New MTN Nigeria USSD Codes for All Services 2023

The telecommunications industry is continually evolving, with providers implementing changes and improvements to enhance customer service. One of the leaders in this space, MTN Nigeria, has recently updated its USSD codes. This is an instruction by NCC.

These codes enable customers to access a wide range of services directly from their mobile phones, including checking their balance, recharging credit, and even borrowing services.

New MTN Nigeria USSD Codes

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to these new MTN Nigeria USSD codes and how to use them. It will be particularly helpful if you’ve been using the old codes and are wondering why they’re no longer working.

Updated MTN Nigeria USSD Codes 2023

Here are the new USSD codes, alongside their corresponding services and former codes:

Service Old USSD Codes New USSD Codes
Call Center 180 300
Borrow services *606# *303#
STOP service (VAS) *447# *305#
Check Balance *556# *310#
Credit Recharge *555# *311#
Data Plan *131# *312#
Share Services (MTN Share ‘N’ Sell) *777# *321#
Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage *785# *996#

Now, let’s go a bit deeper and explore how to use these codes effectively.

Call Center (300)

Formerly, you could reach MTN Nigeria’s call center by dialing 180. The new USSD code to contact the call center is now 300. This is particularly handy if you have any inquiries, need support, or want to report any challenges you’re facing with the network.

Borrow Services (*303#)

If you find yourself in a pinch and need to borrow credit or data, you can use the *303# USSD code. It replaces the old *606# code. After dialing the code, follow the prompts to select whether you want to borrow credit or data.

STOP Service (VAS) (*305#)

To opt-out of Value Added Services (VAS), use the *305# code. It’s a useful code to stop those messages or services that you might have unintentionally subscribed to.

Check Balance (*310#)

Checking your account balance has never been easier. Instead of using the old *556# code, you can now dial *310# to view your account balance.

Credit Recharge (*311#)

To recharge your MTN line, the new USSD code is *311#. This replaces the old *555# code. After dialing *311#, you should input the recharge PIN. This code works for the 7-digit pin, 10-digit pin, and 16-digit pin recharge cards.

Data Plan (*312#)

To subscribe to a data plan, the new code you need to dial is *312#. This replaces the old *131# code. Once dialed, follow the prompts to choose the data plan that suits your needs.

Share Services (MTN Share ‘N’ Sell) (*321#)

Sharing is caring, and MTN Share ‘N’ Sell allows you to transfer credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ accounts. The new USSD code for this service is *321#, which replaced *777#.

Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage (*996#)

Finally, the *996# USSD code is crucial for the verification of SIM registration and NIN-SIM linkage. This new code replaces the former *785# code.

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Benefits of MTN USSD Codes

  1. Convenience: USSD codes provide quick and easy access to a range of services. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can check your balance, top up your credit, subscribe to data plans, and much more.
  2. No Internet Needed: Unlike mobile apps, USSD codes do not require internet access to work. This feature makes them perfect for areas with poor or no internet connectivity.
  3. Compatibility: USSD codes work on all types of mobile phones, regardless of the model or the operating system. So whether you’re using a basic feature phone or the latest smartphone, you can benefit from these codes.
  4. 24/7 Availability: With USSD codes, MTN services are available around the clock. You can perform essential functions like balance check, credit recharge, and others anytime, anywhere.
  5. Fast Transactions: Services via USSD codes are instantaneous, ensuring a swift and seamless user experience.
  6. Security: USSD sessions are encrypted, providing an extra layer of security for your transactions.
  7. Cost-Effective: Most USSD code services are free or cost very little, making them a cost-effective way to manage your MTN account.
  8. Ease of Use: USSD codes are simple to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy.
  9. Borrow and Share Services: With USSD codes, you can borrow credit or data when in need or share with others, fostering a sense of community and support among MTN users.
  10. Verification and Registration: USSD codes offer an easy and fast method for SIM registration and verification, saving you a trip to the MTN outlet.


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The adoption of new USSD codes by MTN Nigeria is designed to make your mobile experience smoother and more efficient. It’s vital to get used to these codes to enjoy seamless access to various MTN services.

Do note that standard charges may apply when using these codes, depending on the nature of the service you are accessing. For any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to the MTN customer service center by dialing 300. Enjoy your MTN experience!

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