How to Get Latest Free Gems on Brawl Stars Game

You often play Brawl Stars, an action game by Supercell for mobile devices that has achieved great success all over the world and, between games, you have noticed that it is possible to obtain in-game items by spending gems.

However, you are not sure how to get these for free. No problem: this tutorial is here to dispel all your doubts about it!

In fact, I will explain to you in details how to get free gems on Brawl Stars. In case you were wondering, I’ll walk you through all the methods allowed directly by the developers, so you won’t have to worry in any way about any penalties on your account.

I will also not fail to provide you with information on how you can use this currency, once obtained.

Do you want to get gems in Brawl Stars without having to spend a penny? In my opinion you can’t wait to get the item you have your eye on. Come on then, just follow the instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, but wish you good reading and have fun!

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make free gems on Brawl Stars, I think it may interest you to know more about how you can use this currency within the Supercell title.

Well, gems can be used to get various in-game items. Generally, one of the most coveted possibilities for players is the “Brawl Pass”, which is a sort of subscription that allows you to get exclusive rewards every time you level up within the game.

Put simply, keeping a free account you can receive rewards, but by buying the Brawl Pass you can receive additional rewards, generally more exclusive than the free ones, since the latter are intended for all players.

In any case, it is possible to get the Brawl Pass in two versions: the “basic” one with 169 gems and the one with 10 levels included with 249 gems. In short, surely putting some gems aside can come in handy.

However, the Brawl Pass isn’t the only item you can purchase through gems on Brawl Stars. In fact, gamers typically use this currency to get skins and chests and take advantage of the special offers promoted by the Supercell title store .

Put simply, gems are not necessary to continue the game, but they can come in handy for getting very good items. I therefore understand your desire to receive as many gems as possible for free and in fact this tutorial aims to do just that.

How to Earn Free Gems on Brawl Stars

First of all, you need to download Brawl Stars game on your device if you don’t have it yet installed.

How to get free gems on brawl Stars

After showing you what are the main items that can be purchased with gems, I would say that it is time to analyze the free methods that are usually used by enthusiasts to “stock up” on this currency. So these are ways to get Free Gems:

Free Brawl Pass

Many users have a misconception of the Brawl Pass, since they think it only exists in a paid version, which requires you to spend gems.


Brawl pass

In fact, it is possible to access the Brawl Pass even with a free account, since the game puts the user in a Season from the beginning. Put simply, if you have purchased the paid variant of the Brawl Pass you will get more rewards, but if you have not done so you will still be able to access some rewards by leveling up.

These rewards include gems, usually given in units of 10 or at most 20. The method of getting these rewards is simple: you have to play and level up, in order to reach the point where you get the gems as a reward.

To give you a concrete example, generally through this method you can get around 100 gems per Season (sometimes a little less). In short, it will probably not be enough for you to reach the fateful level 70, or the maximum that can be reached in a single Season, to be able to obtain the Brawl Pass, since the latter costs at least 169 gems.

However, already in this way you can get a good amount of gems. Furthermore, by repeating this method for several Seasons, you can also arrive at the fateful result. In any case, to see at which levels you will get gems, just press, starting from the game’s initial menu, on the Brawl Pass box at the bottom left.

Scrolling through the page, you will find all the levels you can reach until the end of the season. At the top, however, there are the prizes related to the paid Brawl Pass, while at the bottom there are those that you can also receive with a totally free account.

Offers Today

Once the initial tutorial is finished, Brawl Stars introduces the player to the Shop, accessible by pressing on the appropriate box in the main menu.

Offers today

The Brawl Stars Shop is updated every day with new items, from skins to cases, through to special offers and promotions active for 24 hours . Precisely the latter can be useful for your intent, as there may be gems to redeem for free .

In short, my advice is to come back every day to see the offers active for a limited time, so as not to miss the free rewards.

Brawl Cheats

Among the various rewards accessible through the free Brawl Pass, there are also several Brawl cheats. Apparently, the latter may not seem very useful for your purpose, but in reality they are.

In fact, the Brawl chests can contain gems inside them. Sure, you need a little luck and it’s not exactly easy to find them, but by opening as many chests as possible you may be able to scrape together a good number of gems for free.

There are three free ways to get Brawl crates: the aforementioned Brawl Pass, Today’s Offers (which I have already told you about) or the Trophy Walk. In the first case, you just need to level up and that’s it. In the second, however, it is necessary to try to win as many games as possible in order to increase with the trophies and reach the next rewards.

To understand when you will get the Brawl chests as a reward from the Walk of Trophies and to know where you are, just click on the cup box in the upper left of the main Supercell title screen.

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By doing so, a page will appear on the screen where you can see which prizes await you. In short, in this way you can do all your calculations, trying to understand how many gems you can “take home” for free from this Season / League of Trophies.

How to Make Infinite Gems in Brawl Stars

It’s possible to get unlimited coins (unlimited gems) in Brawl Stars without paying a dime with your physical cash.

Are you looking for another way to get free gems? Well, in this case, if you have an Android device , you can rely on Google Opinion Rewards .

In case you don’t know, the latter is a project launched by the same Mountain View company that allows you to obtain free credit that can be spent on the Play Store, therefore also within Brawl Stars, simply by responding to surveys that from time to time are proposed.

Put simply, by installing the appropriate application from the Play Store and configuring it, you will be notified whenever there is a survey to answer. By doing this, you will receive some money that you can use to buy gems on Brawl Stars, all without spending any money out of your own pocket.

Of course, do not think that surveys are particularly frequent or that you can earn large amounts, but it could certainly be an opportunity to set aside, over time, those 2.29 euros requested by Brawl Stars for the lesser package. expensive, which includes 30 gems.

To install the aforementioned app, just open the Play Store, type “google opinion rewards”, press on its icon (a white trophy on a blue background) and tap the Install button. You can install from this link. Once the application is open, just press on the Next item first and then on the End item, in order to get to the main page of the app.

You may be prompted to select which Google account and payment profile to refer to if you have more than one set up. Also, you have to press the Accept button regarding the terms of service.

Finally, you will have to type in the postal code, tap the Continue button and select your age and gender to finish the configuration.

Perfect, you have now activated Google Opinion Rewards. If this is your first time setting up this service, you will be offered a test survey that will show you what questions the Mountain View company might ask you. Press, therefore, on the item Answer the survey and finish it paying attention to the questions.

In short, in this way you can potentially get infinite gems on Brawl Stars. Do not trust, however, those services that make you amazing promises, as unfortunately there are many malicious people online. Put simply, my advice is to only use the methods I have outlined in this guide to get free gems within the Supercell title.

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