Is This The Best Bitcoin Exchange Platform?

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously, including via but you don’t need all of them now. For example, you should not start working with crypto from quick trading on the exchange place. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin with debit card, which is great for beginners, is to use the exchange office.

bitcoin exchange

If you lived in the 90s, then you probably had to visit currency exchange est converter points. Exchangers for buying (and selling) Bitcoins operate in a similar way, with the difference that everything happens online and you do not have to send the dollar or euro to the window of an invisible cashier – now a banal Visa or Mastercard card is enough. But enough words, let’s go to the website already.

Follow me, reader! I will help you buy BTC with credit card in a secure and instant way on and become of that 1% of the population of the planet that owns Bitcoins.

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Buy Bitcoin Online on Step by Step Instructions

In order to buy Bitcoin Visa or MasterCard debit and credit card easy and fast using an exchange office, you need to go through three simple steps:

  1. Specify the address of the Bitcoin wallet to convert Bitcoins and click “exchange”;

  2. Make registration of an application, transfer funds to the specified details and click the “Prepaid” button;

  3. Get bitcoins instantly to your wallet with the lowest fees to pay.

The Choice of Exchange Direction

In the two columns on the left, you need to choose what we give and what we get. Please note that you can choose not only USD bank plastic cards as a payment method.

Exchange Office Selection

What to look for besides the exchange fee? For reserve and minimum amount of covert. The reserve should be much more than the number of Bitcoins that you are going to buy, and the minimum amount (usually 5,000) should be less than the number of USD that you are willing to spend.

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Entering Details

You will need to enter the last name, first name, middle name, card number, Bitcoin address, and e-mail. We are sure that with all points, except the address of bitcoin, you can handle easily. In order to get this address without difficulty, open the wallet and select Bitcoin -> get -> compatibility.

Click on the clipboard icon and copy the address into the desired field of the best exchange office

Card ID Verification

Especially for you, we tried a dozen exchange points, and all of them required verification of the card, which, however, is extremely simple and takes a few minutes. This is a standard procedure and you should not be afraid of it. If you come to the same exchange office again, then you will not have to verify the same card.

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Take a photo of the front of the card against the background of the exchanger site so that you can see:

  • Card details;

  • Request number;

  • Fingers of the hand.

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Most likely, the security specialist will understand what you are trying to do and assure that the purchase of cryptocurrency is not prohibited.

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