GPS Apps: Best Offline Map Apps for Android 2021

GPS navigation is one of the essential features on almost all Android smartphones and it’s complemented by a pre-installed Google Maps app which help users get around cities and other locations when walking, cycling, driving and even flying using the real-world navigational features of the app. But Google Map uses internet and Wi-Fi connections to work perfectly so I have selected the best offline map apps based on user reviews online and ratings at the Google App Store.These Map applications that works offline (without internet) comes handy in situations where you run out of mobile data or when you unfortunately lost internet network due to poor signal and non availability of network masts.

If you have a good offline map app, you will continue navigating until you get to your location without obstacles.Last week, I was trilled by the new features of Google Maps, on my way to a destination I haven’t being before, I heavily relied on the app and was fully guided throughout the journey. The google map guided me through the best shortest routes and terrain leading to my destination and alerted me of diversions and important spots on the way. The best part was the voice direction like “turn left”, “turn right” etc. Finally, it alerted me with a voice “you have arrived” immediately I got to my destination in Owerri, Nigeria.I was lucky there was stable internet network all through the time I was driving so I didn’t miss any information but I later noticed that one can actually download a particular location information directly from google server to be used offline. I tried it and it worked so Google map made it to our list.


Below, you will see the top rated maps that works offline. Note the list is not arranged in any particular order of relevance.

1. MAPS.ME (Offline Map & Travel Navigation)

Having been downloaded over 50 million times and rated 4.5 by over 1 million users globally, MAPS.ME is one of the best offline map navigation app that offers terrain directions without an active internet connection. But you need to download the map data on your device but it doesn’t take more than 100mb.The app supports five modes of transport including cycling, by car, by big vehicles, by trains and by air.You can save locations you love as it also provide information on strategic places such as Hotels, Car parks, Hospitals, Schools, Religious houses, Mountains, ATM, Restaurants etc which you can share with your friends.However, the app comes with ads and in-app purchases.

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Download MAPS.ME app here.

2. HERE WeGo (City Navigation)

With HERE WeGo, you can walk, ride, drive and fly to your destination fully guided with route information, turn-by-turn guidance and important road informations all for free.Downloaded over 10 million times and rated 4.4 by over 454,000 users, HERE WeGo is one of the best offline map apps for Android phone that can help you plan your journey and arrive at your destination without missing your way.As an editor’s choice, it offers turn by turn voice guidance for a driver in any major city. It also offers the similar level of supervision for pedestrians and cyclists.HereWe Go has offline maps for over 100 countries and over 1300 cities across the world. So if your country and city is somehow among the ones already covered, you can use this app totally offline to navigate your way around.Some of the popular cities covered by Here We Go app includes; New York City/NYC, San Francisco/SF, London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and many more. It will be your paddy paddy where you need to go on subway/metro/subway, bus, bike, train, trolley or ferry.

Here WeGo map app

Download Here WeGo app here.

3. Waze (GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation)

Waze app has been downloaded by a whooping 100 million times by over 7 million users who rated it highly at 4.6 at google play store.Waze is an online-only map application but the app uses cache to offer turn by turn directions automatically.All you need to do is to download Waze on your Android device and enter your navigation route. Waze will then store these settings in its cache and offers directions accurately without an internet connection.This map application gives information about the speed limits on all routes you are plying, thereby reducing your chances of breaking traffic regulations.The apps also alerts you about traffic, Police and hazards on the road. It helps you save gas by showing you the shortest route and cheapest gas for your journey. You can additionally install and use waze app on your cars inbuilt display.Unfortunately, it contains ads and in-app purchases.

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Waze Offline Map app

Download Waze app now.

4. Google Maps

Owned by Google, has over 50 billion downloads, rated 4.3 by over 10 million users, Google Map, is undoubtedly a must-have app for every Android user. In fact, it’s pre-installed in all Android powered smartphones and in most cases, you can’t uninstall it but just disabling.No wonder it recorded over 50 billion installs on play store.Anyway, Google Map has virtually all the features you would ask for in a map. It offers real-time terrain information, voice navigational guidance, several modes of transport coverage, important locations and lots more.However, Google Map is online based so you must be connected to an active internet or Wi-Fi to enjoy all the features BUT you can equally enter locations and download the map from Google server to use in offline mode.Google Map offers a wider coverage including cities and local communities. It’s frequently updated to cover more spots. One of the latest features of this map app is the “street view”, sharing of your favorite places and lots more.

Google Maps

Download Google Map Here.

5. Offline Map & Navigation

Just as the name suggests, Offline Map & Navigation app offers offline maps with several points of interest for more than 200 countries, thereby making a must-have item on your next trip.Like most other map apps, it allow users to share their location and expected time of arrival via social media. The app has an AI feature that monitors the fuel and parking prices within various locations. It’s a good when planning journey on a tight budget.The app also help you in maintaining traffic rules by showing the location of speed cameras on its maps.While the app is free to download, it however requires in-app purchases for you to enjoy the full features. No wonder over 1000 users rated it poorly at just 3.5 having downloaded it 1 million times.You can download Offline Map & Navigation app here.

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6. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

With over 50 million downloads, 4.4 star ratings from over 1 million reviews at google play store, Sygic GPS navigation & map deserves to be on this list of best offline Map apps for Android.It comes with some amazing features, including police and speeding camera alerts. Real-time traffic details are also covered on this app; however, it requires an active internet connection.But wait, unlike most regular navigational apps, GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic helps you switch lanes safely. This will be helpful when using roads you have no knowledge of its location traffic laws.The app offers offline map of all countries of the world provided by TomTom and others. It has voice-guided GPS navigations with precise directions and spoken street names.

Sygic Map

Download Sygic GPS Navigation and Map here.

That’s all on the best offline map applications for Android this year.



When searching for offline map apps, consider the ones mentioned on this article because they are highly rated, trusted and used by millions of people.However, if you know of any other offline map apps worthy of mentioning, let me know via the comments section and I will review and possibly include it on this list.