How To Easily Promote Your Business On Reddit

Since its creation more than a decade ago, Reddit has grown into the world’s largest user-generated content network. There are more than 12,000 active communities on the site, with 234 million unique users as of June 2016.

Take into account that Reddit has a unique community before you promote your brand in it. Men ages 18 to 29 make up the majority of Reddit users, and they are heavy Internet users. It is very offensive to them when spammers and those trying to sell items through their groups try to spam their groups.

If you are discovered blatantly pushing your brand on Reddit, they won’t hesitate to remove your profile. This might pose a serious problem for your brand.

Promote your business on reddit

However, many businesses are taking a chance on this network since it has immense potential.

Before you make your first move, check out these five suggestions to help you leverage Reddit for business.

Learn About Reddit’s Users

Set up a profile that looks authentic and start following the subreddits that are most relevant to your brand. Get to know users who are interested in topics you could contribute to by listening to their conversations.

Reddit users spend an average of more than 13 minutes per session on the site. This indicates a high level of engagement with the platform’s content and the potential for strong brand acceptance.

Reddit is a top choice for your marketing strategy if these people fall into your target audience.

Create a genuine profile

You need a profile that appears and feels legitimate to eliminate any suspicions about your marketing-oriented presence on the network. Whether a Reddit user suspects you’re a marketer, they won’t hesitate to look over your posting history to see if you’re there to promote your company.

That is why you must be cautious and refrain from being excessively promotional in your postings. 

Participate in several subreddits and interact with the community there. When sharing content, include links to other websites while maintaining a high level of quality. This is how you get “karma” points, so make sure you have at least a few hundred before you post.

Wait a few weeks before posting and be patient. You’ve come to bring value to the community, so be forthright about it and give it your best shot.

Follow the Essentials of Posting on Reddit

Now that you’re ready to publish, there are two sorts of posts you may make on Reddit:

  • Text posts are postings that are hosted on Reddit while link posts are posts that refer readers to an external site.
  • Link articles are an excellent way to increase traffic to your website. If you’re looking to generate links or promote your business, though, text postings are the way to go.

If you go with text postings, make sure you publish them to the appropriate subreddits. Maintain as much relevance as possible in your material. Include a lot of information and make an effort to educate visitors about your subject. Keep it interesting by linking to a variety of sites.


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