20 Best Vault Apps to Hide Photos, Videos on Android & iOS

This post covers collection of the best vault apps to hide photos, videos or any other file that you choose to keep private and away from prying eyes. It’s for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) users.

What are the best apps to hide photos, videos, and other content such as contacts, documents, text messages and any other files you want? We have selected a series of mobile applications for iPhone and Android that go to obscure private files in a sometimes refined and sometimes more rudimentary, but still effective way.

Best Vault Apps to Hide Files

Below are the best vault apps for Android and iOS devices

1. Secret Calculator – Hide Photo Safe & Lock Video

This is an iOS vault app disguised as a calculator. Your secret photos, videos, messages, apps, documents are hidden behind this secret calculator developed by yang kai. To gain access to it, you have to launch the secret calculator and enter your password as if you are calculating something. Once the correct password is entered, the app will reveal all the hidden contents.

Secret calculator photo vault

Download Secret Calculator for iOS

2. Calculator – Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos

Another fake calculator app used to lock and hide your secret pictures, videos, documents and other files. Developed by Fishingnet, once installed, that app appears as a calculator, but if you enter the appropriate number sequence, it opens a completely secret world made of photos, videos, contacts , text messages and even a browser that leaves no trace. It also as anti-theft system that takes a photo of those who try to access the device without authorization.

Calculator photo vault

Download Vault Calculator for Android

3. Private Photo Vault

If you are looking for something very simple and not necessarily masked by something else, then you can focus on the efficient Private Photo Vault, available for both iPhone and Android. It is nothing but a password-protected folder where you can enter what you want.
Here too, a photo is taken from the front camera of any unauthorized access, but not only since the location will also be sent via GPS. The gem is that there is also an internal photo editor in case you want to improve the quality of the hottest selfies to send.

Private photo vault

Private Photo Vault for Android

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Private Photo Vault for iOS

4. Vault

Very simple, functional and ready to use, Vault is a complete free Android application used to hide photos, videos, contacts, text messages, and even other applications. It also offers a private browser to leave no traces. There is the possibility to save the contents on the cloud and it is free with the option to buy it 0.79 euros by eliminating advertisements.

Download Vault for Android

5. Keepsafe Photo Vault

The peculiarity of Keepsafe Photo Vault lies in the presence of some features that differentiate it from the others. For example, the level of military security guaranteed and the absence from the list of recently used applications. It is accessed with a pin, a numerical sequence (password) or a fingerprint.
If someone comes suddenly, just flip the phone face down to activate the block and the contents are saved in the cloud so as not to even remain on the phone memory. Free with in-app purchases for Android and iOs.

Keepsafe photo vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault for Android

Keepsafe Photo Vault for iOS

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6. AppLock

AppLock is one of the most popular vault apps for android that allows you hide private photos and files in your phone. It has other features that can allow you hide any app from the app drawer, lock your gallery, lock file explorer, etc. Apart from that, AppLock provides a Photo and Video vault where you can store your images and videos privayely. The files that you store here will be hidden from the phone Gallery.


Download AppLock for Android

7. Secret Photo Album

Secret Photo Album is a free application for iPhone with a private browser inside, with the possibility of sending emails and mms directly from the protected space of the app. It also supports access with Face Id.

Secret Photo Album for iPhone

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8. LockMyPix – Hide images

Another application with military encryption level is LockMyPix, which has the advantage of offering a very easy interface to hide anything and manage everything through some very comfortable gesture commands. For example, by shaking the device to add the content displayed directly into the private folder. It’s free, but there is a professional version with some extras for 1.79 euros.


LockMyPix- Hide images for Android

9. Hide Something – Photos and Videos

Also for Android, you can use this app to hide photos and videos called Hide Something, which is also one of the simplest vault apps for android in terms of interface. It is accessed with a pin, a graphic sequence or through the fingerprint scanner and puts an interesting particularity on the plate.
In fact, you can access protected content through your Google Drive user, therefore hiding the contents and making them accessible only after logging in also from your computer. A double save and a double bad access.

Hide Something For Android

10. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is a simple iPhone vault app and it’s free. It is a folder with some features inside, such as voice recorder, collection of emoticons, app reviews of clubs and games. After clicking on the folder you need a password to enter. There is also an anti-intrusion system.

Best Secret Folder for iOS

11. Privacy Guard

The app “Privacy Guard”, works not only as a digital locker for your content, but also as a suite of services for those obsessed with privacy. It provides a dedicated lockscreen for a second level of access to the smartphone, a free private vpn, anti-theft functionality, anti-spam system and an enhancement tool for the ram. It’s free but with 0.79 euros more you can remove the many invasive advertisements.

Privacy guard vault

Download Privacy Guard for Android

Other Vault Apps for Android

  • Clock Vault – hide your private images and videos behind a clock
  • Gallery Vault – hide pictures and videos
  • Vault – hide pics and videos, applock, backup
  • Vaulty – hide pictures and videos
  • Easy Vault – hide pictures, videos, gallery, files
  • LOCKit – applock, photo vault
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How To Hide Any File in Your Phone Without App

On default, you can always hide any file on your phone via file manage without any third-party app. There are some integrated solutions on both iPhone and Android that only limit themselves to hiding files and not making them visible in new searches or in gallery previews.

So they don’t offer password protection or other more refined features. On iPhone just select the photo or video by holding down and choose “Hide” as the last option of the window that opens. It will be removed from any moment, album or collection.

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For Android, you can use the File Manager, i.e. the internal file management software. Once opened, click on “+” or “create” and add a new folder. You have to name, for example, “.secret”, with a dot in front . When you move photos, videos or other documents into this folder, it will only be visible through File Manager and no other application.

How to find out if you have installed an app to hide photos and videos
Small note: how to find out if one of these applications has been installed, for example, on your smartphone? Just go to the iTunes Play Store or App Store and search for terms such as “Vault”, “hidden” or “ghost app” and a large list of contents will open. Just open the first results and see if there is an Open or Install command. In the first case it means that the other is already installed and is probably masked by something else.

Now you can lock and hide any secret pics or videos or other files with a vault app whether you are an Android or iOS user.

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