PPC Consulting and PPC Agencies Explained

Do you want to get started with PPC ads? This type of advertising is a great way to generate new leads, but only when done correctly. As a result, most businesses opt to work with a PPC agency instead of taking on the task themselves.

However, most businesses waste money on PPC campaigns because they fail to plan, research and understand the process. It’s common to get the targeting wrong or ignore the importance of tracking metrics to improve performance.

In this article, we take a closer look at PPC ads and the role of a PPC agency.

What Are PPC Advertising and PPC Consultancy?

PPC Consulting and PPC Agencies

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an advertising type in which the advertiser pays a set amount for each user that clicks on the ad. Advertisers place bids for different keywords, and search engines display this ad at the top of the search results page.

You only pay for each user who clicks on the ad, where the bidding system is comparable to an auction. The word “ad” highlights adverts on search engines, but PPC ads can also appear on third-party websites or social media feeds. But do PPC ads work?

Studies show that paid ads receive 65% of the clicks on Google from online users who are ready to take action. Furthermore, display ads yield more than 180 million impressions monthly, and the click-through rate is 8% – that’s 14.4 million clicks!

Do You Need a PPC Agency or PPC Consultant?

PPC advertising might not be rocket science, but skill and expertise are needed to produce the best return on investment. Research is often the difference between a successful or failed campaign, but then there’s targeting, tracking, and budgeting.

There is so much to know about PPC ads. Digital Authority Partners says this is why most businesses opt to work with a PPC agency.

Why Most Businesses Choose to Work with a PPC Agency

  1. PPC Agencies Consist of a Team of Experts

PPC agencies know everything there is to know about digital marketing and have first-hand experience in running PPC campaigns. Most agencies consist of a team of individual specialists, and each one will focus on a specific area to maximize potential.

This expertise should translate to better results. A team of experts can achieve much more than a freelance marketer, which will inevitably lead to more leads and sales.

And that’s just part of the story.

  1. Deploying Experience to Hit the Ground Running

PPC agencies have seen it all before. They work on various accounts in different industries and know exactly how to research, plan and implement a PPC campaign. Experience is everything in digital marketing, and learning to get things right from the beginning can save a PPC campaign time and money.

However, a campaign is rarely a success right from the beginning, and PPC agencies spend a lot of time testing what does or does not work. As a result, this is critical because PPC trends are changing all the time and agencies already have a decent idea of which areas to avoid or pursue for a particular business/industry.

  1. Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)

Many businesses squander capital on the wrong target audience or poorly researched ads. Agencies have experience budgeting for PPC ads and ensure the daily or weekly cost of these ads is not exceeding the allocated budget.


Most entrepreneurs don’t know their ROI, but PPC agencies know precisely how to track and improve this metric. This focus on ROI and budget will also ensure a healthcare company does not take on more risk than it can afford.

  1. Social Media Ads and A/B Testing

PPC agencies can get the most out of social media ads on every platform, from Facebook Ads and Instagram to TikTok, Twitter, and Linkedin. While specific platforms might be suitable for certain businesses, agencies can take out the guesswork and set up a PPC campaign on the platform that makes the most sense for that business.

PPC agencies will also use A/B testing (split testing) to identify the most effective ads for social media. This approach uses an experimental process that deploys two or more variants of the same ad to compare results and pick the best one.

  1. Remarketing for Higher Rates of Conversion

PPC agencies know how to deploy remarketing, which often provides the greatest return on investment in all types of digital marketing. Remarketing uses various ad platforms to target previous site users who already know about the brand.

As a result, the conversion rate for remarketing is often better because website visitors who already know about a particular brand are more likely to respond to a call to action.

While it’s possible for businesses to deploy remarketing, agencies know all the ins and outs to make it work. Unfortunately, this process also requires much time and effort, extracting and analyzing data long before publishing the actual PPC ads.

  1. Using Metrics and Data to Track Performance

PPC agencies track and monitor progress throughout every campaign. As a result, a business can expect a daily, weekly, or monthly report from the agency which outlines the performance and return on investment.

While the business can take peace of mind from such a report, PPC agencies will also use this data to refine and improve the performance of PPC ads in the future.

  1. PPC Agencies Offer More than PPC Consultancy

PPC agencies work with a range of marketing services which can be helpful for businesses that need help with other areas such as search engine optimization and content writing for blog articles.

However, every business needs a blog, and copywriting skills are required to write compelling copy for PPC ads. Either way, a serious business should work on every other aspect of digital marketing, not just PPC ads.

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