What Makes PUBG Interesting To Players In Various Ways?

PUBG is the abbreviation for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a popular action shooter where you will find one hundred players to be battling. All these players struggle hard to remain the last person, duo, or team containing three players to be standing. On the 20th of December 2017, PUBG was released for personal computers, and this game is also obtainable for Xbox One.

Playing PUBG Skilfully

While playing PUBG, a player should never allow other professional players to ruin him, and for this, he needs to be a little tactful. This is the reason why players need to use PUBG hacks. When they use hacks and cheats from a reliable provider, they can turn into a victorious player in no time. The PUBG cheats and hacks make players game masters, and they are not required to bother about slacking anymore. Click here to learn more about hacks and cheats.

Playing PUBG Mobile

The Effective Tips and Tricks

Some effective tips and tricks that will help you become a PUBG expert are:

Never Forget to Put on Your Helmet 

The helmets of players fall off when they confront a lot of damage. If you are one of those players, you must get a helmet for yourself. While playing PUBG, when a player loses his helmet, he becomes more prone to damage, particularly from snipers. Now, if a player finds a level two helmet, he will be able to escape from Kar98K headshots. Hence, he should look for this.

Use 3rd Person to Benefit you

Players can use 3rd person so that they get a good view of their surrounding areas. In this process, they become capable of shielding themselves. The third-person camera helps players look over hills and slopes, and other players can’t spot them from the other side.

Never Kill a Downed Player Immediately

After a player knocks down another player, it seems tempting for him to kill him immediately. However, if he waits for another downed player to begin crawling, he can hope to get some important piece of information from him. Commonly, a downed player begins to panic.

Additionally, he also begins to crawl to his closest ally. Players should observe the direction from where they crawl so that they can find out the whereabouts of their friends. However, every player should try to kill the other player when he attempts to sneak behind cover.

Use Bandages Instead of Medkits When a Player Gets Sufficient Time

When a player isn’t in a firefight, he should utilize excess bandages in place of his first aid kits or medkits. There are several reasons behind this. A bandage takes a lot of time to heal a player, and players should use several bandages.

However, when he uses them out of combat, he should make sure that he has all the useful meds available to him. When a player is a beginner, he should prepare himself for lots of deaths, and he shouldn’t ever become upset.

Don’t Look at Enemies

When you get knocked out, you must not observe your enemies; instead, you should turn around. If a player doesn’t provide enough info to his teammates, his enemies will never kill him. This way, his teammates will get a good chance to wipe out his squad as well as revive him. If players do not opt to follow this direction, they will have to wait for their friends to finish the game.

Make Sure to Change Your Position and Move

Blue Zone, Molotov cocktails, HE grenades, and other grenades seem to be hugely strong. Hence, sitting in a primitive position does not seem to be a perfect choice for a PUBG player. Again, if a player seeks someone, he ought to pay attention to the open sides. SRs tend to be strong in a stationary target.

Utilize Weapons that Seem Ideal for Your Situation

Every player should use weapons that turn out to be ideal for his situation. For instance, if a player hides inside a building, he should think of using a shotgun or an SMG. On the contrary, when he is outside, he must utilize an assault rifle. Hence, players should utilize an assault rifle until and unless they are in a close-quarter situation.

Never Utilize Your Vehicle in the form of a Cover

When a player gets shot when he drives and decides to come out of his vehicle, he ought to try to shift to various covers immediately. If players use their vehicles as covers, they will end up putting themselves at risk.

Distinct Parkour Keys 

When players use distinct parkour keys, they will be more flexible with their movement. For instance, they will be capable of doing a window crouching trick. In this process, they will sit close to a window frame and also surprise their opponents.


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