Top Medical Apps That Help Patients Cure Certain Illnesses

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of mobile phone applications that aim to educate individuals about different diseases and treatments. With more than 7,000 medical apps available in the Android Marketplace and Apple App Store, it is important for healthcare professionals to understand what apps their patients are using.

The following is a list of top medical apps that can help patients suffering from certain illnesses.

best medical apps

Medisafe Pill Minder

The Medisafe Pill Minder is a mobile app that aims to keep track of medication for patients who suffer from chronic or mental illnesses. The application’s main feature calculates the time of the next dose and yearns the user to take their medicine at scheduled times. The app also reminds users when they have missed taking their medicine and offers an option to call their doctors.

Patients can use the timer feature of this app to keep track of time spent taking medication, making it ideal for people who have difficulty telling time or have a visual impairment.


This app is a breakthrough in its field of work. It is a speech therapy app for aphasia patients created by NeuroNation to help speech therapists treat patients with speech impairment, including aphasia. A speech therapist can make use of this app to test the patient’s speech skills and strength in different characteristics (e.g., articulation).

The user can record their speech, which is then analyzed by the speech therapist as well as speech recognition software. The speech therapist can then recommend improvements for the aphasia patient to make, in order to recover from their speech impairment.

It provides a speech therapist with tools to assess what parts of the speech need improvement and the speech therapist can then recommend speech therapy exercises to patients, based on the speech test results. For patients with aphasia, this app can help them recover and gain their independence by mobilizing the language after a stroke.

Eyecare Live

This is an iOS app that helps patients access medical advice from doctors. Launched in 2011, the app’s popularity is on the rise with many of its users rating it highly for its ability to provide instant medical counsel and information about eye-related conditions.

The free application is intended to allow patients with common afflictions involving their vision to get quick and accurate information about their ailments. The app’s target audience is the baby boomer generation who are seeking to lead healthier and longer lives by adhering to new medical procedures and finding the right medical apps to help them do so.


This application is available on all mobile devices, offering free access to physicians for consultation by email or phone. It was founded in 2011 by top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who wanted to “make all the world’s medical information available for free.”

Recently, it was announced that HealthTap would be offering customers access to board-certified physicians via its own mobile app. The company plans on expanding the service in the future.

Although the app is free to use, you are required to have a HealthTap account with your preferred physician or doctor that you can set up online through your computer.

health tap


This application has proven to be more beneficial for patients living in Canada and Australia since they can search for medical conditions according to their region of residence.


The app has been designed for patients to upload medical data and symptoms before an appointment with the doctor, which makes it easier for medical staff to solve health problems.

Symptomate also allows users to monitor their health over time by storing their health records in a safe place and getting updates from doctors about new treatments or medications they may need to take.


This free app is an excellent tool for those who want to learn first aid, as it provides users with complete instructions about how to deal with various cases such as bleeding, broken bones, or serious burns. It also acts as a personal health Bible that helps you find appropriate medical treatment depending on the ailment that you or your loved ones are suffering from.

Moreover, it usually offers information about which kind of doctor to see and what to expect when visiting one.

Triage app is very helpful for anyone who wants to learn emergency first aid since it provides instructions on how to help people in emergency situations. It also acts as a personal health Bible that helps you find the appropriate medical treatment depending on what illness you or your loved ones are suffering from. It usually provides advice about which kind of doctors to see and what to expect when attending one.

WebMD Baby

(WebMD’s baby app) is an excellent resource for new or soon-to-be parents. The application allows users to not only learn about their children but also gives them the ability to track the development of their children. With WebMD Baby, users can record developmental milestones, symptoms, and more to have a quick reference guide for when they are with their doctor. The app also records height, weight, and body temperature so users can keep track of their child’s growth. Parents can easily share part of or all of this information via social media to help spread the word about the development of the baby.

Patients using WebMD Baby often have an easier time articulating symptoms and concerns over the phone to their doctors.

Medical apps give patients the opportunity to monitor their personal health, access medical advice, and information on a variety of illnesses. They can do this from any location as long as they have an Internet connection. The importance of these applications has been recognized more recently due to the fact that baby boomers are now seeking medical assistance as they age.

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