5 Tips & Tricks to Play FIFA 2023 Game Like a Pro

Learn how how to play FIFA 23 game like a Pro with the tips outlined here. You can call it FIFA 23 cheat if you like.

If there is a game that is unanimous among football lovers, the game is FIFA. There are 30 series in the market, the game is released annually by Electronic Arts (EA) under the EA Sports seal and is the only one in the segment with official FIFA license.

One of the reasons that make it a worldwide sensation is the fact that it always brings different national leagues and a diverse range of teams and players.

In addition, it always seeks updates according to changes in the sport. As an example, the inclusion of women’s tournaments and the change of the cover star to Klian Mbappe, displacing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who dominated various covers.

FIFA 23 Tricks and Tips

In addition to expectations for the cover of the next version, which always brings prominent players in the season, fans of the game are curious about the changes that the developers will bring – which go much further than the number of teams, leagues, or players.

Because it is a game that reigns alone, since its closest competitor – PES (Pro Evolution Soccer 2023) – does not have the same realism and gameplay, FIFA ends up bringing some details that bother the player. But this is not a reason to be discarded, is it?

FIFA 23 Tips and Tricks

Quite the opposite! The news and possible changes in the items that were not so approved make the launch of the game a highly awaited event. And of course, it would be no different with FIFA 22, launched in 27th September 2021.

Therefore, we separated the biggest news in the latest version and still give tips for those who want to rock the 2023 version of the darling game of football lovers.

The Main Change in FIFA 23

One of the updates to the 2023 version of the game should force players to slightly change the way they used to lead their teams. Adjustments in gameplay made the game slower and more worked, prioritizing technique and passing passes. To help you, we tell you some tricks:

Watch Your Defense!

The most modified element of FIFA23 was the defense system. Now, you need to devise different strategies to position players – and make decisions in the meantime.

That is, or instead of running towards the opponent, it will be necessary to foresee the possibility of silly goals and think of different ways to cover all spaces.

The great care is due to the disarm button, which should be avoided since they are more difficult than ever. In place of the boats, the tip is to make the defenders pressure the attackers, taking the space of the opponent and approaching them.

Know your Players

One of the most overlooked functions deserves attention. Knowing the available athletes well is essential for creating game strategies. Understanding your main characteristics, favorite leg, speed, defensive/offensive ability, and better dribbling and passing helps you to make more assertive decisions during the match.

And more than that: in addition to knowing the player, it is necessary to know the best time to take him out of the field. After all, just like in a real match, FIFA21 asks for substitutions to avoid wear and possible injuries to players. The tip is to use the substitution between 50 and 65 minutes of play – and don’t forget to look at the athletes’ performance bar!


Enjoy the New Kicks and Dribbles

With each version of the game, the possibilities for kicks and dribbles are improved. Among the novelties of FIFA23 is the agile dribble. It works best with more skilled players like Messi, Sancho, and Neymar.

The function allows athletes to perform short touches, fast dribbles, and assume an aggressive posture in search of a submission. To be executed, just hold the R1 / RB.

In the case of kicks, the game update brought improvements to the strong long-distance shots and coverage shots. That is, it is better to pay special attention to them. New dribbling moves are prominent in the latest FIFA 24 Mod.

In the case of more distant kicks, the tip is to choose Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, or De Bruyne. In the case of covered balls, wait for the goalkeeper to shift and finish by pressing L1 / LB.

Use Creative Racing

One of the most talked about news, “creative racing” offers commands for players who are not in possession of the ball. By pressing the L1 / LB button, it is possible to ask another player to get rid of the mark.

The R1 / RB button allows another player to move to a safer pass option. To finish this command, just pass the ball and point the right analog button in a certain direction.

Test your Skills

Before leaving for the competition, it’s always worth testing your skills – and FIFA23 allows it! The “Skill Games” mode is great for mastering new techniques and fundamentals.

There, the exercises are divided into categories and released according to scores. “Competitive Mode” is an option for those who like greater challenges. In the latest version of the game, it brings more difficulty with the support of artificial intelligence.

You can download FIFA 2023 Mod for Android or FIFA 23 PPSSPP for PSP users and for those that use PSP emulator to play PSP games on Android.

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