Download Android Windows 7 Apk (Launcher Working)

You can now download Android Windows 7 Apk on your Android and bring back the famous Windows 7 experince to your Android phone.

Ever craved the elegance of Windows 7 on your Android device? Dreamt of a seamless blend of the simplicity of mobile with the functionality of a PC? I’ve been there too! And voila, your dreams can come true with Android Windows 7 Apk. Dive in with me to unravel its wonders. Remember the time when we used to pin items on our Windows 7 taskbar? Now, how cool would it be to have that on our Android! 📱 + 💻 = ❤️

App Details

Detail Description
App Name Android Windows 7
Version 2.0
File Size 8.87 MB
Compatibility Android 6.0 and up
Price Free
Developer GooTechy
Last Update August 14, 2023
Downloads 5,000+
Rating ★★★★☆

Android Windows 7 Apk

What is Android Windows Apk

The Android Windows Apk is essentially an application or launcher that you can install on your Android device. Once installed, this application changes the look and feel of your device’s interface to resemble a Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or even Windows 11. It doesn’t change the underlying Android system but merely alters the appearance and provides a Windows-like user experience on Android devices.

It’s like putting on a costume on your Android. Underneath, it’s still the same Android, but on the surface, it looks and sometimes behaves like Windows.

When you think of Android Windows Apk, visualize an app that tailors your Android’s interface to mimic that of a Windows OS. Imagine the Android playground, but dressed in Windows attire! It’s not about replacing Android, it’s about marrying its flexibility with Windows’ charm.

Android Windows 7 Launcher

Android Windows 7 Launcher is just one of those fabulous Apks that embodies this synergy. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I remember the first time I fired up Windows 7 on my PC – the swift transitions, the crisp icons. This launcher revives those moments, right on your mobile device!

What’s new in Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is not just an update; it’s a revolution! Here’s what’s exciting:

  • Enhanced Graphics: Experience more vivid icons and smoother transitions.
  • Bug Fixes: Remember the annoying glitch from the previous version? Gone!
  • User Profiles: Easily switch between user profiles. Yes, just like your PC!
  • Cloud Integration: Directly access your OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • New Widgets: More widgets that simulate the Windows experience.

Features of Android Windows 7

1. Start Menu: The Iconic Button’s Back and Better!

Ah, the good old Start button, the centerpiece of Windows navigation, has made a grand return. With the Android Windows Apk, you’ll notice a familiar button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap on it, and voila! A list of all your apps, neatly organized, and just a click away. Plus, they’ve made it more dynamic and intuitive, adapting beautifully to the mobile environment.

2. Drag and Drop: Manage Your Apps with a Swish and a Flick!

Taking a leaf out of the classic Windows playbook, the drag and drop feature allows you to easily rearrange apps on your home screen. Remember the joy of organizing desktop icons on your PC? Recreate that experience by moving your mobile apps around with a simple gesture.

3. Taskbar: Multitasking Made Swift and Smooth!

The taskbar is another iconic Windows feature. With this launcher, a handy taskbar sits at the bottom of your screen. It not only houses the Start button but also displays currently running apps. Switching between tasks is a breeze, ensuring you never skip a beat.

4. Windows Explorer: Navigate Your Files Like You Would on Your PC!

File management is key to a wholesome computing experience. The Android Windows Apk brings forth a Windows Explorer lookalike. Organize, search, and access your files and folders in a familiar layout. It’s like having a mini PC in the palm of your hand.

5. PC Settings: Feel the Authenticity with PC-like Settings!

Admit it, there’s a unique charm in the layout and organization of Windows settings. Now, mirror that same experience on your mobile. Adjust system preferences, modify display options, or explore advanced settings, all wrapped in a Windows-themed package.

6. Wallpapers: Stunning Windows 7 Backdrops for Your Device!

Bask in the nostalgia with classic Windows 7 wallpapers. Whether it’s the serene blue sky or the emblematic Windows logo, give your device a visual treat. Plus, they’re optimized for mobile screens ensuring sharpness and vibrancy.

7. Custom Widgets: Windows-styled Clock, Calendar, and More!

The cherry on top! Widgets that are stylized to resemble those from Windows. Glance at the time with the Windows-themed clock or check your agenda with a calendar that’s reminiscent of the one from your PC days. These widgets are not only functional but also elevate the overall aesthetic.

Uses of Android Windows 7

  1. Personalization: Customize your device to stand out.
  2. Ease of Use: Familiar interface for Windows lovers.
  3. Productivity: PC-like features can enhance workflow on mobile.
  4. Entertainment: Relive the PC gaming nostalgia with a Windows-themed interface.
  5. Education: A great tool for teaching students about the evolution of interfaces.

Download Android Windows 7 Apk for Android

Android Windows 7 Apk 8.87MB


Step-By-Step Installation Guide

  1. Download: Click on the link above.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: Go to Settings > Security. Toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’.
  3. Find the Apk: Navigate to your downloads folder.
  4. Install: Tap on the Apk and press ‘Install’.
  5. Launch & Explore: Once installed, open the app and dive into the Windows 7 world!

How to Use it

Using the launcher is as simple as pie! Once you’ve installed it:

  1. Tap the Start Menu to view your apps.
  2. Drag and drop icons to your desktop or taskbar.
  3. Right-click (long press) for options.
  4. Customize as you please and enjoy the journey!

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Tons of customization options.


  • Might be slightly overwhelming for new users.
  • Consumes more battery than typical launchers.
  • Some features might be redundant for Android veterans.

Other Android Windows Launchers

  • Android Windows 7: The classic experience.
  • Android Windows 8: For those who love tiles.
  • Android Windows 10: A blend of classic and modern.
  • Android Windows 11: The latest PC interface on your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Is the launcher free?

Yes, it’s free with optional in-app purchases.

  • Does it require rooting?

No, root access isn’t necessary.

  • Can I revert to my old launcher?

Absolutely! Just uninstall or disable the Apk.

  • Is it safe?

Yes, but always download from trusted sources to avoid malware.

  • Does it support widgets?

Indeed! It offers Windows-themed widgets and supports Android ones too.

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Wrapping Up

In the vast world of Android customization, the Android Windows 7 Launcher is a gem, blending nostalgia with functionality. It’s a dream come true for those of us who’ve spent countless hours on our Windows 7 PCs. Give it a shot, and let the realms of Android and Windows merge in harmony!

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