A Complete Guide for Delivery App Development in UAE

People’s life now relies on mobile applications fundamentally and essentially. Mobile apps are employed for almost everything, including shopping, booking appointments with doctors, and locating entertainment.

Online food delivery has become a booming industry in this lengthy list of applications, with several businesses releasing On-demand food delivery services. By 2027, a market value of US$1.52 billion is anticipated, with revenue forecast to rise at a -2.59% annual rate (CAGR 2022-2027).

Companies that provide meal-ordering apps in Dubai are also addressing the demands of clients for improved food delivery options. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to create successful on-demand delivery apps.

What Does the UAE’s Future Hold for Food Delivery Apps?

E-commerce and digital consumption are at the forefront of technological innovations that have changed the world. Internet meal ordering has developed as a logical progression as consumers get more at ease with online shopping.

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Customers accustomed to online shopping anticipated that ordering food would be just as simple. As a consequence, the industry for online food delivery boomed. This also aided the development of backend technologies.


The most well-known of these innovations are cloud restaurants and industrial kitchens that produce and deliver food while being supported by outside telecom operators.

The food companies within them are known as virtual cafes, built on a delivery-only marketing strategy.

Due to their versatility and adaptability, cloud kitchens have swiftly opened the door for a new market of online restaurants and new brands. Restaurant operators may either develop an existing concept or create a new virtual brand for considerably less money.

Essential Elements of Great Food Delivery Apps

Food ordering app development companies in Dubai have many stakeholders to please. The rate measurements per user (ARPU) in the food delivery market is anticipated to reach $396.90 in 2022. They communicate with patrons, eateries, and delivery companies.

A different interface is necessary for these types of apps to suit all of these stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential to include functionality in the food app that could satisfy each of these consumers. All the capabilities needed for on-demand food delivery services in the UAE are listed below.

  • Easy Ordering

Meal delivery services must be effective when a consumer requests food because they are frequently utilized when individuals are hungry. Suppose companies don’t make it simple for these clients to place meal orders. In that case, they can get upset and eventually transfer to another service.

  • Simple Payment

When purchasing, consumers must be offered a variety of payment alternatives. Customers have the choice to pay with cash, digital currency, or even accumulated prizes. You may also provide discount coupons and incentives to persuade clients to pay in a particular way.

  • Easy Registration

The sign-up procedure for food delivery apps must be quick and easy. This means making it simple for users to join up and request information when a purchase is made. This enables users to move fast, and they can commit to completing the specifics if they are comfortable with what they see.


  • Pickup

You get a competitive edge by adding new features. The Pickup Option is one of these options. You may provide a dining pickup alternative in addition to meal delivery. Customers may order in advance and can’t afford to wait on their food once they get there.

  • Give Truthful Information

The online distribution also carries a high degree of risk. Users cannot track the delivery driver, so it is up to the business to ensure that clients are given reliable information about their meal, how it was prepared, and when it will be delivered.

This requires providing the consumer with the service person’s present location and a mechanism to get in touch with them if needed.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

The goal of real-time customer assistance is to address all queries instantly. It decreases the possibility that consumers would be unsatisfied by allowing them to resolve concerns and difficulties immediately.

Top UAE App Designers for Food Delivery

Delivery App Development in Dubai

1. Talabat

UAE-based food delivery apps like Talabat would be the most extensive online meal delivery service in the Middle East. Its name in Arabic means “orders,” and it excels at processing food delivery bookings. The most well-known meal delivery app, Talabat, was made available for iOS and Android smartphones in 2012.

Talabat Contains:

  • Client App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Mobile Delivery Boy

2. Deliveroo

Amazon just made a substantial investment in Deliveroo for a good reason. With millions of regular visitors, Deliveroo is the most well-liked meal delivery application in the UAE.

The 2013-founded meal delivery company is presently popular and stylish. Great Britain, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates are just a few of the 200 cities worldwide where Deliveroo is now active.

Deliveroo offers:

  • Client App
  • Supplier App
  • Shipping App
  • In charge

3. Zomato

Zomato is an Asian company familiar with the UAE’s fundamental principles. It mostly delivers food in Dubai and Qatar for now, but it intends to grow to the entire UAE.

The brand now offers services in over 24 countries and about 10,000 places globally. Zomato has 70 million iOS subscribers and over 100 million Android applications globally.

Zomato offers:

  • Apps for customers,
  • restaurant owners,
  • and delivery partners

4. Uber Eats

The new brand is helping Uber Eats acquire consumer confidence since it is as commonplace as Uber. Inside the UAE as well, it is frequently utilized and incredibly well-liked.

At the end of 2018, the well-known meal delivery business established in 2014 achieved a turnover of USD 1.46 billion.

UberEats Offers:

  • Client App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Mobile Delivery Boy

5. Careem

The UAE has had Careem, a well-known meal delivery business, since 2018. It is popular among the top meal delivery applications in the nation. Let’s examine the characteristics first. Additionally, it has been projected that by 2018, the company will be worth USD 2 billion.

Careen Consists of:

  • Apps for customers,
  • restaurants,
  • and delivery services

What Is the Price of IT To Create an App?

Several factors must be considered when evaluating the price of making food delivery apps in Dubai, like Deliveroo or UberEats.

The technology, functionality, functions, expertise, and position of mobile app developers all impact the price of establishing an on-demand delivery app. In addition to these aspects, the price of a smartphone device differs depending on the type of app.

Based on these variables, a meal delivery service such as Deliveroo or UberEats would cost between $10000 and $30000 to build.

This pricing range covers costs for developing Android or iOS versions, designing mobile apps, evaluating the quality of those apps, submitting those applications, and providing assistance and maintenance for those apps.


Depending on various variables, like the company’s current, the community of developers, the industry’s location, etc., the cost of on-demand food delivery apps in UAE may vary between businesses.

To choose the most delicate application development business, you must examine each one’s portfolios, customer lists, and other factors.

You may proceed to the final stage, which is employing a mobile application development firm in the UAE if the organization has earned your satisfaction with its prior job performance.

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