The Top 5 Useful Apps To Track Your Team’s Success

Competent company management is critical, regardless of the direction of your business. It is essential to consider many vital factors that directly affect the effectiveness of communication between employees and the well-coordinated work of the team.

A clear and well-designed team management application will increase the chances of success in conducting daily activities.

In today’s market, many applications for monitoring employees’ working efficiency and solving various management tasks can cause significant difficulties.

The professional ICOholder team offers the opportunity to get acquainted with modern business optimization tools that will allow you to implement functions of any complexity and increase the productivity of any organization. 


What is a Team Management App?

In modern business, it isn’t easy without a particular application for managing a team. This unique software includes all the necessary tools for monitoring work efficiency, implementing specific projects and tasks, and communicating between employees without unnecessary problems and costs.

Improving the quality of communication between employees allows you to expand the possibilities of management and planning significantly and helps to implement various work processes, regardless of complexity.

Modern applications are explicitly adapted to specific business parameters to optimize management and increase the company’s profitability.

Modern applications often use various analytical tools and reporting elements, allowing you to store all information in an archive to achieve better management results.

It is essential to use all available opportunities to make the business more attractive and profitable for everyone. 

Team Success

The Need for a Team Management App

The application for team management and success allows you to achieve your goals much faster. Modern software is easy to manage and functional, allowing you to improve the quality of current operations, increase the speed of data processing, and optimize all significant processes. Among the main advantages of using the application for team management are the following:

  • increased communication between team members, which allows much faster processing of user requests;
  • ease of tracking all changes and developments on the project, understanding the current progress of the team;
  • optimal distribution of available resources and distribution of time according to priorities and tasks;
  • allocation of critical tasks for the day, which must be completed without fail;
  • ease of access to the data of all employees to optimize the search and reasonable distribution of all business processes;
  • formation of a strong and competitive team of employees;
  • improving the quality of work, as well as transparency in reporting.
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With the help of software, it is possible to achieve much better results in managing a company, establish all the main processes, and minimize costs. It is essential to choose the right software that meets all the tasks and needs of the business. 

Benefits of Using

The team management application is an effective tool that guarantees the company’s high performance following each business’s established tasks and needs. As a result, everyone can fulfill individual project needs using only available solutions.

Check out the Key Benefits to help you choose the best option to manage now for maximum value. Among the main advantages of management software are the following:

  • Ease of reporting: With the help of the program, it is much easier to understand the tasks and needs of each team member. As a result, it establishes all the main processes and work procedures to work out the optimal implementation of the functions in the prescribed manner. The software allows you to distribute roles and responsibilities much faster and implement optimal project schemes with all parts. Reporting and processes can now be tracked in real-time to deliver timely results.
  • Time distribution: With the software’s help, it optimally allocates the central work tasks time. As a result, project implementation times are much more profitable and efficient. Team leaders can quickly evaluate and plan for resource usage, budget, and cost based on performance data. The software allows you to track how much time each employee spends on specific tasks, which makes it possible to communicate better with business partners and set realistic project deadlines.
  • Team collaboration: With the help of mutual trust and well-established processes, it is possible to establish communication between all team members and improve the quality of communication. It creates an optimal balance between communication and work productivity, ultimately affecting a particular business’s performance.
  • Increase communication and communication: With the help of the software, it is much easier and more efficient to share all data, monitor the progress of tasks, and distribute all resources among team members.
  • Optimization of projects: With the help of the software, it is possible to establish work with other teams, achieve the most significant productivity results with minimal costs in the course of daily activities, and eliminate unnecessary planning and paperwork.
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The software allows you to simplify the level of understanding between employees and eliminate unnecessary organizational processes. Managers can easily control all critical functions and tasks to achieve the best results. All parameters of the company’s activities are displayed in real-time, allowing you to adjust the work results in a timely manner. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Team Success Tracking App

When choosing the right software product to improve the working efficiency of employees, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Price: Many businesses don’t want to spend too much money on specialized software. Many online projects are priced per client, so choosing a comprehensive enterprise subscription that suits every team member is essential. It is crucial to consider the variety of functions and options in the paid version and understand the features and usefulness when using the software product.
  • Safety: The software must ensure the requirements of confidentiality and security of information. Using secure communication channels to transfer information following all standards is essential. This will avoid possible problems in the process.
  • Availability: The software must be simple to operate to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Software selection should be based on the individual skills of all team members. You must understand how much time you must spend on training your employees and how much it will pay off.
  • Functions: The priority in choosing the operating parameters of the software directly depends on what you plan to use the service for. For example, some need to automate processes, while for others, it is crucial to focus on budget distribution. It is essential to consider all these parameters to achieve the best resource management results.
  • Compatibility: The software must work on all devices. With its help, it is essential to create a practical workspace for employees’ everyday use and implement tasks of any complexity. Check out the free trial and other performance options.

With Team Performance Management, you can improve resource and task management, reduce the cost of using third-party tools, and improve security. Using only proven software products that meet established standards is important, allowing you to implement various tasks at work. 

When choosing, you should also consider the parameters of saving time and better-ensuring communication between all team members.

It is necessary to distribute roles and powers among all project participants properly. This allows you to increase employees’ work efficiency and motivation, reduce time costs, and ensure transparency in the execution of all tasks.

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Top 5 Team Management Apps

In the modern market, there are many programs for monitoring the working efficiency of a team in an enterprise. You can use various solutions for your business needs. There are paid and free plans.

1. Google Tasks

Google Task App

This is a relatively convenient mobile platform for managing various tasks and projects. They can be easily integrated with other resources and displayed on multiple devices.

You can easily log into your account from different devices and quickly set deadlines and due lists for all employees.

Install Google Task

2. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To do app

This functional platform allows you to manage all projects, organize them according to various parameters, and save all information in real-time.

The main advantages are a free subscription and the ability to work electronically and post various tasks for project participants.

Install Microsoft To Do

3. Todoist

ToDoist App

This is a convenient project for controlling various resources within the boundaries of a particular company.

Integration with other platforms and devices is possible, which simplifies management for everyone. The main advantages are the ease of moving tasks and monitoring their implementation.

Install ToDoist App

4. Trello

Trello App

This full-fledged virtual whiteboard allows you to take special notes and customize them into separate categories for execution.

You can easily control all stages of the task, deadlines, and periods. You can communicate with other employees to notify them of the specific progress of a job.

Install Trello App

5. beSlick

beSlick App

This is a relatively simple but no less effective solution. This program allows you to control those work procedures that must be completed as quickly as possible.

There are various templates for typical tasks, flowcharts, checklists, and other elements to maintain the working efficiency of the software product.

Install beSlick App


The choice of the best team management application directly depends on the scope of the business.

All modern programs are distinguished by high rates of efficiency and reliability, allowing you to implement tasks of any complexity.

A properly selected application will allow you to manage projects much faster, distribute tasks between employees, and communicate with others – simplifying reporting and analysis tasks.

As a result, you get much more income from your day-to-day operations and open up opportunities for team development.

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