5 Games We’ll Have to Play Online During the Pandemic

From office work on weekdays, outdoor parties on weekends, and active lifestyles, to being stuck inside our homes for almost a year. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely took our lives to shift in a whole new direction. Even as time progresses, the virus still remains with us. We are looking at even longer stay-at-home days. 

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Eventually, we will run out of quality movies, and TV shows to binge-watch. We need an engaging activity that promotes connectivity, whether within our family members or towards other people. The best option for exciting and interactive sources of entertainment is through multiplayer online games. Check out other game websites or online bingo – play here.

1.Trivia Royale

One of the latest mobile apps, Trivia Royale comes from the creators of the popular Quizup with over a hundred million downloads. Listed as the “World’s Biggest Trivia Contest,” this game puts you up with one thousand other online opponents in a lightning speed competition to correctly answer multiple-choice questions. 


Topics include scientific and historical facts with world flag queries. Tackle more challenging questions as the game progress, making sure to choose all the right answers. Play until only you and another player remains. Win the game to earn instant access to the exclusive VIP Royale Lounge and socialize with the other champions.

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Download Here

2. Houseparty

This multi-purpose platform allows you to play party games and interact with your co-players through video chatting. Owned by Epic Games, the company behind the sought-after multiplayer game, Fortnite. Houseparty allows you to choose from various fun party games and talk with the other players while competing and having fun. 

This game can accommodate up to eight people and includes several games patterned to other popular online games. Enjoy activities like Quick Draw, Trivia: Finish the Song Lyric, Heads UP!, and many more. Houseparty is available on the App Store and Play Store for free and can be downloaded as a Chrome extension for laptops or computers. 

Download Here

3. Song Quiz

song quiz

Familiar with the TV game show, Name That Tune? Well, think of this as its digital version. This classic entertainment game tests its players’ knowledge of popular songs. Available for Apple and Android devices, with versions for Amazon or Google smart speakers. With that, simply ask your Echo or Nest every time you want to play. 

This voice-activated recreational activity from Volley Inc. includes over a thousand song clips dated from the 1960s to today. Choose a decade from which your unknown song will come from then accurately guess its title. Win points for correct guesses with added bonus points if you can name the artist.

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Play this interactive and exciting game with your family members or in-game online opponents. Song Quiz updates its song lists regularly, so you do not have to worry about repeatedly hearing the same music. 

Download Here

4. Monopoly

One of the most popular board games enjoyed by kids, teenagers, and even adults is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This interactive online board game by Marmalade Game Studio’s digital edition is closely modeled to the original version by the Parker Brothers.

Roll a dice, buy, sell, and pave your way to become the wealthiest landlord. Play this game on your gadgets with inclusive music features and sound effects. Its beautifully animated 3D city board is designed to replicate the original to excellent detail and added components.

Download Here

5. Tabletopia


Participate in competitive table games with other opponents. You can choose from timeless classics such as chess, hearts and Texas Hold’em, and other modern board games. Play on a web browser through your Mac or PC, or enjoy it on the mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.,

Download Here

The rules are simple with every game. Choose which table game you would like to engage in, take your seat at the virtual table and start competing with various online players. Use the in-game chat features to communicate and interact with your co-players. Internal voice communication options are available on the mobile app. 

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Tabletopia can be enjoyed for free, or you can subscribe to their memberships, allowing you access to an entire game catalog. Enjoy simultaneous gaming events and other premium benefits through their Silver and Gold memberships. 

Digital competition is highly engaging and keeps your mind busy for a couple of hours. The best part is that you do not need to be experienced, nor do you need to be a professional gamer to join the fun. Engage in entertaining and interactive online games to alleviate boredom and connect with other online players.

Check out other free online games like bingo that you can play during the pandemic. Or even offline games.

Meanwhile, if you are not the gaming type but prefer to earn money right from the comfort of your home, you can check these interesting ideas for working from home during the pandemic. Have a good read.

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