8 Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Black Friday

You have every rights to be excited because the Black Friday is around the corner and I believe the term needs no further explanation but I will still throw more lights on it for those that are not really conversant with it.

I will be guiding you on some tips on getting the best deals on Black Friday 2018 not minding where you are shopping from.

Black Friday is a special day in a year usually the fourth week in November after Thanksgiving day where retailers offer discounts on goods and services for customers but indirectly make profits from the huge sales. So it benefits both the seller and the buyer. The day is also known as the first Christmas shopping day and it’s done in all parts of the world.

Many people don’t miss out buying stuffs or paying for certain services on this day that’s why it’s very popular and important.

This year promises to be another Black Friday event to remember as many stores are offering different amazing discounts on products and services up to 70% off the actual price tag.

You see it’s an opportunity one has to grab with both hands to buy those awesome gadgets at a very cheap price.

Last year, I bought a beautiful smartphone and a powerful home theater with discounts on Black Friday and this year, I’m planning to book flight to South Africa on the special day.

I guess you too have something you have being fantasizing to buy but considering the high cost, you have withdrawn from it but let me tell you, on Black Friday, you may buy that stuff at a giveaway price.

However, just like many other human activities that requires making gain, you need to plan yours very well, equip yourself with the best tips to help you get the best deals on that fateful day so here I have written some basic and useful tips you should have in mind to make the best deals.


You need to consider these tips for a perfect deal and decision.

1. Make a List

If you are interested in Black Friday deals, you need to start now to make a list of items you want to buy or places you want to travel. It’s from this list that you have an idea of what you want to buy so you look out for them straight away without beating around the bush.

For instance, you want to buy a smartphone and a power bank, what you need to do now is write them down according to priority so that on the D-day, you just take your list and search for that particular smartphone and Power Bank instead of waiting for that day and making unnecessary decisions.

2. Set a Budget

As someone that is going to the market, you need to set a budget and make it tally with the stuffs you want to pay for. Just get the normal price of the stuff you want to pay for and set your budget on it knowing that you will have some money left after buying with the discount rate.

3. Shop As Early As Possible

Experience has taught me that early buyers gets the best deals on Black Friday because all the awesome offers are still fresh and available. But if you waste time before buying, you may find out that the best discounts has gone.

In fact, here is a tip; in most stores or companies, Black Friday sales starts at Thursday midnight so you have to keep tabs of that.


4. Get Newsletters and Email Notifications

Once major way of keeping tracks of the market progress and information is to sign up to newsletters and email of your preferred shopping website.

This way, you get first hand information on all developments and when the best deals are listed. You should also visit the shopping page for latest and best offers.

5. Use Gift Cards And Discount Codes

Some stores gives discount codes as well as gift cards to their esteemed customers. Now, you can use this to get even more unbelievable discounts on Black Friday. Isn’t that amazing?

6. Avoid Buying Fake Products

They may boast the same brand name, but not all electronics are created equally. “Do a quick Google or amazon search on the brand and model number to see what turns up,” says Jon Vincent, co-founder of EarlyBlackFriday.com.

He admits he’s been duped in the past by a Black Friday deal on a web cam that was an inferior model lacking the standard model’s features. “A hint that it’s a Black Friday special model is that it’s brand-new on Best Buy’s website and it has no reviews from other shoppers.”

7. Compare Prices Of Products

Is the price really as low as it seems? Or was it that low just a month ago? “Some stores will return Black Friday products to MSRP before the Black Friday sales, so you’ll also want to check the item on camelcamelcamel to see the price history on Amazon,” says Lindsay Sakraida, director of content marketing at DealNews. “While Amazon is only one store, it will give you a good sense for whether the item has typically been cheaper in the past.”

8. Don’t Forget About Travel

“Most consumers don’t immediately connect travel deals with Black Friday,” says Evan Crawford, regional marketing director for San Antonio’s Hotel Contessa.

“But some of the best savings during Black Friday through Cyber Monday actually come from hotel and travel industry.” For example, Arik Air offers discounts on travels booked on Black Friday so you see it’s another amazing opportunity to harness.

Tips for best black Friday deals


Black Friday is not just the best shopping day of the year but also the best day to book your flight ticket and pay for hotel bookings and other rentals.