The Best Strategies For B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation entails reaching ideal businesses and decision-makers to purchase your products and services. As with B2C marketing, marketers use a variety of strategies for their B2B lead generation. Some of these strategies work well, while others do not so much. In this article, we will be focusing on those that have proven positive outcomes for the businesses that use them.


Ask For Referrals

Many people underestimate or do not understand the power of referrals. If you have a positive relationship with your clients or other business partners, it is easy for them to introduce you to their partners or people they have business relationships with. Because the other parties trust your clients and associates, they are more likely to trust you and thus do business with you.

The best people to ask for referrals are repeat or favorite customers. Repeat customers see the value of your products and services, while your favorite customers are more likely to spread your praises to the people they know.

Grab Their Attention So They Stay On Your Website

Once a lead leaves your website, there is a high probability they are never coming back. It is, therefore, important that you do everything you can to make them stay on your website as long as possible. Data suggests that people who stay on websites longer are more likely to convert, in this case, leave their email address or other contact information.

One of the best ways of making people stay is by using interactive content. Studies even suggest that interactive content does a better job of capturing people’s attention than static content.

There are many options to choose from, including quizzes, interactive videos, and interactive whitepapers, but a common one for B2B lead generation is pop-up boxes. While they are shunned in B2C marketing, they work great for B2B marketing.

At worst, the person about to leave closes the pop-up box and stays on the website instead of leaving. In the best-case scenario, they get a lead magnet that is useful to them and you get their contact information.

Target High-Value LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn remains the most important social network for businesses and B2B lead generation. You can either reach out to people directly using the search and advanced search options on LinkedIn, work with companies that provide lead generation services on LinkedIn, or advertise on the platform.

Companies that provide LinkedIn lead generation services make it easier for your business to reach over 650 million people who use the platform, engage decision-makers and start conversations that lead to getting leads and maybe business down the road.

If you decide to advertise on LinkedIn, ensure that your ads are targeted enough so you reach the right people and get high-quality leads only.

Lean on Social Selling

Social selling entails interacting directly with the people you want to become customers. Social media is excellent for this. Businesses are encouraged to step outside LinkedIn and use other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook for social selling.

B2B marketing has a lot of parallels and similarities to B2C marketing. However, the former entails selling to businesses and decision-makers so they can either buy what you are selling or sell it to their customers. Lead generation in this space is just as vital as in B2C marketing.

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