Why are Gift Cards so Used by the Gaming Community?

Gift cards give you balance for new games and rewards on platforms like Steam, PlayStation, Play Store and others. See why they are the darlings of gamers.

Surely you may have seen gift cards worth $60, $199 or $30 for subscription services such as Spotify, Netflix, Globo Play and others at supermarket boxes out there, but you know they are also great allies of the gamer community? That’s because gift cards are also used to buy games and rewards on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and other gaming platforms. Find out all about it in this article. 

gift cards for gaming

What is a gift card and what are its advantages? 

A gift card is a card with a fixed amount to spend on online stores, streaming platforms, application services, games or others. The amount of each card is variable (you can find options of $200, $100, $50, $30, etc.) and you can use it as a gift option for someone or yourself. 

In the gamer universe, it is widely used on platforms such as Steam (service to sell digital games for computer, but which today has become a true community), PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Play Store, etc. 

Among the advantages of using a gift card to buy new games or better rewards in titles you already know is the fact that it can be easily found both in physical and virtual stores, such as Americanas or Submarino and in almost all supermarkets (the people don’t usually work with gift cards). 

In addition, it is possible to pay for a gift card in several ways, without necessarily needing a credit card. In a physical store, you can use cash and on the internet choose to pay with boleto or even Ame Digital , if you buy yours in stores belonging to the B2W group.  

Why are Gift Cards so Used by the Gamer Community?

With a gift card it is quite easy to purchase games online, whether for computer, for your console or to play on your cell phone. Thus, they end up covering the entire gamer community. In addition, an interesting issue is that digital PlayStation games (especially PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 , the latest ones) tend to be cheaper than physical media games , so using a gift card to purchase them can be advantageous . 

If we are going to use games themselves as an example to explain why gift cards are so used, we can think of Free Fire, one of the first battle royales to emerge completely for the universe of mobile applications. To spend money on it, just buy Free Fire’s own gift card or the Play Store’s. 

Thus, you will be able to buy diamonds with money for use in the game. These diamonds are used to buy clothes, equipment, improve skills and other prizes. As diamonds are rare, this is a way to speed up their accumulation. 

This same idea happens in other games from the Play Store: you can buy new and paid titles with the gift card or purchase improvements in free games that you like. When using the gift card, you only have to choose the balance of your wallet instead of the charge being on your credit card.

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