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Candy Crush Saga is a browser video game that is meant to be played through a worldwide web browser application and this can be played by a single player or multi players at a time. On 12th April 2012 the famous trading company King Digital Entertainment, a specialist of social games, released Candy Crush Saga and after the utilization of this free and premium model, fame came towards this company in an inculcating manner.

The profit regarding the most financially stable video game, Candy Crush Saga started going to reach the top position eventually. This European latest company earns $1-3 million dollars through this Candy Crush Saga App per day which is of utmost importance for exact development.

More than 100 million people log onto this game and the craziness over the game inculcates over time. This game can freely be played on Facebook as well as on other Android devices, iOS, and Windows gadgets.

Candy Crush Saga Clone

For installation of this game, Google Play Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store, etc. let it be available for people. Now, you can earn more money through Candy Crush Clone Source Code by following some tips on how to develop effectively.

Help Tips To Earn Money That Should Be Known Before Starting Development Of Clone App:

Candy Crush Saga continues to be developed day by day through inserting many new as well as useful features. Developers always try to find a more attractive strategy to make it better. Here, to earn money, developers need to follow their strategic planning. As a coder, you can check through this Candy Crush Saga Clone App Development Company for more earning strategies using the clone app like candy crush saga.

Put Reliable Features That Can Look Addictive While Playing:

If a developer wants to earn money, at first he needs to make the players turn towards his Candy Crush Clone App and that only can be possible if those players find more features than the previous update. One of the specialist social game developers, King Digital Entertainment made the marketing way of income in this way of importing features like-

  • The game itself should give directions while the players are going to start the game. They should be guided with proper information onwards. Sometimes, when the players can not find a way out of crushing all candies, exactly that time they are being shown up hints at the right of the top of the corner to make them know the step they should follow to go to the next level. This feature actually offsets the attention of players before the time they are about to quit. Click here to know more about Candy Crush Clone Source Code.

  • There should be some features regarding players’ extra lives, a number of boosters that can avail when the player gets stuck, etc. Candy Crush also has some special candies that can be created by crushing more than three numbers of candies of the same color at one time. There are three types of candies, Big Chocolate Ball, Special Striped, and Plastic Wrapped candy. Those are meant to make the game more dramatic as when the players do not get to know what their next step should be, then these special candies can blow the maximum number of normal candies and can resurge people’s interest in it.
  • Through Candy Crush, the developers of King Digital Entertainment maintained the gaming plan to be more unique and faster than any other saga game with the fact of solving puzzles. Developers of the Candy Crush Saga Clone App should not ignore such little increments that had been taken to reach today’s stance.
  • Players get addicted to leveling up shortly after one by one step but if they get higher difficulties while starting the play, their enthusiastic nature may be downgraded. So the developers thought about retailing their enthusiasm as well as making those levels a little bit difficult by making small tricks from the very first level to the most. That is how the clone app developers can earn profitable money according to their desirability.
  • Video game players like to pay less attention and gain access to more points in that short playing span. According to the chief creative officer of this European Company, King Digital Entertainment, Candy Crush Saga is providing more fun with a short level span and it gives the satisfaction of knowing that these little stairs will drive them towards the ending of a long-term game in a short time limit. For more, check with Candy Crush Clone Source Code.

  • With a limited number of lives, players may lose the game. If they lose them all, they can not take any further action and need to regain access to their lives. And for that 30mins procedure will take place producing those lives. So here, a feature of taking help from their social media friends has also been embedded. Via Facebook messenger, players can share the link of their game with more than one friend and get lives as per their needs. They can also spend one life according to their friends’ needs.

By following these easy steps cum tips and tricks, in less time you can build more improved gaming apps to attract the players to embed in the game appropriately. Clickover here, if you want to know more details about Candy Crush Saga Clone App Development Company.

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