What Is the Future of Mobile Advertising: Effectiveness of Telegram Ads

Traditional mass channels, such as television and radio, are losing effectiveness due to an excess of monotonous advertising. Proven direct marketing channels are skyrocketing in price and becoming inconvenient to communicate with. These threats can be eliminated by using a new direct channel – a mobile phone.

According to the leading experts of the Telegram advertising platform Telega.io, the prevalence of cellular communication makes it possible to establish personalized contact directly between the potential consumer and the seller. The number of mobile subscribers in the world is approaching three billion, which is several times the total number of Internet users.

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Concept of Mobile Advertising and Benefits of Its Application

Mobile ad is a fairly new concept in the market and refers to a set of measures related to the promotion of goods (services) using a variety of mobile technologies. The rapid development of new information technologies has become the basis for the growth of the mobile advertising market and creates the basis for revolutionary changes in the world of advertising services. New technological innovations appear almost every month, and the set of features that characterize phones has already gone far beyond traditional needs.

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From this point of view, mobile marketing is at the same time the most widespread. In addition, it is completely interactive and can be used as a tool for marketing research. The dynamics of growth in the number of cellular subscribers is impressive and often very different according to various publications. However, the average annual increase in the number of subscribers is about 214 million people. At the same time, there is a process of saturation by means of cellular communication, as evidenced by the growth rate.

The main advantages of mobile advertising are the following:

  • Access to the world information space at any time and in any place;
  • Organization of communication with target groups and providing feedback;
  • Targeted forwarding of advertising messages to customers at a specified time in a certain area, including hard-to-reach audiences;
  • The response rate to mobile advertising reaches 20%, while for traditional – no more than 2-4%;
  • The possible instant reaction of the subscriber;
  • Flexible information support – admissible operative change of advertising campaign;
  • Receiving and using subscriber data in the advertising campaign;
  • Simplified product/service promotion;
  • Sales promotion;
  • Ability to evaluate in detail the effectiveness of promotional activities.
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Taking into account the peculiarities of mobile advertising and the benefits it provides, we should say that it will definitely continue to develop in the future.

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