What You Need to Know About Doing WIX SEO in the UK

WIX is one of the most popular website builders, and it makes it easy to build everything from simple websites to complex e-commerce platforms. Once you have built your website with WIX, you need to get it to rank on search engine result pages so people can find and visit it instead of going to your competitors.

While WIX SEO fundamentals remain the same regardless of where you are in the world or the markets and audiences you are targeting, there are subtle nuances you need to understand if you are in the UK or targeting the UK market.

You Need to Understand the UK Consumer

UK consumers are known to be heavily interested in online shopping, with about 85% of consumers doing online research before purchasing products or services. Considering that the UK has a population of over 67 million people, that is a massive market that businesses can target with the help of a WIX SEO expert.

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Additionally, many UK consumers rely on social media and engage in online discussions to find recommendations and reviews for the products and services they are interested in. User-generated content and influencer marketing also play a role in purchasing decisions.

Key Considerations When Doing WIX SEO in the UK

Businesses must have a tailored approach when targeting UK consumers. They can put together a targeted plan with the help of a WIX SEO hero for success in this market.

The first consideration is the language. Although the UK is multicultural and diverse, businesses should use English in all their online media and platforms because it is the language of communication and business.

Businesses must also place significant emphasis on local SEO. Each region in the UK is different, with subtle nuances that you should understand depending on the audiences and regions you are targeting.

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Understanding different regional preferences and using localized keywords in your content and communication can ensure better visibility in localized search result pages. An experienced WIX SEO expert can do the keyword research to ensure a higher ranking and that those looking for local businesses and services find you.

Businesses should also consider being included in local business listings. Many people trust platforms like Yell, Thomson Local, and Scoot to find businesses and tradespersons. Optimizing business listings in these directories can provide additional visibility and attract customers and audiences in specific geographic regions.

Your Wix Website Should be Mobile-optimised

The UK has one of the highest rates of mobile phone usage, with research showing that there are about 1.37 mobile subscriptions for every UK resident. Optimizing your WIX website for mobile is, therefore, crucial.

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WIX already does a lot to ensure your website provides mobile users with a great experience. However, you should still check to ensure it has no nagging issues that could cost your business. Since mobile optimization is a crucial ranking factor, get a business that provides WIX SEO services to audit your website so they can uncover any issues if they are present.

SEO is crucial for ensuring visibility on search engine result pages, driving organic traffic, and ensuring a strong online presence in the UK market. Working with a WIX SEO expert ensures your website becomes a crucial asset for your business, whether you sell products or services.

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