides valuable information about those who have stopped you. By accessing a comprehensive overview of your Twitter relationships, you can make informed decisions about your interactions and engage with your audience more strategically.

Unfortunately due to the latest Twitter API changes, Who.Unfollowed.Me stopped working.


  1. TwitRounds: Unmasking Hidden Blocks

(Not Operational Anymore)

TwitRounds offers a specialized feature that aims to demystify Twitter blocks. This app analyzes your Twitter followers and interactions to pinpoint accounts that have blocked you. Using TwitRounds, you can gain valuable insights into your online connections and adjust your Twitter strategy accordingly.

  1. NonFollowers for Twitter: Beyond Follower Insights

(Not Operational Anymore)

NonFollowers for Twitter is more than just helping you discover accounts that don’t follow you back. It also delves into uncovering those who have chosen to block you. This app empowers you to manage your connections and engage with your audience more effectively by offering a broader perspective on your Twitter interactions.

  1. Followers Track for Twitter: A Comprehensive View

(Not Operational Anymore)

Followers Track for Twitter provides a comprehensive view of your relationships, allowing you to identify unfollows and blocks. You can fine-tune your Twitter strategy by gaining insights into who has blocked you, ensuring that your interactions align with your goals and interests.

Wrapping Up

Among many powerful tools and features, Circleboom emerges as an exceptional solution for those seeking to enhance their Twitter experience. From uncovering who blocked you to streamlining content publishing and scheduling, Circleboom empowers users with insights and capabilities that make a significant impact.

As a trusted and secure platform, Circleboom is not just a tool; it’s a partner for individuals and businesses looking to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media confidently. By incorporating Circleboom into your social media strategy, you’re taking a proactive step towards building a more substantial, more engaging Twitter presence that captures attention and drives meaningful connections.

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