Introducing Snappea Web Downloader for All Devices

Snappea is a web downloader that can be visited from all devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

This website allows you to easily download video or audio from any site for free by just entering the media URL or keyword in the search box.

This web downloader is useful especially if you don’t want to install another app in your device for the sole purpose of downloading multimedia online.

Snappea is the web version of Snaptube app and as expected, it delivers virtually all the features you get from using the app.

The Snappea website is designed in a way that even a novice can use it to download any media file easily.

It allows you to download your favorite videos from multiple sources in your preferred format.

Additionally, you can also download MP3 files from videos and enjoy every entertainment need of yours.

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Snappea site

Key Features of Snappea Web Downloader

This simple web page offers some useful media downloading services as explained below.

Supports Multiple Sources

It’s amazing the wide range of multimedia sources from where you can download videos. Some supported sources are Facebook, WhatsApp Web, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Likee, Tiktok, DailyMotion, etc.

You can even manually add other sources as long as the video or audio link is correct.

Video to MP3 Downloader

Snappea allows you to convert a music video into MP3 and download to your device to listen later offline.

For instance, you come across a wonderful music video on YouTube and you want to download it as an audio file instead of a video, just copy the video link, paste it on Snappea search box, select the audio format of your choice and download.

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Audio formats supported are.

Supports Multiple Video Resolutions

Snappea supports different video resolutions from mobile resolutions like 480p to high-definition videos like Ultra HD.

Before you download any video, you will be presented with several video format options to choose from. Just click on your preferred option and download.

YouTube Account Linking

To get more personalized results, you can link your YouTube account to Snappea to get customized contents like trending contents, picture-in-picture mode, set custom language and so on.

How to Get Started With Snappea

  • First, visit the Snappea website
  • Enter the video link you want to download inside the search box and click search
  • Now when the video thumbnail appears, select your preferred video format
  • Now click “download

Snappea web downloaderThe video will be downloaded to your device.

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Some of the advantages of using the web version of video downloader is that it saves space as you will not install additional apk file on your phone.

Another advantage is that it supports multiple platforms so it’s not just restricted to Android users.

The download speed is fast and amazing. No wonder Snappea web downloader is getting so much positive reviews from users all over the world.

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